Virginia's gangs now embracing Satanism

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  • Weeping

    My prayers will be with them, but to me it seems too little, too late.

    The Virginia Gang Investigators Association will host a training seminar April 30 on the subject of “Occult and Ritual crimes” at the Accomac Elks Club.

    The speaker will be Don Rimer, who has been involved in many high profile cases involving this subject matter.

    Rimer will discuss several topics including, New case studies, Satanism, Witchcraft, Goth, Animal abuse, Fantasy role playing, Death/metal music, etc.

    The seminar is from 9a.m.-5pm at the Accomac Elks Lodge, 22454 Front St..

    For more information contact Kelly Miles at 757-339-5204.

  • JWoods

    Did it again!!! Yet another Satan the Devil thread!!!

  • mrsjones5

    This is a Quote from your last thread..

    " "..

    Is there a Chance you will ever say nothing again?..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • leavingwt
  • minimus

    Tell Rick Fearon.

  • Heaven

    It's not a Gang, it's a Club!

    Basement Cats

  • JWoods

    Tell MadJW too.

  • AGuest
    My prayers will be with them...

    Why would your prayers be with Virginia Gangs who embrace Satanism????


    A slave of Christ,




    Minimus is right!!..

    Weeping could have her own show on Six Screens if she can Link Satan to the WBT$!!..

    If you can do that Weeping..You need to PM "KoolAid Man"..

    Your gonna be in Show Business!!..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • Weeping

    Authorities are investigating what they call a disturbing case of vandalism at a local cemetery. Police say they have no leads and are hoping they public can help solve the crime that has rattled members of the community.

    The cemetary was defaced with Satanic messages. This is usually done as a signal to other cult members. It often sybolises a meeting of high level satanists.

  • mrsjones5

    The cemetary was defaced with Satanic messages. This is usually done as a signal to other cult members

    Sounds more like a stupid prank by kids.

  • minimus


  • sir82


    Satan is onto you. You're publishing all his little secrets on the interwebz.

    I'd sleep with one eye open from now on.

  • cantleave
  • mindmelda

    Gangs have always embraced Satanic symbols like tattoos of upside down crosses and such because it scares people who are scared of Satan and they want people to be afraid of them. Prison tattoo art is full of it too, which is were gang symbols come from.

    Nothing new here, move along.

  • Robdar
  • BackRoomBilly

    Weeping is a young sister obsessed with her greatest fear "SATAN". She believes that when someone is dis-fellowshipped or disassociated it is because that person has decided to join "SATAN'S WORLD" and as a member of said world, we must pray to him and do his work.

    Little girl, grow up and realize that most people leave the Kingdom Hall because they realize that their teachings JUST AREN'T TRUE.

    P.S. I love you and I hate the DEVIL.

  • A.Fenderson

    The cemetary was defaced with Satanic messages. This is usually done as a signal to other cult members. It often sybolises a meeting of high level satanists.

    Oh, shit, is this Friday already?! L8r!

  • jaguarbass

    A gang is 2 or 3 people with common identifying symbols engaged in criminal activity.

    I work in the Criminal justice system. In Florida every street in the poor neighbor hoods

    has its own gang. The 32nd street gang 34th street gang etc.

    Youth gangs are 20 to 29 year old thugs getting 12 to 16 year old thugs to commit

    felonies. Most of them suck their thumbs when they sleep at night and piss their bed.

    Even the ones that arent outwardly Satanic are Satanic they have star of David and Pitch forks

    for their signs.

    The youth that are in gangs usually have crack head parents who accept no responsiblity.

    So the youth sell drugs to make money for school and to buy things. They also

    steal cars and other goods to be fenced.

    Gangs are bad, but it goes with the territory of sex out of wed lock and not bringing up

    your offspring, when you do the first two you create someone who is incorrigible

    and will end up being institutionalized for life.

    What these dead beat parents end up doing is replicating themselves.

    The only way I see anyone can do anything about it is to adopt a street urchin,

    then you got a 25% chance of turning him around depending how old he is to begin


    Its kind of like the story of saving a star fish washed up on the shore.

    A man was walking down the beach picking up star fish and throwing them

    back into the sea, a passerby asked "this beach is miles long do you think you

    can possibly save all these star fish, do you think you can make any difference"?

    and the man looked at the starfish he picked up as he prepared to throw it back

    into the sea and said, "it will make a difference to this one".

    A side point with this bad economy, foster parenting street urchins is a up an comming way

    to keep the bill collector at bay, if you qualify husband and wife can make 1500 to 2000$

    a month for taking in one to two depending on the details.

    Once you adopt them though the money gets turned off. Or at least the flow gets reduced.

    In Brazil the cops shoot the kids in the street.

    Here in the US we let the tax payers subsadize gang shennanigans.

    It keeps the lawyers in BMW's.,,20106377,00.html

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