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  • seedy3

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to see if there are any Ex-JW's living on Guam, posting on here. Sometimes I feel I'm the only Ex-JW living on Guam. I actually know I'm not, I have heard of a few others, but they really have no interest in Ex-JW activities. I am really corious to see, if there is enough interest and need for a support group for those just leaving the Borg locally. I know for many it is a tough row to hoe. Guam is different then most other places in the US, as families are very tight knit, often kids still live with parents up into their 30-40's. If there is some from Paridise (Guam) interested, send me an e-mail


  • gotcha

    hey from the philippines myself and from what i saw in your post family ties are too tight here too...same with kids living with their in your case, i dont think there are other ppl from the phils who post here....

  • seedy3

    Just bringing it back to the top of the active list

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