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  • jukief

    We have several nearly complete sets of Watchtower and Awake! bound volumes, from 1960 through the early 2000s, that we need to get rid of quickly. You can have them for the shipping cost. PM me if you're interested.

    Whatever is left in a month or so is going in the dump. Or maybe to recycling if we can find someone to take them.


  • recovering

    i hear ythey make good kindling

  • stillAwitness

    off topic but does anyone know how far back the cd-roms of the bond volumes go?

  • NeonMadman

    There are only about 10 volumes that I need...are you willing to offer only part of the lot, or are you looking to ditch the whole bunch at once?

  • jukief

    I'm having a terrible time trying to reply to the PMs I've received. I don't know if it's my browser or what, but the text in the header is white, and I can't see any reply button. If you sent me your email address, I'll have the hubby send you an email. If you sent me a PM but didn't include your email address, will you write me again and include it? Sorry!

  • jukief

    NeonMadman, he has quite a few, and I'm sure no one is going to want all of them! So send me your email address via a PM, and I'll have him write you. Thanks!

  • ziddina

    Aaaaarrrrgh! Please don't dump those volumes - could you perhaps check to see if some of the ex-Jehovah's Witness groups or groups that research the religion would be interested in them?? I was thoroughly disgusted with the JWs when I left and dumped everything I had - now I wish I hadn't!! I could have used that info as research for contradictions, failed prophecies, weird edicts, and so on. Now I'm forced to purchase items on the Internet, and much of what I need isn't available!!

  • ziddina

    Whoa! I just noticed you're in Colorado - so am I! I'm in a suburb north of Denver - where are you?? Maybe I could DRIVE over and pick up the books and donate them to someone who would use them!!

  • ziddina

    I'm brand new to this website and not (apparently) allowed to email anyone until I've passed my 'probation' period. Can you email me?? Does my email show up and is available to you??

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Last year I cleared my shelves of all of my bound volumes and a lot of other literature. I still have a little left. I mailed via Media Mail trusting that I would be reimbursed. Everyone on JWD reimbursed my postage (and a few were very generous and gave me lunch money for my trouble, though I did not ask for it I was glad for it).

    Don't trash them, someone will take them off your hands...just keep bumping this thread. If for some reason time is of the essence (moving, etc) and you have to trash em, rip the covers off (they dont recycle well) and throw the paper pages part into the recycle bin. You may have to do so over several weeks if it is curbside recycling...some refuse services/cities have weight limits if the bins have to be emptied manually.

    Snakes ()

  • diamondiiz


    Whatever WTS publications you want you can get them in pdf format, no point of having all the books that take up shelves of space. "JW"s won't listen to reason anyways because there is always the "new light" excuse so you won't get far in a conversation anyway since you'll be labeled an apostate. Here are some sites for pdf download of everything you might want in old publications:

    For new WTS find their cd library online and your entire library from 1870s til now will be complete. As long as libraries somewheres have WTS books it's all safe to know that it will be harder for WTS to change things in digital format from what was originally in print. If anyone want to get rid of their WTS publication maybe ask your local library if they want it free.

  • JimmyPage

    I could have used them for the fireplace a few months back, but now it's warming up. Thanks anyway!

  • ziddina

    oooooh, Thank you Thank you Thank you diamondiiz!!! I tried searching for a safe site to pick up documents but ran into one that tried to attack my computer. Good thing I had sufficient virus/spam protection onboard. By the way, since I'm new here - how does one get a photo to show up as part of my sign-on? I've searched anything I have access to as a "newbie" but can't seem to find - or am not allowed access to - that feature yet. Thanks again!

  • Kenneson

    Go to

    Do a search for Watchtower in All Categories or Books. People sell the literature on there.

    You could make a little money rather than destroy them.

  • drwtsn32

    Yep, I suggest selling on ebay too.

  • ninja

    thanks anyway....but I got all my books from the kingdom hall library.......

  • StoneWall


    I sure wish I was closer to where you are and I would take them off your hands.

    Sometimes the printed books and magazines are our only hope and chance of showing some people the flip flops,

    "light getting brighter then dim", and complete reversals on doctrine and policies that the Org has published over the

    years. A lot of folks just won't accept scans or digital downloads or uploads of the various pulications for fear that

    they may have been tampered with or not an accurate duplicate.

    I know cause I was one of those type people. I had well intentioned people try to tell me there was many errors

    the society had made over the years and some things that were maybe covered over but it went in one ear and out

    the other. But the one thing that I couldn't deny was when i seen it in print off of the WTB&TS own presses. Thats

    when it made the big impression on me about digging deeper and seeing what else had been printed over the years.

    I so hope that you don't trash any of them. If you get no takers on here, as hard as it might be for ya contact

    the local Kingdom hall and volunteer to donate them if they want them. I'm sure someone there would like to have

    some of them to build their "theocratic" library. Just think someone getting ahold of those older publications might

    start checking into whats in them or comparing with whats taught now and see the inconsistencies. This in turn

    could lead to their first doubts or crisis of conscience regarding the Org.

    If you got the 1969 Awake! bound Volume that in itself is a treasure trove because of the article in it about the

    ones in school then wouldn't grown old or fulfill a career in this system of things. I believe that must be why the society's

    CD-Rom only goes back to 1970 in their bound volumes. Kinda embarassing for them I guess.

    But please try any and every option available to you to get these into the hands of someone that can use them

    for the most benefit for us. I can understand if you are moving or needing the room for other things but hopefully someone

    can relieve you of them and still be able to show others from their pages the ever "changing truth" from their pages.

    And just think you can count them all as book placements...LOL (ok that was a vain attempt at humor)



  • jukief

    Thanks for your comments, folks.

    My husband (AlanF) has been collecting JW literature for a long time. He has an almost complete collection of everything ever published (it's insane). These pieces he wanted to get rid of are a lot of duplicates. They're stuff he bought cheap over the years or people gave to him. There used to be a market for this stuff, but there isn't right now. He's talked to a lot of people he knows to see if anyone is interested in them, and there just isn't much interest. Besides, we're moving in three weeks, and there's no time to sell them piecemeal on eBay, even if someone *did* want to buy them.

    But today he had an idea. One of our neighbors is a retired evangelical pastor. His church is a pretty big one here in Fort Collins. His son-in-law is the pastor now. Anyway, Alan wondered whether members of his church might be interested in having some nice JW literature to help them argue with the dubs, so he went over and had a talk with him. And guess what? He's taking everything that hasn't already been spoken for! We're going to stack everything in his garage, then members of his congregation will come over and select what they want. Then he'll deal with what's left over.

    I thought that was a pretty brilliant idea. :-) Too bad Alan doesn't count time anymore. Can you imagine all the placements he'd have this month? LOL

  • marjoe

    If he gets a receipt, he can deduct them as a charitable donation.

    Use e-bay sales for fair market value and don't forget to deduct the mileage for the delivery.

    It's better than counting time.

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