The Watchtower Society Hedge Fund

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  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    The Watchtower Society Hedge Fund

    e-jehovahs-witnesses discussion board that the Watchtower Society had devised a new money raising scheme. The scheme is to beg and borrow money from each individual congregation account, which they deem to be in excess of the congregation's actual expenses. I half jokingly responded to the topic then that the Watchtower has become a hedge fund. Well, as it turns out, that is pretty much what they have become.

    An organization called Hedge Fund Intelligence - Global Review hosts an annual pow-wow in London for all the big banks and hedge fund managers, and listed on the roster from the September, 2010, meeting is none other than the Watch Tower Society. Of course, their merely attending a hedge fund meeting does not of itself prove that the Watchtower has become a hedge fund. But, coupled with their scheme to get more money from the congregations and selling off valuable property in Brooklyn, it certainly appears as if they are trying to a acquire a massive pool of money to play the global markets.

    Apparently the Watchtower is no longer content to park their money in a bank or in boring money market accounts or certificates of deposit. Forget 3% interest rates. Yawn. The Bethel money managers are apparently going after the Big Money. They are now rubbing shoulders with the titans of the London/Wall Street global financial system.

    valuable Brooklyn real estate portfolio as collateral to borrow millions or even billions. I have no proof of that, but I have never heard of a hedge fund that does not borrow to leverage their positions. It is not at all uncommon for market bets to be leveraged 10 - 1. Meaning, if a market player bets a hundred million they may have borrowed ten times that to a billion. Some positions are leveraged nearly 1 to 100!

    The hedge funds operate on the herd mentality. Hedge funds pile into tech stocks. Boom! They blow up a bubble and get rich, while the late comers and holders-on get burned. Hedge funds pile into mortgage backed securities. Boom! they blow up a big bubble, make 20% on their bets, pay off their loans and pull out, leaving the suckers holding worthless notes. They may even turn around and short a market they had previously helped stampede the herd into, thus making money on the collapse phase of a bubble. Hedge funds bet billions on commodities, the latest big thing; thus driving up the cost of all the necessities of life, from oil to precious foodstuffs, basically forcing millions on the lower end of the economy into near starvation.

    While it is doubtful the Watchtower is actually registered as an independent hedge fund and they may not even directly place bets. It is more probable that they are putting money into real hedge funds and trying to learn the system. In either case, the Watchtower is knowingly playing a part in a greedy, rapacious system, which it also hypocritically condemns, that is callously driving hundreds of millions of people, even Jehovah's Witnesses in the Third World, into poverty and misery. And as we have seen recently, when the big banks make bad bets, then they have the political clout to con the politicians to make the taxpayers cover their losses. The leadership of the Watchtower Inc is now overtly throwing in their lot with the most notorious pirate gangs of the British imperial, monetary system, evidently hoping to share the plunder. No wonder Jehovah indicts the leaders for stripping the flesh off the bones of his people and grinding their faces into the very dust. (See chapter: Amos and Obadiah)

    One note on hedge funds: Thousands of hedge funds are registered to British offshore islands, like the Cayaman Islands, British Virgin Islands and The Isle of Mann. The reason being to set themselves out of reach from national governments. Hedge funds and banks are widely known as money laundering facilities for all kinds of dirty money operations, primarily dope and illegal arms sales. About one trillion dollars anually is laundered by the banks and hedge funds in behalf of Dope incorporated. It may well be that if the Watchtower is putting millions into a big offshore hedge funds they are sharing a common pool with drug kingpins and arms dealers. (EIR on Dope Inc)

    Click for larger graph at source Interestingly, the New York TimesMagazine just published an article about the relative average incomes of various religious groups. Jehovah's Witnesses were second to last, just a notch above the poorer Pentecostals. This, due in no small measure to the fact that the Watchtower has strongly discouraged Jehovah's Witnesses from acquiring a higher education.

    The Society also routinely rebukes and condemns Jehovah's Witnesses for getting involved in get-rich-quick schemes. However, Bethel is not shy about cajoling Jehovah's Witnesses into giving their hard-earned income to the Watchtower Society to finance their risky money-making scheme, all for the kingdom, of course.

    Meanwhile, word is the Watchtower is intent on building a sprawling new headquarters complex in New York State. They really are riding the gravy train. They use Jehovah's Witnesses for free labor and use their non-profit, tax exempt status to avoid taxes, all the while playing high stakes poker with the cash they acquire, just like the Wall Street boys. The banksters ought to really envy the Watchtower. After all, the banks have to pay enormous salaries and commissions to their derivatives whiz kids. The Watchtower just sends some volunteers to London to learn how to play the game and they work commission free! They really have fattened their hearts for the day of slaughter.

    As I have written about extensively, the Watchtower is going to collapse in a big way, as a judgment from Jehovah. It may well be that Bethel's wise guys may end up on the wrong end of a big bet and bankrupt the Watchtower. After all, numerous hedge funds, pension funds and municipalities that thought they were sophisticated enough to play with derivatives have lost billions. Look what happened to the investment bank, Bear Stearns. Swim with the sharks and you are likely to be eaten.

    At the very latest the Watchtower hedge fund is going to go bust when the day of Jehovah erupts in all its ferocity. That is when the letter of James will come into force. "Come, now, you rich men, weep, howling over your miseries that are coming upon you. Your riches have rotted, and your outer garments have become moth-eaten. Your gold and silver are rusted away, and their rust will be as a witness against you and will eat your fleshy parts. Something like fire is what you have stored up in the last days. Look! The wages due the workers who harvested your fields but which are held up by you, keep crying out, and the calls for help on the part of the reapers have entered into the ears of Jehovah of armies. You have lived in luxury upon the earth and have gone in for sensual pleasure. You have fattened your hearts on the day of slaughter. You have condemned, you have murdered the righteous one. Is he not opposing you?"

  • moshe

    A real religion invests their money in a charity- their dividends are supposed to come from Heaven, not a bank.

  • sir82

    Fascinating article...except for the fact the every 3rd sentence contains "probable...doubtful...not necessarily...likely....apparently...appears..."

    Yawn. Call us back when you have moved beyond speculation and have a fact or 2 to share.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    There was a Bethel contingent in attendance at a seminar in the Bloomberg headquarters office, to which subscribers to the company's $20,000-per-year financial analysis/news terminal were invited. One of them handed me his business card with the title" International Cash Manager." The WT has more than one of these dandy little real-time monitors which empower large-scale investors with state-of-the-art bond analytics.

  • cantleave

    Are these WT money launderers paid the Stipend?

  • sizemik

    If the WTS are selling property to invest, and gearing their investment with borrowings . . . then their exposing themselves to risk. Perhaps they'll yet be among the merchants who weep and howl?

  • BluesBrother

    I agree with Sir 82, that the o/p was too full of speculation to be taken seriously....but , the link to the Hedge Fund Itelligence site did list them as attenders. the site describes it as

    "Held in London every autumn, the InvestHedge Forum is a unique 2-day conference and networking event which attracts both hedge fund managers and investors from around the globe. The event, which is held in association with EuroHedge, focuses on how investors are driving the hedge fund industry and the wider asset management world. By tackling a wide spread of investor-related topics, this event meets the industry's demand for information on how different types of investors are investing in and buying hedge funds"

    Along with such attenders as




    There are no discernible NGO's or religious groups except


    I wonder why??

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Great article, TJ!

    Trying to write about how the Watchtower manages its properties and its cash reserves requires some speculation and calculated implications. Why? Because only a few like Don Adams, President of the Watchtower Corp, actually understand and are involved enough to see the big picture.

    Thanks for trying to inform all of us about this new corporate money move.


  • the-illuminator81

    I personally know a congregation who has loaned off their excess money to the WTS, and another one who monthly increases that loan because they always get more than enough gifts.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    not much surprises me about the WT Corp anymore.

    i think i might send the list to some dubs...


  • Balaamsass
  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane
    So where is the high roller hedge fund conference this year??
  • Esse quam videri
  • Vidiot
    Anybody know if they still own stock in Phillip-Morris and Rand-Cam?

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