Are There any quotes were WT openly condemns Catholic Church

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  • aniron

    I have been speaking to a JW who denies that the WT ever condemned the Catholic church.

    Anyone know of any WT quotes that do so.

    Have come across a few that just say that the Catholic chutch did this ot that. But nothing that openly condemns them.

  • jgnat

    Well, if she's Babylon the Great, that about cuts it, doesn't it?

  • Honesty

    The following is from the Proclaimer's Book:


    jv chap. 29 pp. 658-659 "Objects of Hatred by All the Nations" ***

    Before Jehovah’s Witnesses met in Madison Square Garden in New York in 1939, threats were made by followers of the Catholic priest Charles Coughlin that the assembly would be broken up. The police were notified. On June 25, Brother Rutherford spoke to the 18,000 or more in that auditorium, as well as to a large international radio audience, on the subject "Government and Peace." After the discourse had begun, 200 or more Roman Catholics and Nazis, led by several Catholic priests, crowded into the balcony. At a given signal, they set up a terrific howl, shouting "HeilHitler!" and "VivaFranco!" They used all manner of vile language and threats and assaulted many of the ushers who took action to quell the disturbance. The mobsters did not succeed in breaking up the meeting. Brother Rutherford continued to speak forcefully and fearlessly. At the height of the tumult, he declared: "Note today the Nazis and Catholics that would like to break up this meeting, but by God’s grace cannot do it." The audience gave support with round after round of vigorous applause. The disturbance became a permanent part of the sound recording made on that occasion, and it has been heard by people in many parts of the world.


    w90 1/1 p. 26 par. 18 ‘Happy Are Those Who Have Endured’***

    The Catholic Church in Italy even uses apostates to spread lies about Jehovah’s people, but this does not work either because the 172,382 publishers are well-known and respected.

  • Clam

    Here's one I always found quite strong as it both accuses and categorizes the RCs with fascists and Nazis...


    Jehovah's witnesses could not be killed of by Nazism, Fascism and Catholic Action or by World War II. The more they kept growing in numbers and spreading the Kingdom message and establishing new congregations, the more the "scorched" men kept blaspheming the "name of God." To this day it is true that "they did not repent so as to give glory to him." (Revelation 16:9) Unquestionably they feel the effects of the pouring out of the fourth plague."

    Babylon the Great Has Fallen - God's Kingdom Rules

  • dedpoet

    There are quite a few quotes here

    That are somewhat unclompimentary towards the Catholic Church, including this one:

    The vast business holdings of the Vatican and of other religious organizations bind them inseparably with the business world. How unlike the true Christians concerning whom Jesus Christ said: "They are no part of the world"!—John 17:16.

    The religious organization that truly is serving God, in harmony with the example set by Jesus Christ, concentrates on preaching and teaching the liberating truths of his Word and does not become involved in commercial businesses. Following the Bible's instructions, it does not involve itself in "the commercial businesses of life."—2 Tim. 2:4.

  • Honesty
    The religious organization that truly is serving God, in harmony with the example set by Jesus Christ, concentrates on preaching and teaching the liberating truths of his Word and does not become involved in commercial businesses. Following the Bible's instructions, it does not involve itself in "the commercial businesses of life."—2 Tim. 2:4.


  • blondie

    *** w50 3/1 p. 78 A Visit to Central America ***Opposition to the work comes mainly from the Catholic Church. It has for years been their policy in Mexico to keep the people ignorant, whereas Jehovah’s witnesses for some time now have been helping the illiterate to read and write.

    *** w50 3/1 p. 78 A Visit to Central America ***. There was nothing "holy" about the years the Catholic Church ruled that land. In one of the sixteenth-century convents, still in a fair state of preservation, we find beautiful gardens covering subterranean dungeons where religious prisoners were chained in pitch darkness. In their fiendishness the priests devised a method of driving prisoners insane by dropping water on their heads. Still preserved is the lime pit where bodies of the victims were destroyed. Places like this speak for themselves as to the "holy years" of Catholic rule.

    *** w50 3/15 p. 92 El Salvador and the Honduran Countries ***. During the course of the work the publishers saw two funeral processions en route from church to cemetery which well demonstrated the attitude of the Catholic Church toward the people here. The first was the funeral of a poor man, whose body was being carried in a plain box by relatives. Those who followed wore tattered clothes and some had no shoes. It was indeed a pitiful sight to behold. But the second funeral was for a wealthy man. Well-dressed pallbearers carried an ornate casket. They were preceded by two priests in flowing robes. A long line of black-clad mourners followed, and many automobiles and flowers were in evidence. Brother Morgan inquired of a shopkeeper as to why the priests did not also lead the first funeral procession. The answer shows where the love of the clergy is, for the poor people did not have sufficient money to pay the priests to lead their funeral. How wonderful that God loves the poor and gives the water of truth to them freely! Certainly these people need the Kingdom and its blessings to release them from their poverty and captivity

    *** w50 6/15 p. 186 A Victory Dedicated to Jehovah’s Honor ***Surely the Roman Catholic Church that grew out of that apostasy has been snared, boasting of its size and wealth and power, and worshiping itself and its traditions and doctrines and clerical leaders instead of Jehovah God.

    *** w50 12/1 p. 468 Does Papal Encyclical Resist Compromise? ***Actually, it is not so much compromise that the pope opposes. Catholic Church history reeks with many kinds of compromises. What the pope fears are the compromises of priests made independent of the Church. He fears their drift from papal control, and that is why his encyclical repeatedly hammers home the assertion that the Church is the "teaching authority". But is the Catholic Church the "teaching authority", the "faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season"? (Matt. 24:45) No organization that provides pagan doctrines as spiritual "meat in due season" could be, for 1 Corinthians 10:21 states: "Ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils."

  • glenster

    At 1 Cor.10:32-11:1, Christians are to emulate Jesus, to think of the other
    one before yourself, to assimilate in a friendly way among Jews and Gentiles and
    spread the word without giving offense. And then there have been JWs leaders:

    1891 "THE 'Time of the End,' a period of one hundred and fifteen (115) years,
    from A.D. 1799 to A.D. 1914, is particularly marked in the Scriptures....
    "But 1799 was only the beginning of the period known as 'the Time of the End,'
    within the limits of which every vestige of that system shall pass away.... We
    have thus shown that 1799 began the period called the Time of the End; that in
    this time Papacy is to be consumed piece-meal." (C.T.Russell: Studies in the
    Scriptures III--"Thy Kingdom Come," 1891, 1895, 1898, 1901-20, 1923-7; pp.23,24,

    1937 "Today the so-called 'Protestants' and the Yiddish clergy openly co-
    operate with and play into the hands of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy like fool-
    ish simpletons and thereby aid the Hierarchy to carry on her commercial, reli-
    gious traffic and increase her revenue. Commercial religion is the stock in
    trade of all such merchants. The Hierarchy takes the lead, and the simpletons
    follow. The Hierarchy is now taking the lead in compulsory flag-saluting, and
    in building images or monuments, such as what is now widely advertised to be
    built at Washington, D. C.; and the clergy of the so-called 'Protestant' and
    Yiddish organizations fall in line and do what they are told, and when the
    'sackbut' sounds they fall down and worship. (Daniel 3:5) Poor simpletons!

    Regarding the Roman Catholic church: "Amongst her instruments that she
    uses are ultraselfish men called ‘Jews’, who look only for personal gain, and
    who therefore readily yield to and join with the Hierarchy in any unrighteous
    schemes." ("Enemies," Rutherford, 1937, pp.222,223,281,316,317,323)

    1940 "The Devil practices all manner of fraud and deception. He organized
    the chief religious system on earth, now under the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, and
    falsely designates that as 'the Christian religion'. Even the so-called 'Pro-
    testant' systems of religion claim to be opposed to Romanism, but, in fact, they
    all work together. The Devil then organizes and brings into action Communism,
    which openly fights the so-called 'Christian religion' and also true Christian-
    ity. He uses atheists likewise to fight against those who serve God, and thus
    the Devil uses all these means and organizations to fight against God and
    against God's faithful servants on the earth, and to deceive men." ("Religion,"
    1940, pp.23,24)

    1946 A year after WW II, the late Rutherford's book "Let God Be True," used
    for the next eight years to make converts, blamed the Jews for much of the Jews
    own suffering:

    "Much of their suffering has been brought upon themselves by their com-
    mercial, rebellious course of action." ("Let God Be True," J.A. Rutherford,
    1946 edition, p.209--omitted in the revised 1952 edition)

    I guess sympathy for persecution can be a transient thing.

    1951 Satanic Christian charity
    (proving you can't scrape the bottom of the barrel enough for ways to seem
    "144,000" exclusive):

    1975 "To this day the natural circumcised Jews are suffering the sad conse-
    quences from the works of darkness that were done within their nation nineteen
    hundred years ago. This illustrates what can happen to a whole nation that
    comes under the influence of that unseen superhuman intelligence, Satan the Dev-
    il." ("The Watchtower," Nov.1, 1975, p.654)

    There were Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus who didn't dislike the JWs leaders, but they
    hadn't gotten to know them yet.

  • rebel8

    Right at this moment on the wt official web site there is an article that includes Catholicism, "Christendom Has Betrayed
    God and the Bible":

    Incense burning in "Christendom" condemned:

    "Holy Crusaders" identified as false religion:

    "Building on Pagan Foundations":

    Go to the main site and search using keywords pope, catholic, babylon, false religion, etc.

  • ithinkisee
    Interpreting the bible accurately

    JWs condemn the Catholic Church as arrogant for saying only the Catholic Church can accurately interpret the bible. (The Watchtower, 7/1/1943, p. 201.)

    But ... JWs brag that the Watchtower Society is the only one that can accurately interpret the Bible. (The Watchtower, Feb. 15, 1981; The Watchtower, Oct. 1, 1967. p. 587)

    JWs condemned the Catholic Church for decades for not owning up to their pedophile problems. (Any "Watching The World" in the 80's & 90's)

    But ... the JWs have never apologized for their pedophile problems. (The Catholics DID apologize!)

    JWs condemn the Catholic Church for not allowing their followers to read or study with JWs. (Year Book 1988 p.100 Ireland)

    But ... JWs are instructed to promptly throw away any literature from other "apostate" religions. (Watchtower 1986 March 15 pp.15-20 Allow No Place for the Devil!)

    JWs condemn the Catholic Church's "new light" doctrine, saying it makes the Catholic Church unreliable. (g70 4/22 p. 8 Changes That Disturb People)

    But ... JWs excuse for all their false prophecies and flip-flops is "new light".


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