District assembly from 1954-2000

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  • rekless

    Where can I get the names of those assemblies?

    I do not have a WT CD.

    I need them for a time line for my book.



  • AlphaOmega


    I had a rumage through my files, here are the ones that I have listed.

    NOTE: I can't confirm these details. They are just from some text files that I have.

    1950 Theocracy's Increase
    1951 Clean Worship
    1953 New World Society
    1955 Triumphant Kingdom
    1957 Life-Giving Wisdom
    1958 Divine Will International
    1959 Awake Ministers
    1960 Peace-Pursuing
    1961 United Worshipers
    1962 Courageous Ministers
    1963 Everlasting Good News
    1964 Fruitage of the Spirit
    1965 Word of Truth
    1966 God's Sons of Liberty
    1967 Disciple-Making
    1968 Good News for All Nations
    1969 Peace on Earth
    1970 Men of Goodwill
    1971 Divine Name
    1972 Divine Rulership
    1973 Divine Victory
    1974 Divine Purpose
    1975 Divine Sovereignty
    1976 Sacred Service
    1977 Joyful Workers
    1978 Victorious Faith
    1979 Living Hope
    1980 Divine Love
    1981 Kingdom Loyalty
    1982 Kingdom Truth
    1983 Kingdom Unity
    1985 Integrity Keepers
    1986 Divine Peace
    1987 Trust in Jehovah
    1988 Divine Justice
    1989 Godly Devotion
    1990 Pure Language
    1991 Lovers of Freedom
    1992 Light Bearers
    1993 Divine Teaching
    1994 Godly Fear
    1995 Joyful Praisers
    1996 Messengers of Godly Peace
    1997 Faith in God's Word
    1998 God's Way of Life
    1999 God's Prophetic Word

  • rekless

    Dang you are fast, THanks that should help.

    I'm planning on using the Assembly names for the chapters.


  • BluesBrother

    Courtesy of the cd rom.

    1954, District Assemblies:

    Korea, Republic of (South) (Seoul): yb88 172-3

    1955, “Triumphant Kingdom” Assemblies:

    1956, District Assemblies:

    Korea, Republic of (South) (Seoul): yb88 174-5

    1957, “Life-Giving Wisdom” District Assemblies:

    1958, Divine Will International Assembly:

    Divine Will District Assemblies:

    1959, “Awake Ministers” District Assemblies:

    1960, Peace-Pursuing District Assemblies:

    1961, United Worshipers Assemblies:

    1962, Courageous Ministers District Assemblies:

    1963, “Everlasting Good News” Assemblies:

    1964, “Fruitage of the Spirit” Assemblies:

    1965, “Word of Truth” Assemblies:

    1966, “God’s Sons of Liberty” District Assemblies:

    1967, “Disciple-Making” District Assemblies:

    1968, “Good News for All Nations” District Assemblies:

    1969, “Peace on Earth” International Assemblies:

    1970, “Men of Goodwill” District Assemblies:

    1971, “Divine Name” District Assemblies:

    1972, “Divine Rulership” District Assemblies:

    1973, “Divine Victory” International Assemblies:

    1974, “Divine Purpose” District Assemblies:

    1975, “Divine Sovereignty” District Assemblies:

    1976, “Sacred Service” District Assemblies:

    1977, “Joyful Workers” District Assemblies:

    1978, “Victorious Faith” International Conventions:

    1979, “Living Hope” District Conventions:

    1980, “Divine Love” District Conventions:

    1981, “Kingdom Loyalty” District Conventions:

    1982, “Kingdom Truth” District Conventions:

    1983, “Kingdom Unity” District Conventions:

    1984, “Kingdom Increase” District Conventions:

    1985, “Integrity Keepers” District Conventions:

    1986, “Divine Peace” District Conventions:

    1987, “Trust in Jehovah” District Conventions:

    1988, “Divine Justice” District Conventions:

    1989, “Godly Devotion” District Conventions:

    1990, “Pure Language” District Conventions:

    1991, “Lovers of Freedom” District Conventions:

    1992, “Light Bearers” District Conventions:

    1993, “Divine Teaching” District Conventions:

    1994, “Godly Fear” District Conventions:

    1995, “Joyful Praisers” District Conventions:

    1996, “Messengers of Godly Peace” District Conventions:

    1997, “Faith in God’s Word” District Conventions:

    1998, “God’s Way of Life” District Conventions:

    1999, “God’s Prophetic Word” District Conventions:

    2000, “Doers of God’s Word” District Conventions:

    2001, “Teachers of God’s Word” District Conventions:

    2002, “Zealous Kingdom Proclaimers” District Conventions:

    2003, “Give God Glory” District Conventions:

    2004, “Walk With God” District Conventions:

    2005, “Godly Obedience” District Conventions:

    2006, “Deliverance at Hand!” District Conventions:

    2007, “Follow the Christ!” District Conventions

  • WTWizard

    Sure sounds like buzzwords. All these themes are is mini-versions of some buzzword that they use to make people think they are doing the right thing or to remind them to proclaim the Kingdumb (=go out more in field circus) or to proclaim the growth of the Tower (negative growth in all countries where Internet is widespread).

    As for me, I will not volitionally contribute to any of these things coming true. I refuse to walk into a Kingdumb Hell or out in service--they will have to drag me in or tie me to a board and carry me in. And they had better keep constant watch on me while I am out in field circus: I will take a pen and write some apostate Web sites on the magazine or tract. Hopefully that will create a blown call, and contribute to stagnation and shrink in Jehovah's house.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Cor, they're mostly the same words in random orders, lol.

    When released on DVD, will years 1981 - 1985 be available as the box set 'The Kingdom Quadrilogy'?

  • AlphaOmega

    Cor, they're mostly the same words in random orders, lol.

    When released on DVD, will years 1981 - 1985 be available as the box set 'The Kingdom Quadrilogy'?


  • DocBob

    You can see the programs of the conventions from 1969-2003 at http://www.geocities.com/jrista/

  • DocBob

    Also there is a listing of conventions on Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jehovah's_Witnesses_conventions

  • veen

    Lol at the contradiction in terms

    / "Lovers of Freedom" District Convention

    / 11:30 Enter Into Freedom by Dedication and Baptism

  • rekless

    DOC BOB and everybody else thanks for your time.


  • veen

    4:10 DRAMA: Youths Who Remember Their Creator Now

    I was supposed to be in this. Not in biblical style clothing either, dressed like an American no less. My sister and I refused to do it so they got a pair of stooges in. There was something inside me which was uncomfortable with the whole concept, I mean would it have killed them to get some British voices recorded, just so that it wasn't so freakishly weird.

  • veen

    4:50 DRAMA: Loyal Submission to Jehovah and His Organization......Arghhhh!!!

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