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    Don’t you love getting emails from friends and relatives, even if it is a chain email? At least someone thought about you and cared enough to send you an email. If you were a new convert, active JW, a JW with doubts, or an ex-JW struggling to live without JW family/friends, how would you feel about receiving one of my friendly, innocent emails? My objective is to free the mind and Holy Spirit of JWs by planting seeds of information, and helping former JWs reduce their suffering and the possibility of returning to the WTBTS. I do not want to convert them!

    How long does it take to overcome fears that the WTBTS plants in JWs’ minds? According to mummatron in her Astounded Newbie Here...*Waves Hello* post, she has a background in IT and was out of the WTBTS for 10 years before she had the nerve to Google “JW”! How many less educated former JWs suffer from the WTBTS’ mind control for longer before locating resources/people that can help them, or, worse, return to the WTBTS?

    I like Benjamin Franklin Gates' dialogue in National Treasure about interpreting a passage in the Declaration of Independence, "If there's something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action." It is always easier to complain or blame someone else instead of taking responsibilities for one's own actions or lack of action. In the past week, I have done the following within several hours:

    1) Created an anonymous Gmail account (ctrussellxxxx, xxxx=numbers). It was very easy and it didn’t cost me anything. I gave my true identity, but I could just as easily given fake information. If you give your true first and last name and want to keep your identity hidden, be sure to change the email account settings.
    2) Sent an email to my personal account to verify how the email would look to JWs.
    3) Data mined information from emails and from the JWN article Some WTBTS.ORG e-mail addresses and more. I have accumulated about 20 current email addresses of R&F JWs/former JWs, and about 50 possibly email addresses of higher-level JWs.
    4) I wrote two possible friendly and innocuous emails to send to JWs.

    I would like feed-back about how to improve the following emails before I send them. The comment “If I got a business card that said simply "", and nothing else, That might peak my curiousity” from pirata in the thread A Gift of Literature to JWs Everywhere inspired me to think of an inexpensive and personal way to give information to JWs. I feel that emails and the internet is one of the best ways to give information to JWs so that they will not be afraid to access non-approved WTBTS information.

    Informative Email to share links with all JWs -

    Check out the following web sites. They have some unbelievable literature and information about Jehovah's Organization.

    8 )

    Don't you just love what Jehovah's Organization is doing for you?


    Email meant for converts, and doubting and former JWs –

    How are you feeling? Swinging from happy to really sad? Want to share with someone how you feel, but are afraid how your friends/family will react? Check out the following websites to write anonymously with other active and inactive JWs, or read relevant and interesting articles:


    I hope that you feel better soon! Peace be with you.


    I look forward to your feedback.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,
    ABibleStudent (on the JWN) and BibleStudent (on the JWSF)

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    Mad Sweeney

    I like sending a positive message about Christ's selection of the Watchtower in 1918-19 along with a .pdf version of "The Finished Mystery" (THE book they were studying during that period and the only book published during that time).

  • ShadesofGrey

    Great ideas. I plan to follow up with this.

  • Fernando

    A two sentence email:

    Did you know that more than half the Bible's references to the "good news" are by Paul?

    Should we as "publishers of the good news" study, embrace and teach the "good news according to Paul"?


    Reasoning: it is impossible to continue following and yielding to the unabridged or full "good news" and remain captive to the Watchtower (religion) or their counterfeit and truncated "good news".


    The power and purpose of the "good news":

    "The spirit of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah is upon me [Jesus], for the reason that Jehovah has anointed me [Jesus] to tell [the] good news to the meek ones [sheep or wheat]. He has sent me [Jesus] to bind up the brokenhearted [spiritually deprived and unregenerated], to proclaim [spiritual] liberty to those taken [spiritually] captive [by religion/ists] and the wide opening [of the spiritual eyes] even to the [spiritual] prisoners [of religion/ists]" (paraphrase of Isaiah 61:1).

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