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  • Dogpatch

    passing this on from Jim Moon:

    Subject: ExJW Documentary Hi Everyone!
    One of my exJW friends in Los Angeles is developing a documentary about the JWs entitled "Losing My Religion" and he asked me to forward information to anyone I thought might be interested in helping out with its development. Here is a letter of introduction he asked me to pass along, as well as a link to his Facebook page:


    This is our story. We were once Jehovah's Witnesses. When we leave, we want to find others like ourselves. It all becomes an accelerated learning process in the school of life when we leave. It's often exciting. Sometimes tragic.

    My new friends Jim Moon, Paul Marshall, Raven Pence, Ed Burnett & Danielle Bauer have formed a first class international team. What is driving us to make Losing My Religion? Besides the fact that we have a HUGE audience for this film, which is growing every day: It's going to be a landmark film. How so?

    * There are currently millions of ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses, ex-Mormons, ex-7th Day Adventists, former Scientologists & other former Islamic cult members, around the world who struggle with adjustment to their new lives outside of their former cult. As a former Jehovah's Witness, I want to help.

    * Following on the heels of the very successful documentary films Jesus Camp & Religulous, an intelligent, informative and deeper dive is needed on the direct effects of extreme fundamentalism in the world today.

    * Right now, freedom of speech with regard to ALL religion is being challenged: http://www.facebook.com/l/9ee28;blog.unwatch.org/index.php/category/defamation-of-religion and this must never happen. Imagine speaking out against one's former religion not being tolerated!?

    * Billions of other people find their life purpose's and identities almost solely through their religions, political persuasions, marriages and/or other relationships, their corporate careers, nationalism, the military, etc. In fact, most of us are willing to throw out our own personal reasoning capabilities and deny our own personal experiences to be relieved of the oppressive burden of figuring out life ourselves. WHY?

    Please view the "pitch video" here to learn more about Losing My Religion: http://www.facebook.com/l/9ee28;vimeo.com/10422183 (password: lmr / as in Losing My Religion - lower case)
    Please also check out the "teaser video" I created a few years ago by clicking on the upper right hand side image on this page: http://www.facebook.com/l/9ee28;www.hungrycreature.com/lmr.html

    If you are interested in investing in this film, or know people who might be, [let me know].

    And, if you know anyone who is a former cult members, like myself, who might be interested in this project, please email me!

    Thank you so much for all of your kind support!!

    Best Regards,

    3 1 0 . 3 9 5 . 8 7 4 9
    2218 MAIN ST., SANTA MONICA, CA 90405
    Stephan T McGuire

  • Dogpatch

    check out the quality on HD if you can on the trailer. This will be a good movie.

    I met Stephan a few years ago, before he finished the "11th Hour" documentary. Any support you can giv e him will not be wasted.

    Randy Watters


  • Alpaca


  • Dogpatch

    don't everyone reply at once...

  • My Struggle
    My Struggle

    What is they best way to contact him?

  • Dogpatch

    3 1 0 . 3 9 5 . 8 7 4 9
    2218 MAIN ST., SANTA MONICA, CA 90405

    or look him up on Facebook

  • Dogpatch

    Hey Randy!

    Thank you so much! Fantastic. Perhaps we can add that to contact me via email is best: Stephan@treemedia.com Here is a bit more about my work: http://treemedia.com/treemedia.com/Stephan.html Stephan McGuire

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney


  • ldrnomo

    I will be contacting Stephan


  • freeflyingfaerie

    this is wonderful, more awareness for all about the ways of the JWs and the struggles of those who leave . and a feeling of connectedness for those of us who have walked way

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Thanks Randy, I don't have time to check this out in full right now but from what I've seen it looks AWESOME!

    Will be back later...

  • Ayer

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you Randy for providing this platform! Its awesome!

    My name is Stephan McGuire, an experienced documentary film maker http://treemedia.com/treemedia.com/Stephan.html and a Former Jehovah's Witness http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Stephan_McGuire . We are reaching out to you, as I know we all have similar backgrounds, being raised as Jehovah's Witnesses or becoming one sometime in our lifetime.

    As Randy posted, there is a small team of us in preproduction on a film called Losing My Religion http://losingmyreligionfilm.com and have just begun an initial awareness campaign as we kickstart our project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1753881488/losing-my-religion . The goal of this project is to document the experiences and exoduses of Jehovah’s Witnesses and other fundamentalist sects as they leave behind family, friends, their acquired interpretation of “God”, and very unique ‘realities’. Losing our religions, as we know, many of us undergo an emotionally agonizing and dramatic transition into a once ‘forbidden’ world. This will make for good cinematic dialogue and dramatic film making. Basically, I feel that a comprehensive and intelligent study is needed on the effects of extreme fundamentalism on the human psyche. This needs to be balanced with humor, because often this is where much of the healing can take place- when we can laugh at ourselves.

    My own path has brought me to the level of a world class activist; http://greendotawards.com/2009/?page_id=382 as sometimes when we leave the boxes of religion, this is what can happen. My personal goal is to inspire others to become the same. Right now, the world needs survivors to become tomorrow's heroes. I know that this can mean all of us...

    We really are looking to the XJW family for support. Please support this project by going to the website and or Kickstarter campaign website and please make a donation so that we can manifest this project!
    Thank you with all my heart

    Much Love



    Looking forward to it. Great title, great topic.

  • whoknows

    This is a great cause. A film like this can be very powerful in helping others to be free. Love the title Stephan!

  • Mad Sweeney
  • wannabefree
  • Hopscotch

    This is just fantastic - it is going to be a wonderful film.

    And the Lost and Found organisation for those JWs in transition from the WTS to a normal life sounds great. What a beautiful idea of providing scholarships to help the young people who leave JWs to achieve higher education.

    Thank you so much Stephan and your team for your great work.

    All the best


  • brotherdan

    I hope this project takes off. If it had a wide release like Jesus Camp or Hell House, I think it'd open up so many eyes. Maybe not the eyes of current JWs so much as outsiders that may be caught unaware in the door to door work.

  • DanaBug


    From facebook today:

    Losing My Religion London Area XJWs:
    The Director of "Losing My Religion", along with two of the film Producers, will be in town from 6-9 March.

    They would love to meet as many of you as possible! And if you’re curious about the documentary, want to discuss sharing your story in our movie, or want to help us build community, please let u s know!


  • wannabefree

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