Another Family Torn Apart By The JW'S Shunning Rule !

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    This example is off another site but I think the amount of real jw's who visit JWN may take something from this example and think what the hell am I doing in a religion that treats family like this ! Here it is.. It has a few bad words in it though so if you don't like F'S don't read !

    They ruined my relationship with my family; I grow up being a Jehovah Witness when I was 5y/o. The last time I did celebrate my birthday and Xmas I was 4. Then some Jehovah witness came to our apartment with his proper gander about how their false god loves her and she can have eternal life if she would join them. This man whose name is Donald Muntz ruined everything that meant being a family to me. So because I was a naive child I wanted to please my mom I followed her to every meeting they have.

    Then I went to school when I became 6 y/o then the trouble started I couldn't celebrate any birthdays, Easter, Xmas 4th of July you get the picture people. I would get into fights because of being a misfit, and when I tried to defend myself, and then my parents would beat me so severe where I had bruising & whelps all over my body. And they would tell me that I should not fight them back, because Jehovah witness didn't fight back. Also I was to get my ass whipped from my classmates because Jehovah would take care of them when the time came which it never came. And this continued until I went to high school. Every time my mom and dad would beat me before getting those severe beatings they would read from there false bible saying that because I did something wrong, no matter how small the offence would be the beating continued until I would say that Jehovah loves me until they believe me and the beatings would stop.

    There have been days during Xmas I would look out of my bed room window wishing that there would be some way to celebrate xmas without my parents knowing. Then one day my Grand Mother had me come over to her house after Xmas to give my Xmas gift.

    Once I got home my parents tolled me to throw it away and that I was going to get a severe beating for accepting my Grand Mother's gift. People you know that when you grow up you would have some type of hero you know like Yogi Berra, Tom Sever, or Richard Petty. I would get a beating because I was to never have any hero but Jehovah. I would have to be a good little Jehovah and read their false bible everyday no matter what.

    All of the pictures that I had on my wall was taken down and ripped up before my eyes, then let the beatings commence!! Because of it. People what kind of childhood is that when you can't even go out side to play huh? What kind of childhood is it when you can't even celebrate anything at all? What kind of childhood is that when the physical abuse, the mental abuse continues until you reach the breaking point of wanting to kill yourself?

    When I finally became of age I started my first job with a paper company, and low and behold some how there happened to be another one of those Jehovah witness to spy on me but he was surprised when I cursed him out like the sorry bastard he is. That’s when I had enough of their B S; I left my home to start my own life outside of this cult. I then I was called an apostate, traitor, a disgrace to the family among other things. To this day my parents still not call me at all for example then I will stop my tirade. Just the other day I had to call them because I'm going threw a security background check so I can work for the Government.

    All I asked for was their dates of their birthday and they said that until I became a Jehovah Witness they will not give me the info that is needed to complete the check. Now I’m afraid that I will lose my clearance and my job because of them. There is one more thing that I have to say before I go. This past Monday July 18th 2011 My Aunt died from a very bad auto accident. Do you think they would call to tell me about my Aunts passing well you know the answer guys fuck no. I had to hear it from my ex wife and she tolled me that they didn't want to talk to me until I was a Jehovah Witness again. People this has been screwing with my mind ever since this past Monday. I hope that I didn't bore you about my problem, but I had to speak my mind on this.

    This example is from July 2011.


  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    I am sorry to hear how horrid your childhood was, your parents sound very cruel. Is there any other way you can get their DOB, public court records or something? NMKA

  • fade_away

    no more kool aid, it's not hairyhegoat's story. He got it from another site...but yeah man, that situation is screwed up! I wish I could pass these experiences to my parents, but if I do, they will ask me of the origins of this experience. If I tell them I got it off the internet, they won't even bother to read it.

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