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  • Dogpatch

    Hi friends,

    We have a drive at our new AJWRB.ORG site for donating blood for Witnesses! Great publicity campaign, as people will finally REALIZE that Jehovah's Witnesses DO take blood transfusions!Time to end the word-game charade. If you still believe their publicity nonsense on "not taking blood," WAKE UP AND MAKE YOUR SAY TO THE MEDIA..

    Plus we save lives, help them get out of the WT, and let the public know we are not participating in their scam of defining a "blood transfusion." But we show all the options for those who want to make their own choice.
    We do not criticize or put the Witness down.

    Plus the WATCHTOWER has no reason to be pissed off! It The publicity only makes them hide their policies and when they are not "persecuted" they don't fignt the same way. They are simply at a loss of what to do.

    BTW, donate blood for Witnesses! What a better way is there to count your time?


    Randy Watters

  • ScenicViewer

    Thank you for the link to the article by Kerry Louderback Wood. Scanning it quickly, it appears to be a very good read, which I will do later. I had not seen this article previously.

  • wobble

    "What better way is there to count your time" I love it Dogpatch ! Hits home, but is so true ! For once JW's can actually take part in a real "life saving work", by donating blood.

    Their doctrine of not taking blood for themselves is in tatters, and since they do take the fractions that are "approved", they should donate so that there are fractions available for their brothers to use !

    The argument against donating is even more silly, (can you believe that's possible ?) than the main doctrine.

    Here in the U.K if you donate, there is no payment, it is pure altruism, and you look around at all the other good people donating as you do it, and think, the world is full of good people.

  • blondie

    I have been donating blood since 2004. My workplace did an article highlighting my participation and rather than being afraid of needles, that giving blood put me in the position of being shunned by my family and "friends." If you are an ex-jw and healthy and no longer under WTS rules re giving blood, I encourage you to do so, especially if you would accept blood.

  • Refriedtruth


    I go every 56 days

    A-Neg (15% of population)

  • Dogpatch

    Thanks Blondie.

    Sometimes it takes a lot of non-Jehovah's Witness blood to extract their little particles that Gene Smalley and Fred Rusk will allow.

    Witnesses will certainly never give blood for their own purpose, they leach it off others.

    I'm not a fan of blood transfusions, but hey, like we all know, in the worst possible scenarios they need it.

    Yesterday Zen (Working on AJWRB site) and his neighbor Thom took a private tour of the Red Cross in Pomona and shot some of it on video. I think you'll like it. :-))

    I can't recall anyone doing this before, certainly not in relation to the Witnesses.

    We are going to hear things right from the mouths of the experts in the days ahead.

    Next I will get my next door neighbor Bruce, who has been a heart surgeon for decades, share with us some of his wisdom. He is happy to do it.

    Why not get inspired to reach out in your community?

    We are having signs and billboards made that are not antagonistic to the WT.

    Randy Watters



  • TD
    What a better way is there to count your time?


    Reminds me of the time a JW doing 'street work' came into United Blood Services. The expression on his face as he looked at all of us (Two police officers and myself) in the reclining chairs with the needles in our arms was absolutely priceless.

  • RayPublisher

    Great cause Randy- and a great way to help people see that JWs do NOT abstain from blood.

  • Dogpatch

    Sometimes we must reign in any fantasy religious beliefs and realize that if we don't WAKE UP and do something, GET OFF OUR BUTTS, people are going to die.

    That's what AJWRB.ORG has always been about. Kudos to the brave soldiers that have gone before.

    We aim to correct all misconceptions of blood transfusions by interviewing live representatives of the Red Cross, a heart surgeon, doctors, and even will allow the noblood.org people aboard. I don't consider them my enemies and n either does Zen. We will not tolerate hate crimes or deception, regardless of who you are.


    Got to keep you in suspense. :-))

    - Randy

  • Dogpatch

    RayPub says,

    a great way to help people see that JWs do NOT abstain from blood.


    Or are we still playing THEIR mind games?


  • Diest

    So when I go in I just tell them it is for JWs?

  • Dogpatch

    i will have to ask Zen, he is the one that talked to the Red Cross rep about that.


  • Refriedtruth

    Jehovah's Witnesses now accept EVERY fraction of blood except the skin of the red blood cell .

    Only a small fraction of JWs still reject blood transfusions. those members that don't accept blood are a fringe group of extremist JWs,not the majority. More and more JWs are accepting blood every day. The doctrine is over and gone the way of their rejection of vaccinations and organ transplants

  • Vanderhoven7


    The article referenced quotes the October 15, 2000 Watchtower, Page 31 as saying

    "in which a quantity of blood is withdrawn in order to tag it or to mix it with medicine, whereupon it is put back into the patient . . . . A Christian must decide for himself how his own blood will be handled in the course of a surgical procedure, medical test or current therapy."

    Is it possible to see this quote in context?


  • garyneal

    Thank you for this Randy. I've been considering donating blood ever since I began to see their blood doctrine for what it really is. I just never know how to go about doing it. My job use to have blood drives, but no longer. I've seen a couple of churches sponsor blood drives as well, but only during times when I am at work or alone with the kids.

    Surely there is something I can do.

  • blondie

    Call the Red Cross and they can direct you to other locations.


  • carla


  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Vanderhoven7 asks: Is it possible to see this quote in context?

    Question From Readers Watchtower 10/15/00 Pg 31 Par 6 & 7

    For example, during certain surgical procedures, some blood may be diverted from the body in a process called hemodilution. The blood remaining in the patient is diluted. Later, his blood in the external circuit is directed back into him, thus bringing his blood count closer to normal. Similarly, blood that flows into a wound may be captured and filtered so that the red cells can be returned to the patient; this is called cell salvage. In a different process, blood may be directed to a machine that temporarily carries on a function normally handled by body organs (for example, the heart, lungs, or kidneys). The blood from the machine is then returned to the patient. In other procedures, blood is diverted to a separator (centrifuge) so that damaging or defective portions of it can be eliminated. Or the goal may be to isolate some of a blood component and apply that elsewhere on the body. There are also tests in which a quantity of blood is withdrawn in order to tag it or to mix it with medicine, whereupon it is put back into the patient.

    The details may vary, and new procedures, treatments, and tests will certainly be developed. It is not our place to analyze each variation and render a decision. A Christian must decide for himself how his own blood will be handled inthecourseofasurgicalprocedure,medicaltest,orcurrenttherapy. Ahead of time, he should obtain from the doctor or technician the facts about what might be done with his blood during the procedure. Then he must decide according to what his conscience permits. (See box.)

  • Dogpatch

    As Refried Truth says,

    The doctrine is over and gone the way of their rejection of vaccinations and organ transplants.

    They're just not saying it in print. Saying it in the elder's book is the same thing - "apostates" would plaster that, as well as any P.R. statement to that effect makes them publicly bloodguilty.

    You want proof? Call the Service Dept. real soon, as they will probably no longer answer your question but ask YOU a lot of questions.

    Ask them who runs AJWRB.ORG.

    I was shocked at their having known for years. They know a lot that they keep secret.

    No one gets DF'ed for taking blood anymore unless the circumstances are unusual.

    Service Dept. policy.


  • Dogpatch

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