The Ten Commandments of Solon

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    1. Trust good character more than promises.
    2. Do not speak falsely.
    3. Do good things.
    4. Do not be hasty in making friends, but do not abandon them once made.
    5. Learn to obey before you command.
    6. When giving advice, do not recommend what is most pleasing, but what is most useful.
    7. Make reason your supreme commander.
    8. Do not associate with people who do bad things.
    9. Honor the gods.
    10. Have regard for your parents.

    Compare them to those of Moses below:

    1. Have no other gods before me [the God of the Hebrews].
    2. Make no images of anything in heaven, earth or the sea, and do not worship or labor for them.
    3. Do not vainly use the name of your God [the God of the Hebrews].
    4. Do no work on the seventh day of the week.
    5. Honor your parents.
    6. Do not kill.
    7. Do not commit adultery.
    8. Do not steal.
    9. Do not give false testimony against another.
    10. Do not desire another's wife or anything that belongs to another.

    For more, see

    Those who can induce you to believe absurdities can induce you to commit attrocities - Voltaire

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    Go Solon! Interesting website.... Learn something new everyday!

    Thanks for sharing.

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