List of Branch Offices being closed?

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  • ThomasCovenant

    Hi, I've tried searching for some recent posts on rumours or otherwise of branch offices being closed but cannot easily find anything.

    Does anyone readily have a list of the ones earmarked for closure? I did read about Central America but also recently some European too.


  • ruruj

    I guess no one has the official list - it is with Watchtower. Wait until it really happens or wait for more developments, then that validates the rumors you mentioned.

    The posts for this matter are chatters from JWN "intelligence community".

    There's no guarantee that the closings will be according to any list. Watchtower still has some control over this.

    And we would not want to compromise and expose our JW operatives, would we?

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    I know that Spain was/is closing down. Reason was as they would have to pay social security for the volutneer workers.

    Not sure of other sites.

  • wasblind

    The U.S. needs to do what Spain is doing, when all thoses old timers are cut lose from bethel who will support them ?

  • AnnOMaly

    Various European ones - was Italy mentioned too?


    Central America,

    Heard whispers about S. America but nothing concrete.

    No news about whether the same's happening in the African or Asian/Oriental countries.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Austria and Switzerland were mentioned on this site a few days ago. They are closing and Seltzers, Germany looking after those countries also.


  • Palimpsest

    I'm really, really curious about the Caribbean Bethel locations -- Antigua, the Bahamas, Barbados, Curaçao, Haiti, T&T, etc. I've spent some time at one of those and know several Bethelites in the Caribbean region, so I'm fairly anxious to find out. Anyone have word? I've heard they might be absorbed into the Mexican branch, but that doesn't make any sense to me since they're primarily English- and French-speaking branches.

    I'm thinking they might keep the Bahamian one as a centralized outpost since it's the largest facility they have down there (or at least, it was) and they have such a strong presence in that country, but that's just my own theory.

  • purplesofa

    I just got an email saying the Branch in the French Caribbean is closing down starting Jan 2011 and will be managed by the Bethel in France.

  • Gayle

    Is it related to France and tax issue going on?

    Which branches/islands in the French Caribbean? Wikipedia shows these islands:

  • Hoffnung

    Worldwide 23 bethels are in the process of closing or are already closed. Several others are trimmed down. But I do not have a list. The number of 23 comes from a bethelite (trustworthy)

  • Gayle

    With 118 Branches reported on the 2009 Annual Report, that's a 20% decrease in branches.

  • Soldier77

    I know firsthand that the Jamaican Branch is down to only 27 volunteers. They are practicing slave labor there, my "friend" is working 18-20 hours a day, not getting to bed till 3am and back up at normal hours. I've asked if they are closing down, he doesn't know, or knows but isn't telling me. So, good chance they are being consolidated too.

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    Which branches/islands in the French Caribbean?

    I think St Martin (half of the island, which is french) and St Barthelemy haven't got any bethels, as they are too small. They are closing bethels in the 2 Caribbean french overseas départements, that is Martinique and Guadeloupe, plus bethel in the South american french Guyana. I don't know about La Réunion island in the Indian ocean, whether they have a bethel or not and, if they've got one, if it will remain active.

  • jay88

    Social Security would be good for WTBTS but then who would take them serious about the big 'A'?

  • dgp


  • metatron

    Excellent news! Consider how distance and language problems are going to hit them in these countries once they lose 'boots on the ground' to do their work.

    The comment about a Jamaican brother being worked to death is encouraging also, as this suggests that work is simply going to be dropped once the cuts are made.

    Step by step, this sick cult is dying.


  • Soldier77

    What I find interesting the most is that a lot if not most R&F do not know of these changes. My friend that is a JW that I still hang out with had a friend from Canada come vist who is an elder. A bunch of us got talking, of course this elder and his pioneer wife are going off on how wonderful it is to be in Jehovahs organization, I brought up the question, 'what do you guys think about the closing down of the branches all over the globe lately?" Their look on their face was one of 'huh?' They had heard about France and Central/South America. But not Jamaica, Europe, Ireland, Alaska/Hawaii, it was funny watching their face. They truly didn't have anything to say about it.

    After a few seconds of silence, the conversation got changed. The looks on their face was priceless though. You could see smoke coming out of their ears as they couldn't reconcile what they were hearing with what they had believed about the 'expansion' taking place worldwide.

    And these people are an Elder and Pioneer!


  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    Is it related to France and tax issue going on ?

    Gayle, I don't think this has anything to do with the French government eliminating the WTS's tax exempt satus. Those branches are simply done away with because they lack the contributive basis of the local witnesses to support their own bethel staff and building maintenance. The increase in the number of JWs in these regions (as in many european countries and probably in North America too) is due to foreign input. The new members are not so well off as the local French witnesses, who now don't contribute so much as they used to (pasted from a previous post).

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