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  • Gill

    I was surprised to find that Charles Taze Russell, of the Russell family line (of course) was reportedly part of the setting up of the Skull and Bones Society.

    I have read many refutes that CT was a 33 degree mason But, let's leave that as a possibility along with his 13 bloodlines of the illuminati link and consider this scenario as a possible and worrying possible Conspiracy Theory.

    Fritz Springmeier and some others (again all holding suspension of our disbelief in control here for a few moments, please), commented on the setting up of internement style camps around the United States and some pictures and sites are to be found on the net.

    Now, there are various 'Christian Groups' all anticipating the 'time of the end'. The Jehovah's Witnesses, for example are expecting to be persecuted and then 'saved' by God. They anticipate 'the end' at any time. They are under a subtle mind control and trained in unquestioning obedience in order to 'save' themselves.

    So, there they are, all these mind controlled Christian groups expecting persecution and 'saving'.

    Suddenly one day, they are all collected up and interned in the isolated, rural internemment camps.

    'They,' the people in charge of the world who are getting rather pissed off with us rable who like to be paid properly, get health care, education, drive our big cars, eat food etc, are craving their New World Order to come in . Afterall, isn't a 'New World Order' and a 'One World Government' what the Jehovah's Witnesses been mind controlled into anticipating.....soon.

    So, after the 'true christians' have been rounded up, the rest of us, one way or another, be it disease, chemtrailing, poison, shooting etc are all eliminated.

    Lo and behold! The only survivors are the 'true Christians' who are not aware of what has really happened to kill the rest of the population in the USA. They simply believe that Jehovah destroyed everyone else for not obeying him the way they did. They busily get on with disposing the bodies as they have been taught to expect to do.

    They think and believe that Jehovah has saved them and they become, as their prison gates swing open, real, true and Obedient servants to their masters at the top of the Watchtower Tree. These are the 'real masters' of the Watchtower society.....the elite of the elite.

    All those mind controlled Christians, perhaps 1/2 a million to a million people all grateful to 'God' for saving them and total mind control and obedient slaves to the 'Elite' who are really in charge of the religions.

    Slaves for the rest of their lives fooled by a set up they have been gradually programmed to accept and never knowing the truth of what happened to them.

    How's that for a conspiracy theory?

  • The Mulberry Man
    The Mulberry Man

    That has to be one of the best conspiracy theories I have ever read.

  • Gill

    Thank you Mulberry Man! I thought it was rather good myself and not a Satan worshipper or Reptilian overlord in sight.

    And yet, as my better half said, that sounds to oscary to be just a 'theory'. I have to admit to having been very surprised that CT was a founder of Skull and Bones, or at least so involved.

    And with the 'New World Translation' and their constant harping on about One World Government and the New World Order, there is a certain discomfort about the whole thing.

    Here's hoping it remains a 'theory'!

  • marmot

    It'd make a cool novel or summer blockbuster, but has zero chance of ever happening.

    Look at China - it tries to quell one lousy little upstart province and suddenly the whole world starts crapping all over its national policies. And that's with the full weight of the most populous nation on earth with a rigid one-party government where dissenters face "re-education".

    Yet you expect the United (f*ck yeah, freedom!) States to successfully pull off something so massive without the world taking note?


  • SirNose586

    That's a pretty stark theory. Good thing it could never, ever happen.

  • yknot

    so on this premise it would be wise to get a job with KBR...

    I agree that would make a great storyline for a movie or novel !

  • MissingLink
  • jaguarbass

    How's that for a conspiracy theory?

    I like David Icke.

  • Hortensia

    that's pretty ingenious - it would make a good movie. I don't see it actually happening, except for the part about all the independent thinkers being killed off.

    Chairman Mao pulled something interesting stuff along that line. He managed to cause the deaths of millions of people with the "great leap forward." And then there was another tricky period when Chairman Mao said "Let a hundred flowers bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend". This slogan was used in the summer of 1957 when the Chinese intelligentsia were invited to criticize the political system in Communist China. Then he executed or imprisoned many of the people who spoke out. Later he used the Red Guard, mostly young people, students, to go after anyone who was intellectual, an independent thinker, religious, so on. Sometimes conspiracy theories actually are pretty believable. He took advantage of the Red Guard and was able to blame them too.

  • Gill

    MissingLink - Thanks for that link!

    Hortensia - Interesting. The 'free thinkers' are always the targets which is probably why free thinkers in the WT society have to be disfellowshipped.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Ah - Hortensia, my thoughts exactly - it'd make a great film

  • jimbo

    You forgot to add; "And they lived happily ever after with no disease or sickness!"

    Now that almost completes the conspiracy theory!


  • inrainbows

    Why do we need to make them up?


    1. The situation in the Middle East is about 95% due to Western involvement interference back decades. If we hadn't meddeled Iran would still have a democratic secular government like it did in the '50's, and along with Turkey and Egypt would probably have lead the Arabic world in far different direction. But we wanted cheap oil so replaced democratic governments with despots.
    2. In the '70's and '80's a group of politicians and policy makers in the USA made out the USSR was a threat. It wasn't. They boosted millitary spending to insane levels making their industrial buddies rich. The people supported it because of their fear of a Soviet strike. It drove the USSR into financial collapse as they were convinced the West were hostile and tried to match their spending. Opportunities for detente were rejected. A US-Soviet solution to Afghanistan was rejected by the US as the US powers-that-be did not want an uncontrolable democratic government and prefered a post USSR-invasion Afghanistan to be a playground for warlords they could play chess with by funding and supplying weapons.
    3. The same group of policy makers were behind the SAME GAME in th '90's and '00's with terror and Iraq being made out to be a threat, massive levels of spending being possible with the support of the people because the people were scared of Iraq/terror, again with their millitary industrial buddies getting rich...
    4. The richest 5% of the West are accelerating away from the 95% at an ever increasing rate as the policies that get supported allow a super rich elite whilst letting the middle class be worse off than the 1950's.

    But, of course, conspiracy theories are just an easy way to pass the time. Why deal with giants when you can joust windmills?

  • Gill

    inrainbows - I don't doubt what you say - at all.

    The fact is, these facts as we see them are not accepted by a lot of people and 'stories' sometimes help to wake up the sleeping masses.

  • Gill

    I suppose that if you add to this 'conspiracy' the fact that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society owns almost 50% of Rand Corp, one of the biggest companys making military equipment in the United States, into the pot of this story, the Skull and Bones tie in and the 'front' of a religion, this might be just a little bit more than a Theory......but that to is just theory.....or is it?

    Hasn't the Watchtower been prattling on about a 'New World Order' and a 'One World Government' since at least the 1990's?

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