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  • spectromize

    Hi Redhw,

    I've been having a few problems with my computer so anyways I thought I'd reply to you in a new thread.

    You said:" Spectromize, I disagree with your assertion that because someone is NOT a JW, their prayers must therefore be answered by Satan."

    I never asserted or even said that. You are trying to put your own interpretation of my comment, in fact I gave you the example of Naaman on how Jehovah took the initiative to bring this man to a knowledge of Him even though this man probably knew very little of Him.

    You also said:" Your example of the Pharisees is totally flawed. They received their riches by harming others, and they received back exactly what they had given."

    Uhh??? You mean to tell me the scribes and pharisees didn't enrich themselves by their warped teachings such as Mark 7:11 and Luke 20:46-47 and Matt 21:12-13?

    Basically Redhw you must of misread a lot of my post and just want to say Jehovah is a hearer of prayers if it's his will to answer someone who is a JW or non-Jw He will. But you also have to remember that satan will keep his empire going right down to the end and will support and fill needs where they need to be filled to keep people in darkness with false religion. That doesn't mean that Jehovah refuses to hear prayers coming from people that are stuck in satan's empire. Like I said before if it's His will He will answer.

  • RedhorseWoman

    If I misinterpreted you, I apologize. It did seem to me that you were stating that any prayers outside of the Organization would be answered by Satan unless the person were being guided toward becoming a JW. Your comment on the Pharisees wasn't totally clear to me. It seemed that you were saying that they were praying for riches and thought that their riches were as a result of their prayers. My comment on that was that these men were obviously not receiving answers to prayers, but were doing things for their own benefit, and reaped what they had sown.

    I still believe, from personal experiences and observation, that Jehovah will answer prayers of those showing faith in Him....not just those in the Organization.

  • spectromize

    It's ok sweetheart Redhw,

    I enjoy a little bit of contoversy at times. Feel free to express yourself anytime.

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