Prince Still a Jehovahs Witness ??

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  • mah319

    Hi everyone, I have only posted here a few times. I come here once in a while to see whats going on. Anyways, i was was wondering if Prince was still a Jehovahs Witness. I ask because he recently was inducted into the British rock n roll hall of fame. In his acceptance speech he thanked God whereas in previous acceptance speeches he thanked Jehovah. I guess my real question to you guys is, would a active member of Jehovahs Witnesses ever use God instead of Jehovah ? In my personal experience with Witnesses they have never said God. Are there any unsaid, said rules that apply to this? I guess Prince would be the only one who could answer if he is still active.

    Anways thanks from a obvious Prince geek. PEACE!

  • penny2

    I haven't heard anything to the contrary so presume Prince is still a JW. Hard to believe, isn't it!


  • thebiggestlie

    Jw's occassionaly just say god. They Say jehovah so much almost like they got something to prove. Many say "jehovah god" a phrase that i hsve always felt was horribly redundant. Its like calling my father whose name is larry by the title "larry dad".... but as far as prince being a dub? i got no clue. My circuit overseer supposedly played guitar with him and george benson a while ago though.... i'm sorry i'm not much help now am i? Shalom

  • jwfacts

    Princes afterparty following the Golden Globe has me wondering too, particularly since Lindsay Lohen was admitted to a drug clinic straight afterwards. He had no obligation to throw a party and if he is a JW I doubt he would have felt it worth taking the risk.

    Plus, with Princes sexual appetite I doubt he is finding the going easy since being abandoned by his wife.

  • J-ex-W
    He had no obligation to throw a party and if he is a JW I doubt he would have felt it worth taking the risk.

    For Prince this party would not be just a social event. It is a business-promoting marketing event (strategy). [music/ entertainment industry!] Ninety percent or more of the people invited would be potential future business partners or people who could refer him to other people. Establishing a presence for himself where fame and connections can rub off. I have a friend who's a pharmaceutical sales rep for Pfizer, and he and some other friends of his [with a marketing degree] all agree that 'wining and dining them' is the way to drum up more (as in bigger number) business connections. He moved out to Vegas with Pfizer and within a few months was number 2 sales guy in his area. [doesn't have to be parties...just relaxed, informal elbow-rubbing]

    The elders could, I'm sure, be persuaded to accept this kind of thing as a necessary 'evil' to industry Prince is in and, therefore, excuse it.

  • aquagirl

    Yeah,especially if the contribution was um..large.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I agree with the industry brown nosing party. It works for business.

    Prince was or is a dub according to his own definition, and people just accept it. Up until the purple publisher was on the road to baptism, his music was preached against as excessive, and worldly. I was counciled for owning his music. Now with his new butt buddy, Larry Graham, they knock on doors to be seen and heard. And it's ok now to see him simulating sex with his guitar, as he sings, "Cream".

    As fas as absitnance is concerened. I doubt he is. I was a lonely soon to be divorced brother, and I found action. And it didn't take much effort. The various chat rooms were just hook ups.

    Sorry to sound bitter but I was a musician who recently took it back up. I was pressured hard to abondon it, and I lost out on my young years to perform again

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