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  • kwintestal

    Is this for real??..They can`t be serious..WBT$ is distributing a pamphlet that points out their corruption..With pictures..???..LOL!!..I hope everyone takes advantage of this...OUTLAW

  • JH

    Thanks Kwin.

    Oh yeah, they strenghten familes and have lots of love for one another.

    I was never DF'd and maybe an elder will come over once every 5 years...

  • LittleToe

    Hence my reply on the other thread, using their bold headings:

  • ButtLight

    Oh yeah, other churches have tolerated child molestation by religious leaders! Hmmm, and they dont sweep it under the rug and let the elders continue to be elders? What a crock of shite!

  • Atlantis

    Thanks Kwintestal! Appreciate the scans!

    Cheers! Atlantis-

  • frankiespeakin

    This KN is chuck full of arbitrary reasoning that would appeal to only brain dead JWs, and those that think only superfically about the subject.

    Any religion that claims to be "the true religion" and send out tracts warning others to join them before it is too late has to be laughable. I'm sure this tract is the product of a bunch of old farts on the GB who haven't a clue about what is going to motivate people to join the ranks of jws.

    To a person of just average intelligence, this tract must appear as just the ramblings of some brain dead cultist.

  • yaddayadda

    I've heard that 'political paramours' was one of Fred Franz's favourite expressions and whenever you see this phrase in one of the Society's publications then you know it was Freddy who wrote it. Spooky.

  • calico

    Does anyone know the reasons behind this tract? Why now?

  • Honesty
    Does anyone know the reasons behind this tract? Why now?

    Gotta stir up some anticipation and excietement somehow because the sheep are getting tired and weary.

  • calico
    Gotta stir up some anticipation and excietement somehow because the sheep are getting tired and weary.

    That's what I was thinking but I guess my question is does anyone know an actual reason for this tract to come out now? I suppose I am asking if anyone has any inside information.

  • SirNose586
    That's what I was thinking but I guess my question is does anyone know an actual reason for this tract to come out now? I suppose I am asking if anyone has any inside information.

    [Borgmode]There's a very good reason why this tract is coming out now! FALSE RELIGION'S END IS NEAR![/Borgmode]

  • mcsemike

    Now THIS is really pathetic. First, this is #37? So do anything in the other 36 come true?? If not, how about an apology?? Yoooohhhhh, Freddie, where are you???? I guess not. The WT NEVER says "sorry". Why? Because they're never wrong. HA..HA..HA.

    "The End of False Religion is Near". Really?? The WT is going out of business?? Oh, joy!!! False religion "meddles in politics"? Okay, explain the United Nations fiasco. No answer?? I thought so. So I guess the WT is false religion also. That leaves......NOBODY to live in the paradise earth. Just the animals and resurrected people from false religion from the past. Wait, that makes no sense. False religion TODAY dies, but false religion from yesterday gets eternal life??? What the .......?????

    "Tolerates immoral sex". So child abuse is NOT immoral sex. Which means that it IS MORAL!! So all JW's should be doing it??? I don't think so!!!!!! Another embarrassment for the WT. If Freddie had his way, "immoral sex" would be an oxymoron. But after all, we DO need to raise little JW's so that the money keeps coming in. So sex has to be "tolerated". BUT DON'T ANY OF YOU ENJOY IT!!!! YOU'LL BURN IN HELL FOR A LONG TIME!!!! At least until the resurrection of the unrighteous. Oh, no, wait. If you live near Sodom, you DON'T come back. Or do you?? What's the "new light" this week on this? Anyone know??

    Nice picture of the wild beast. Why don't I see the WT riding up there with the whore of Babylon?? They rode the beast for ten years until they got caught. Now they deny it. Sorry, WT, but with saddle marks on your butt, you can hardly deny that you rode her, now can you??

    "Identifying the true religion". Well, now, let me go throw up first. Okay, I'm back. "Shows love"? "Strengthens families"? Oh, sure. That's why my wife and daughter left me five years ago this very month and she refuses to see a marriage counselor OR EVEN TALK TO THE ELDERS TO TRY TO FIX THE MARRIAGE. After five years, I don't care about HER, I just know my child needs a father in her life and she's NOT getting one. Yeah, there's a ton of love in the WT, right.

    "Moral standards"? Okay, the WT lies to the police, lies to the media, bullies young girls into not reporting child abuse. Very nice morals, WT. You wouldn't like to take on someone your own size for a change, would you?? Care to meet with me? NO, I didn't think so. Women and children are more your speed to pick on. But don't worry. Maybe KN #75 will read "WT destroyed in USA court. All men who are elders or higher sent to prison for life." I'd pay real money to see that.

    And why is this coming out now? Who knows? In just 8 years it will be 2014. One hundred years anniversary of Armageddon. The WT needs a party, they haven't had one for awhile. I guess we wait and see.

  • llumpire15

    I just had to mention this.......

    the quote, "a highly respected religious figure, Jesus Christ" WHAT? Jesus is God's son even by their standards, why would they refer to him in this way? I know I have been out a long time, but come on......what is that about?


  • Anitar

    Hi Mike, as always you have the uncanny ability to cut through the watchtower's BS. About three dozen copies of this very magazine have been sitting arould my apartment for the last month. "Special Report?" Talk about smoke and mirrors.

    This is no different than the supermarket trash magazines like The Enquirer. They lure you in with a bogus title, a competely whitewashed and biased article that would be absolute garbage in the academic world, and top it off with a sickening rant about how perfect their "religion" is.

    I will give The Enquirer credit for one thing though, at least we know who their writers are!


  • Pachemu Nyet
    Pachemu Nyet

    When I first saw this scan, I got that 'dreaded' feeling again of going door to door with this stale, negative message.

    I'm relieved that I don't have to work up a demonstration on the tract offer for the next Service Meeting and then lead the group out Saturday morning!

  • MidwichCuckoo
    ''Even Churches.....have tolerated religious leaders who have sexually abused children''

    Are we to assume there were at least TWO witnesses to these cases?

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Well, I have been waiting for this good news for many years. I hope everything is true! .......

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Love the footnote on page 3 - ''For a detailed explanation of this subject, see the book 'Revelation - it's Grand Climax at Hand' published by Jehovah's Witnesses''

  • zeroday

    Now where have I heard this before, OH thats right:



    Because the events and conditions that Jesus Christ predicted are being realized in human history since the year 1914, and since our times resemble those of Noah’s time just prior to the Flood, evidently the end of all false religion is near.

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