Payback with Mel Gibson

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  • waiting

    It's R rated and rough in the beginning. Dark humor usually appeals to me, however.

    I rented this long before I discovered the web, so I wasn't influenced by my computer.

    I swear one of the movie writers HAD to be an XJW. Notice that when Gibson goes against Organized Crime - their headquarters is in a big beautiful, out of place hotel. The security people are polite and keep everyone out. No one is really at "the buck stops here" position - and no one takes responsibility and you're shuffled forever.

    My husband and I have been in an identical position with the Service Depart. and Legal Dept. with the same result from Organiation. However, we just didn't kill anyone. Darn.

    A dark humorous parody of the Watchtower, in my opinion.

  • Frenchy

    I liked that movie too, waiting. How did you like 'Ransom'?

  • waiting

    Dark & serious. I liked the Sixth Sense much better even though I had a bad reaction to it.

  • RedhorseWoman

    A bad reaction to Sixth Sense? How so?

  • Frenchy

    Oh, I loved the Sixth Sense also. I thought it was great!

  • waiting

    Ever hear of self hynotism? I explained to my therepist about how I would "walk backwards in my mind" to go back and just walk around in my childhood house until I would come across a scene with my dad in it. She then told me I was practicing self hynotism and asked who taught me. Nobody did, I just knew I knew how to do it.

    At first, I could not control or interact with the scene I would come upon. As I used this method more, I found that I could actually see the scene of memory from my childhood, and then remake it. i.e. I could take the girl (myself), my pets and any other young boys to a safe place and I could kill my dad in various, savage ways.

    Not pretty, but effective in disbursing a lot of pent up anger. My therepist felt as long as I could distinguish between reality and my mind, I was ok - and trust me - I can distinguish.

    Movies that deal with children, abuse or animals sometimes are hard for me to absorb without going overboard.

    In that vein, one of the most touching movies dealing with brutality of children is Red Flyer. I didn't know what it was about before I saw it.
    It was very good, but I had a very bad reaction to it.

    Kevin Bacon is in a new movie in video stores
    called Stir of Echos (or something similiar) about being able to see in his mind what happened in an old murder. This is the best portrayal of what it's like to walk around in your mind with control and see & speak to others in your past that I've ever seen. Don't get me wrong, this is not a gift, or seeing the future or other people's past. This is just seeing mine and dealing with it. Messy stuff, this life.

    Another dark, excellent movie with Kevin Bacon is Murder in the First. A portrayal of the court case which closed Alcatraz prison down. The poor inmate's interacting with the wardon is identical to my dad and me. The wardon was truly identical with my dad to the point of excellence.

    Kevin Bacon was also in another dark, excellent movie called Sleepers. Also about child rape.

    I think Kevin Bacon is trying to convey something or he just looks like he fits into those types of movies. Kinda like that big guy with the ponytail who does karate and stuff and all his movies have 3 words in the title (and very little acting) Seige down below .....Steven Segal! How could I have forgotten a man like that!

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