2 Day Circuit Assembly

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  • truthlover

    Can anyone out there tell me if the final talk by the DO mentioned "marrying outside of the Lord"?

    I ask this as the DO mentioned that if Jehovah were to ask a WOMAN, why did you marry outside, and she had no answer, He would tell her she was DISOBEDIENT. Then went on to give the spiel on singleness - of course, for a woman, not for a man, who has his choice of women to pick from.....those single should pioneer..

    This would be a slap in the face for anyone in the audience (a lot of world there as it was sunday) who was in this situation and maybe sitting with HER hubby or vice versa...

    I just wondered if it was a universal talk or specific to the area?


  • Silent_Scream

    We had that point made in talk at our assembly last weekend.

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