Baby born without a drop of blood survives - thanks to greater doctors and a blood transfusion

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  • Bangalore

    Wow.Besty was struck speechless.


  • wannabefree

    Medics save baby born with no blood Oliver Morgan, who was born with practically no blood, was rescued following a lifesaving transfusion.

    Medics managed to save him after a rare condition drained his body of virtually every drop while in the womb.

    Initially doctors feared the baby had been born stillborn as they were unable to find a heartbeat for 25 minutes.

    But after being given oxygen, gentle heart massage and a lifesaving blood transfusion he survived. He is now a healthy 15-month-old toddler to his mother Katy and father Jeff.

    Publishing executive Katy, 36, from Maidstone, Kent, told The Sun yesterday: "Oliver's birth was so traumatic that I haven't been able to bring myself to tell his story till now.

    "He was born dead with no blood in his body - but now he's sitting here smiling at me.

    "The doctors literally brought him back to life and I will never be able to thank them enough for this wonderful gift."

    Oliver almost bled to death after a rare condition called Vasa Previa formed an extra vein in his mother's womb. When the vein burst 37½ weeks into the pregnancy Katy was rushed to Maidstone General Hospital where doctors realised her baby had been drained of blood.

    Oliver was born by emergency Caesarian weighing 6lb 1oz at 5.12am. After attempts to resuscitate him he was given a blood transfusion pumped into the still-attached umbilical cord. At 5.37am the first heartbeat was detected and as he was given more blood he grew stronger.

    Katy - who was anaesthetised and unaware of the drama - added: "Doctors said it was one of the most amazing recoveries they'd ever seen.

    "Oliver had no blood, no heartbeat and looked stillborn - but somehow they got him back."

    Oliver was taken to a special care baby unit where doctors decided to lower his body temperature to 33C to save him from potential permanent injury by forcing blood to flow away from his skin and towards his brain and heart.

    After three days, consultants began raising his temperature to the normal 37°C by half a degree a day.

    And after just 11 days Oliver was well enough to be taken home to start family life with his mother, Jeff, 42, and seven-year-old brother Jack.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    Incredible story. Interesting comments from people who immediately think of how Jehovahs Witnesses would fare in the same situation.

    Mind you, they could have just prayed instead . . .

  • 2tone

    Well, unfortunately but in order for this to happen the demons had there had in this. At least thats what a JW would say. That poor child being abused to stay alive and forced to receive a blood transfusion. Only if it had been born a JW. Then it would not be alive and it could have a paradise hope, but the demons and doctors had to ruin it.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    That kid is SO TOAST at Armageddon!!!!

  • BluesBrother

    Lets imagine for a moment that both his parents had been J Ws and had signed the forms so that no blood could have been used.

    The Docs would have done what they could, but it is almost certain that the baby would have died - or it might have been said that he was stillborn since there was no sign of life until after the transfusion.

    The parents would have grieved, of course, but they would say that it would not have been right to even consider trashing their conscience on the slim hope that he might perhaps have revived...So he would have been buried .......

    But he DID make it , despite the odds that little fighter pulled through and he lives now and all being well will grow into a decent adult man...My point is that you can never say never and to deny opportunity to anyone no matter what the odds is plain wrong....A good result for everyone

    BTW.. No dub would really say that he was doomed at Armageddon because of this, but we know that it is never going to come, anyway....

  • garyneal


    I am printing this for my personal records.

  • cofty

    Brilliant story thanks.

    In UK the doctors would have had the hospital admin phone a judge who would have granted an emergency "ward of court order". The baby would have been treated and the parents could claim innocence.

  • cantleave

    Wow!!!! Just Wow!!! The medical staff are real heroes.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Question: So, do blood transfusions save lives? Indeed they do! And how thankful we all are for the high level of education that health providers receive that enables them to pull off miracle-like achievements such as this.

    Katy could teach a JW a thing or two about the estimable value and benefits of blood transfusions and higher education.

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