My cousin got reinstated, guess who wrote the letter?... take that Jehovah!

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  • cyberjesus

    Last year my cousing got Dfd.... he continued practicing his "sin" for 4 months... I spoke online with him during that year and since he was able to listen after our chats he opened his eyes regarding the cult, he lost faith in the bible and "Thank God" he lost him.

    However he needed to go back since his wife is still in and his children were shunning him a little. He is extremely shy so he asked for helped. I told him that if he needed to go back he could do it within a year, that those suckers all they needed was a good a$$ kissing. He said he didnt know how to...

    So I wrote a reinstatement letter for him... I did not write any details, cuz I didnt know them. I made it like 2 pages long... and I told him that he neede to submit it twice, first time after 6 months (that was to be rejected) and then to submit it again in 3 months, the same letter only this time adding the words sincerely, very, really, deeply extremely, etc etc etc blah blah blah.

    So he did he was still sinning, he didnt believe in God and had zero respect for the elders...... he submitted his letter, the first one got rejected as expected and the second one got accepted..... It seems that Jehovah still listens to me :-)

    so much for the holy spirit. Now he can take it easy and get his family out, one step at a time.

  • Kudra

    That's so great :P

    I love stories like that- like the one where a certain fellow on this board who shall remain nameless, called pretending to be an elder and totally faked a reinstatement for an evil apostate! LOL!

    I am looking forward to meeting you at the Tahoe-fest :) Aren't you and your girlfriend the ones who were salsa-dancing last year?


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Oh my goodness, I love it!

  • cantleave

    Post the letter - we need a laugh!

  • Pitchess Co-Gen
    Pitchess Co-Gen

    I might do the samething

  • cyberjesus

    Kudra... thats was us.. (as in was) :-)

    Cant leave: i have but its in spanish... hold on

  • cyberjesus

    i found it...let me translate it real quick


    Jehovah likes Mexicans..

    Without Mexicans there would be no Enchiladas..


    Your name is Cyber"Jesus"..

    Jehovah had no choice,he had to let your cousin back in..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • cyberjesus

    DATE ______

    ___________ Congregation of

    Christian Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Body of Elders.

    RE: Reinstatement letter.

    To whom it may concern:

    It has been _____ months from my disfellowshipping from the congregation. From that day I have been continually considering my actions and I feel deeply sorry and repentant for them and how those action brought shame to Jehovah God and his earthly organization.

    Since then I have continually molding my life, my actions and thoughts as to become part of the alive Gods people. I know that the days are short and there is no much time left to hesitate nor to be slow. One must take fast actions having in mind that Jehovahs day is really near.

    Therefore I can not afford to loose any more time living in the outskirts of Jehovahs organization. I need to straighten the matter with Jehova.

    I have a responsiblity as Huband, Father, Slave of my lord and witness that calls on me everyday.

    After watching the Drama on our past district convention i havent stop thinking in the calling of Jehovah towards his children, specially the ones who have gona astray and i have decide to humilliate myself and listen to his word and come back.

    Therefore I beg you to please submit in prayer my petition and consider it as a sincere effort on my part to go back and be accepted again in Jehovah People.


    My cousing :-D

  • cyberjesus

    Boy in english takes less words...

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