Does the Watchtower contain photo's of the Devil

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  • jwfacts

    I have not been able to find any photo's of Satan the Devil in the Watchtower. There are photo's of the serpent with Eve, Satan's hand offering kingdoms to Jesus and a shadowy cloaked figure speaking to Jesus on the mountain. Apart from that I cannot locate any of a proper looking devil. Can anyone recall some illustrations?

  • Palimpsest

    Photos? How do they get him to pose long enough? I always thought he was a speedy fellow...

  • Leolaia

    Good question. I can mainly think of the serpent and the dragon in Revelation. But I vaguely recall that there might be an illustration in the older Rutherford publications. Curious too how Rutherford emphasized how beautiful the Devil was when he was Lucifer.

  • Mythbuster

    Here's his hand:

  • asilentone

    jwfacts just mentioned it.

  • cyberjesus

    myth: lol

  • VampireDCLXV

    If JW's believe that Satan is supposed to be an invisible spirit being like God himself, what's the point? As stupid and self contradicting as many of you here believe the JW's to be, for them to illustrate the Devil in all his red skinned, spade tail wearing, pitch fork wielding glory defies logic. Just sayin'...


  • jwfacts

    Palimpsest : Photos? How do they get him to pose long enough?

    lol, good point. Maybe drawings would have been a better choice of terminology.

    Mythbuster, the hand is not quite creepy enough for what I need.

    Leo, a picture of the Revelation serpent is probably the closest I will get to what I am after.

  • baltar447

    Yes there was an illustration/drawing/artist's depiction. I can't remember the publication, but it showed ol' Satan as an angel getting himself pounded by a giant beam of light or something. I remember being surprised since there wasn't typically any depiction of him in the literature.

  • factfinder

    What do you suppose Satan and his demons look like? would they look markedly different from faithful angels?

  • factfinder

    Did'nt the Live forever book have an illustration of satan and the demons being hurled down from heaven? ( not the serpent/ dragon illo)

  • JustWantTruth

    Yes, I destinctly remember an illustration of Satan in a Watchtower. If I was to guess I would say early 90's but could have been between 1989-1996 sorry can not pinpoint the actual year but I was very young and remember it scared me. My dad told me that is was Satan the Devil. He looked pretty wicked if I recall. As I got older I too noticed the rarity of Devil photos and wanted to see that pic again for some odd reason, but I didn't have access to old watchtowers (my family always threw them away after a couple years).

  • Hadit

    Well. . . since they say that Satan is Jesus' brother - wouldn't he kinda look like Jesus?


  • jwfacts

    I wonder why the Watchtower has not used some scary devil image. They don't mind making up likenesses of Jesus/Michael/Jehovah, or fearsome Armageddon illustrations.

  • betterdaze
  • 3Mozzies

    Hi Paul (jwfacts)

    I've found these images so far:

    This is from the 1934 book 'Favored People' page 31


  • 3Mozzies

    This is from the 1932 book 'Where are the dead' page 46


  • 3Mozzies

    While looking for the 'devil' pictures for you I found this gem.

    This image doesn't have the devil in it but it looks like something you could use.

    This is from the 1934 book 'His Vengeance' page 55


  • cheerios

    whenever they post the photo of the gibbering buddies ... they post a picture of the collective Satan Class

  • InquiryMan

    There was an illustration of him showing a pretty, but haughty angel... Cannot remember which publication. Perhaps blondie knows?

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