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    I escaped the tower before they had windows. I went to an old style hall that had windows. But they didnt have any computers to put the windows in.

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    It would likely be a Micro$oft product, with the borg and all.

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    edmond dantes

    I think the softwear games are the ones to be found found in a Kingdumb Hall and for use on a very rainy day but they would be theocratically biased of course.Once loaded they would have ------

    Games such as "Buckaroo." This would be for the players to stick on to the mule as many as 12 new light segments without making the mule buck.

    "Operation." This would involve taking body parts out with tweezers without making the buzzer sounding and making everyone jump.The theocratic version would be played while a simulated blood transfusion was taking place on the pretend patient with the red nose.

    "Monopoly." Would keep them entertained for hours. New World edition would differ somewhat for instead of collecting houses and hotels they would collect bible studies. The Governing Body being the banker means the players have to pay all money back to Brooklyn ; every time they passed go instead of the players being paid the GB would receive payment.Water works would be counted as baptisms, electric company would be new light each time they stoppped on the square.Go straight to jail would be for refusing millitary service unless they have a get out of jail free card, you get that by promising to do alternative service.No free parking space, you land there a during an assembly but pay Brooklyn the fee.The players would need to stop on a railway station in order to travel to the assemblies.Pay income tax square is ignored as we all know The Watchtower don't do that sort of thing. Chance cards and community cards would throw up such things as : You have been found guilty at a judiciary be shunned pay all your money back. ,Property repairs mean a large bill to pay for Kingdom hall rennovation, You gain a large inheritance give directly to GB.You have returned your ministry hours form in and it's padded (not a disfellowshipping offense) miss a turn.You owe Bethel a large some of money for literature which means no new books and mags this in turn means no bible studies until you throw a double six.

    Thank God it's only a wet day dream.

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    i'm sure there are geek elders that maintain fancy excel spreadsheets, or sql datbases but i don't think there is a WT approved or proprietary software that they run or mandate.

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    Not WT sanctioned software, but it is still used by many techie dubs...

    Some examples :

    The Talk Scheduler is a Windows program written in MS Access 2007 by JW Softworks from Texas USA. It's free but does require either the runtime for Access or MS Office Professional to be installed. This is a new release in July, 2007 and we are glad to be the host for this brother's labor of love. Click this link to jump to the download center and the appropriate page (the talk scheduler)

    Talk Timer is a small program which will run on about any Windows edition to assist in timing one's talks for the Ministry School. Freeware, it's available from the category Freeware in the Download Center.

    Re-Visits (Jehovah's Witness Edition) - 2.2.2

    Record preaching information

    Product Description:
    Re-Visits allows you to keep track of your contact information, as well as short discription of notes detailing what you talked about with your contacts.

    Watchtower Library for Pocket PC

    Summary: Now you can take this portable library with you anywhere, to work, to meeting, and out in service; be able to do research and study anywhere.


    The Pocket Library Assistant for Windows Mobile

    A free tool for Jehovah's Witnesses
    (for use with your Watchtower Library CD-ROM)

    The Pocket Library Assistant program lets you transfer nearly all of your Watchtower Library CD-ROM (published by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania) to your Pocket PC. It is very helpful for personal study, at the meetings and daily Bible reading. The program was developed by a brother of the San Rafael English Congregation who, along with help from Brothers and Sisters worldwide, continues to enhance the program. Great care was taken to protect the integrity of the source data. It is very easy to use and adapt for one's personal study preferences.

    While it will never take the place of the Bible and the original publications, it is similar in nature to using the Watchtower Library CD-ROM on your personal PC - only now its portable!

    This program is available only to Jehovah's Witnesses who will enjoy the many features packed into this new study tool. To use this program you will need a Windows Mobile device with a touch-screen and also a 1GB or larger external memory card. You must also own and keep in your possession the original Watchtower Library on CD-ROM.

    Plus many from this site :

    format and for PC. Please Post a Message Under New Disscusion "Software" If you'd like it!!! Our very nice brother Kevin Bingham made all this for us :-) Works of Flavius JosephusPDB file which runs in iSilo. This work is out of copyright and open to the public domain. FREE download.

    Vine's Expository Dictionary
    PDB file which runs in iSilo. This work is out of copyright and open to the public domain. FREE download.
    The Dead Sea Scrolls: The Ancient Library of Qumran
    PDB file which runs in iSilo. This work is open to the public domain. FREE download.
    Examining the Scriptures Daily 2006 PDB file which runs in iSilo.

    Examining the Scriptures Daily for Outlook
    XLS version with instructions

    BOOKMARK: What Does the Bible Really TeachFour bookmoarks in Word, printable
    Sticky & Stickler This is a funny little application for entertainment purposes only. It is about two stick pioneers overcoming some funny situations while out in the work. This is their first adventure. Requires at least Palm OS 3.5 UPDATED: 12/26/05
    Episode 1 Episode 2

    Quiz Me Do you like riddles, thought provoking scripture based ones? This is the program for you. The database is a compilation of many riddles you have heard over the years. There may be some that are not in this file, email me and I will put them in the next release. Quiz Me is a great way to work the brain. 11/11/05
    Version 1.1 FREE Service Overseer
    Service Overseer will assist in tracking the groups you visit, and the talk you share with them. You are able to produce your talk and save it right in this applcation. Sort option allows you to filter through the groups. UPDATED: 12/13/05
    Version 1.2 FREE TMS Aux
    Theocratic Ministry School Auxiliary Counselor program. The name says it all. This program integrates with the TMSA application and works great for the brother who is the auxiliary counselor. Keep track of the progress for those assigned the Speech Quality, Instruction Talk and Bible Highlight assignments.
    Version 1.1 FREE
    Congregation Book Study Overseer organization application. List the members of your group, there contact information, service activity, readers, attendance and more. Very useful for on the fly notes and announcements. This program makes it easy to keep all your records in the PALM of your hand.
    UPDATE: 11/15/05
    Version 1.0 FREE
    Circuit version 1.2 UPDATED: 1/8/06
    From publisher to Circuit Oversser, this one is a must. Similar to the Contact or Address book on your PDA, but built for those within the circuit. Keep names, address, phone numbers and congregations they are associated with. Easy to use and quick. Now has Pass Code Protection.
    Version 1.2 FREE
    House Records
    A house to house, RV and Do Not Work tracker. Not the smoothest one I have written, but it has potential. Will be improved in the near future.
    Version 1.0 FREE
    My Talks
    Wonderful tool for those who give public talks in and out of the congregation. List all the outlines you have by number and title, show your schedule for your upcoming assignments and even keep the contact information for the congregation you visit. Future version will place your talk assignment into your Palm OS Calendar application automatically. UPDATED: 11/15/05
    Version 1.0 FREE No Blood
    Developed for those on the PVG and HLC. Keep up with the members, contact information and assigned hospitals. Patient details can include the hospital, room, reason for hospital stay and a check list of items. A database of information is provided for reference to important information.
    Version 1.1 FREE
    It is difficult to remember who to visit, what you have or have not shared with them and when it was. Now you have a simple application that remembers for you. Great for the CBSO while shepherding his group. UPDATE: 11/14/05 Added a Reference note section and fixed a minor issue
    Version 1.0 FREE

    TMSA Update: Total Overhaul 12/04
    Theocratic Ministry School Assistant is a wonderful tool for the Ministry School overseer. The 2005 version now has faster scheduling actions. Read the text file before loading this application. The download to the right contains all the new upgrades and 2005 schedule.
    Download FREE
    Not Home
    A quick and easy way to track Not at Homes on your Palm OS device while in the field ministry. The simple interface makes it easy to add the house number, street, date, territory number and the action. For example, NH = Not Home, CA = Call Again, DNW = DNW and X = Delete. There is a Read Me file to give you all the details. You will find this to be a very handy application. Enjoy.
    Version 1.0 FREE

    Speaker (updated 7/24/05)
    Concerned about the quality of public speakers within or visiting your congregation? Use this tool to make a simple evaluation of the overall quality of the speaker. Of course, this isn't a catch all program, but it gives you an edge for evaluation. If there is more than one Palm OS device user among the brothers, compare notes after using it. The objective is to have the best speaker possible.
    Version 1.1 FREE

    Stress Relief
    Based on the Wt article from 12/15/01, this application offters the practical biblical daily guidance. The article helped us focus on being better humans and companions. Select a day based on current date or chose one randomly. This application does NOT integrate into the Palm Calendar/Datebook. UPDATED: 11/6/05
    Version 1.0 FREE

    Listed Below These applications are designed by fellow developers who are Brothers. FREEWARE NEW 7/29/05 Theo Talk (English Only)
    Created by: Green Cheeks Software
    Clear biblical pronunciation in a whole new way for the Palm OS.
    It's simple. Search, tap and listen to a Bible name you need to know how to pronounce. Theo Talk provides you with on the fly assistance for the pronunciation of biblical names. The database contains over 3400 sound files that are run from your memory card. NOTE: The quality of sound is based on your particular type of handheld and its built in speaker. UPDATE: 11/7/05 New feature added. You can now clear the "Lookup" field for a new search by tapping on it. If you currently have TheoTalk, download the new PRC file here and install it. If you are a first time user, click the green button to the right for the full program and follow the Read Me file instructions. FREE Re-Visits (English)
    Created by: Linum Essentials
    Hands down the most popular return visit program among JW's. Keep up with who, where, when and notes. Check boxes for magazines place and bible study activity too. Databases can be sorted by city or street name depending on how you wish to use this application. Also available in Spanish and French. Download ENGLISH
    Download FRENCH
    Download SPANISH
    Daily Text
    Database by: Group Effort
    This is the PalmMOD program with a few grammatical changes to fit our needs. It requires and updated database for each year and only one year can be run at any given time. After tapping the icon, it opens to the text for that day based on your calendar application. Our version has the TMS schedule listed at the bottom of each day so you can prepare while you are away from home. PalmMOD is a product of IntrepidSoft Software.. This program is no longer under development and may not work on any new Palm OS devices. Devices that have crashed, LifeDrive, Palm TX, Palm T3, Treo 650. PalmMOD prc ifle straight from the intrepidsoft website. Use it if your having trouble on a T3 HERE

    Click here for
    the latest
    PalmMOD Database File 2006
    Service Record
    Created by: Brian Palmer
    Excellent personal field service activity tracker created by Brian Palmer. Monthly view highlights days you have been active. Each day allows for time entry, placements, RV's and studies. Set your goal to keep track of your progress. This will also keep track of your annual totals or service year totals. Your totals are held at the bottom of the monthly screen for quick reference. Version
    1.12.255 FREE

    Bible Reading for Palm
    Created by: Brian Palmer
    Schedule for reading the Bible in a year for the Palm OS. Requires Appforge Booster. Allows transferring schedule to the Tasks list for each week
    JW Software Question How does one add these diff software apps? 20/11/2007
    Programs Good evening... I am hoping to download a couple of programs for use on my Palm... Service Overseer Re-visits (in French?) CBSO and Service Record (available in French? if not, english is fine) Thanks for making these available.28/11/2007
    daily text soft copy hello all i want sopy copy of Daily Text for PC or Iphone. please send me if anyone have. regards Jm26/12/2007
    TMS Aux 07/01/2008
    My Talks 07/01/2008
    House Records House Records 07/01/2008
    Speaker (updated 7/24/05) Speaker (updated 7/24/05) 07/01/2008
    my talks 14/01/2008
    Sticky & Stickler 19/02/2008
    Not Home
  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Alpha Omega,

    It seems like my worst nightmare right before my eyes.

  • AlphaOmega

    Alpha Omega,

    It seems like my worst nightmare right before my eyes.

    Yes... it's the JW Wired Generation

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    Luvkidz....and Hittadivorcee are pretty popluar with the elders.........................oompa

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    slightly off topic but since the homebrew software was brought up. is that company still around that marketed personalized brief cases, bible holders, etc specifically for JWs. it was mail order back in the day, over 10 years ago, i'd imagine they have a website now if they are still around.

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    For some proggies there ( you need a databasproggy named: DocsPDite 1.9K Windows XP


    Does someone have registrationinfo to let this work fully (or a crack) ??

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