Are you familiar with the United Church of God, and it's magazine?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Titled simply "The Good News"?

    I suscribed [free] to see what they teach. Although less insistent in having the 'truth', and showing much greater interest in people and reality, the thinking is so similar to the doctrines of the Watchtower it is a little scary. Wifey opened the one I got yesterday and thought it was AWAKE. It looks like it a bit, but slicker and better laid out. Lots of stuff about current affairs in Israel etc, as they think much of Bible prophecy is tied to literal Israel.

    Anyone know if this is an offshoot of former witnesses? ANyone ever read this?

    I have to be gone for a while, but will be interested in seeing anyone who knows.

    Their website is ;

    More Later.


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    They are an offshoot from the Worldwide Church of God, an organization that many consider a cult. There where many scandals in the Worldwide Church of God surrounding its leader Herbert W. Armstrong, the United Church of God is a splinter group that formed.

    Those who followed Armstrong really felt they had the 'truth'. There is a video for sale at that goes through the entire history of the group. It is very JW like.

    I find it interesting to see how many groups are able to pull the same mental tricks that JWs play. They lure you in with 'no hell', 'no trinity', and a few other teachings they feel the mainstream churches teach that are wrong and then they start to fill you up with their own nonsense. Their insistance on following the holdy days given to ancient Israel strikes me as quite strange but to be expected I guess.

  • ozziepost


    From their Australian website:

    What Are Our Origins? The UCG is a new church - founded in 1995. However the church history is much older than that. Our direct parent church was the Worldwide Church of God, founded by Herbert W. Armstrong in the 1930's. Before that, the church traces its history back for many hundreds of years. The UCG was formed when the WCG made major doctrinal changes to the core of the church's beliefs. At that time, many members and ministers worldwide resigned from the WCG to form the United Church of God.
  • fullofdoubtnow

    I just looked on their site, and they have a lot of publications with titles like the jws, like "why does god permit sufferring" etc. The literature can be ordered free as well, though I didn't order any. It sounds too much like a cult for my liking.

  • badboy



  • sspo

    It looks like some cults will never die......... Armstrong died and that should have been the end of the religion since he was connected with some of his prophecies but a splinter group emerged and continues today.

    There will be always a new generation that will be fooled with the teachings.

    So it looks like even if some shocking event happens with the watchtower and many will leave, to kill a cult it's almost impossible, a new generation will step in because the message of living on earth has always been appealing.

  • Mary

    Here's a link about them......they're an offshoot of Herbert Armstrong's original "Church of God" which has a zillion off-shoot churches. Years ago, I used to get that magazine "The Plain Truth". Some of it was interesting, but yes, many of their beliefs are very similar to the Witnesses. I read the story of Herbert Armstrong and his son Ted Armstrong who was DF'd from his father's church years ago, amidst much scandal, started his own offshoot called The Church of God International, got caught asking for sexual favours from his massage therapist, got kicked out of his own church (yet again) and died a couple of years ago I think.

  • whyizit

    Mayby I have the wrong group, but I think it was the Worldwide Church of God that decided to turn itself around. I bought the DVD, but loaned it out. I found out about it through Free Minds. Some of the guys at the top of the organization came to realize they were teaching false doctrines and decided to turn it around. Of course, I'm sure there were groups that continued with the old beliefs.

    Greg Albright wrote a book called Bad News Religion. He is a former member of the Armstrong religion. The book mentions nothing about other religions, but you can draw some very similar, if not identical, parallels to the WTS. I wonder if a JW would read it, since it doesn't mention the WTS?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I kinda suspected that connection - thanx for the info all.

    I was in shock at the similarities - though I must state that I do not see the perverse pressure to 'accept that we have the truth or die' that permeates the WTS magazines.

    Funny thing is this group does not give me the 'willys' like the witness sh*t does now. I would never take it beyond simple reading of a few magazines though - as they believe too closely what the WTS believe to suit me.


  • Mary
    though I must state that I do not see the perverse pressure to 'accept that we have the truth or die' that permeates the WTS magazines.

    Have no fear Jeff----they also believe that they, and they alone have "the Truth", they practice disfellowshipping and some of their doctrines have been just as wacky and harmful as the Witnesses. Example? At one time the WCG took that statement that Jesus made about any man who divorces his wife except on the grounds of fornication and marries another commits adultery and took it 10 steps further. Any new converts who were on their second marriages with children were forced to split up because they were living "in sin" according to the bible and they said God didn't recognize the second marriage. It made no difference if they had been together 20 days or 20 years. If they were divorced from their first spouse, that was it. There were many, many families who were forced to split up because of this totally f*cked up interpretation of the scriptures. Can you imagine the harm that did?

    This is a nice little tidbit that they don't annouce to anyone when they're in the process of converting them. Like when you join the Witnesses----you only find out all their dirty little secrets after you've joined.

    The WCG also had sites on the internet for ex-members. I've looked at them. Man, those guys sound just like us.

  • Honesty

    Read my profile, Jeff.

    I have family trapped in both snares set by Satan, the JW's and the Armstrongites.

  • gumby

    Have no fear Jeff----they also believe that they, and they alone have "the Truth", they practice disfellowshipping and some of their doctrines have been just as wacky and harmful as the Witnesses.

    Just keep looking around various faiths long enough....and you'll see dub similarities all over the place.

    Try becoming a Catholic and read the "Apostles' Creed". Their creed is just like the witnesses in that you must accept "the Holy Catholic Church and the Communion of Saints"....similar to the witnesses added Baptismal question stating an allegiance to "Gods Spirit Appointed Organisation".

    Any religious system that has men or women demanding your freedom of belief in the doctrines they have deemed as god a cult.


  • Mary

    What about your church Gumgod? What's it similar to?

    p.s. try and answer in a way that don' git you in trouble.

  • bebu
    Their creed is just like the witnesses in that you must accept "the Holy Catholic Church and the Communion of Saints"

    ...meaning, the universal church, not necessarily the Roman Catholic (universal) church.


    ex-Catholic class

  • gumby

    ...meaning, the universal church, not necessarily the Roman Catholic (universal) church.


    Either way good friend and buddy, it's a creed...or a statement of faith which members are expected to accept and include in their worship......along with Mary adoration......and I ain't talkin bout the hot little hussy Mary on this board either


  • RR

    And you though the Society's bad with splinters and offshoots? YOu haven't seen anything when it comes to Armstrongism.

    Here is a list, a "small" list of offshoots since he died and his Worldwide Church of God transformed itself into an orthodox church, leaving those members who accepted armstrongism to fend for themselves.

    7th Day Church of God
    PO Box 91228
    Chattanooga, TN. 37412
    (Michael Byrd)

    7th Day Church of God
    PO Box 70635
    Knoxville, TN. 37918-0001
    (Mark Carr)

    Active Bible Church of God
    1634 E. 53rd Street #190
    Chicago, IL. 60615
    (Mike Linacre)

    Akron Fellowship, An Inter-Dependent Church of God

    Alert Newsletter
    9 Alice Jackson Cres.
    Gilmore, A.C.T., 2905
    (Dale Heslin)

    Alpha and Omega Christian Foundation
    PO Box 123
    Berowra Heights, NSW 2082
    (Grigore Sbarcea)

    Ami Israel Torah Study(formerly a part of the East Texas Fellowship)
    P.O. Box 1633
    Hawkins, TX 75765
    (Tim Kelley/Gary Smith)

    Appalachian Church of God
    N. 7th Street Box 6
    Middlesboro, KY. 40965
    (Ken Seals)

    Archival Christianity Study Library
    (Selwyn Russell)
    (website link was not working and thus removed, no other contact info)

    (The) Assembly of the Eternal, An Independent Church of God
    5506 Westminster Ave.
    Delta, B.C. V4K 2J6

    Assembly of God, 7th Day
    4595 Rosehill Avenue
    Titusville, FL. 32780
    (Donald Flowers)

    Assembly of God in Christ Jesus
    PO Box 770537
    Lakewood, OH 44107
    (Bill Phillips)

    Associates for Scriptural Knowledge
    PO Box 25000
    Portland, OR 97298-0990
    (Earnest Martin)

    Association for Christian Development
    PO Box 4748
    Federal Way, WA. 98063
    (Ken Westby)

    Assorted Flavors -Web Links to 7th Day Assemblies/Ministries
    (Mary Lois Bierman)

    (The) Austin Fellowship
    1409 Redden Cove
    Cedar Park, TX. 78613
    (Dan Girard)

    Bakersfield Church of GodP.O. Box 356, Keene, CA. 93531-6672
    (George N. Anderson)

    Barnabas Ministries
    PO Box 3393
    Farmington Hills, MI. 48333
    (Alan Ruth)

    Believers in Christ Church of God (Redwood City)
    88 Creekside Drive
    Half Moon Bay, CA. 94019
    (Jeff Henderson)

    Belleville Church of God
    PO Box 764
    Glen Carbon, Ill 62034
    (Al Buchanan)

    (The) Berean Church of God
    PO Box 210283
    Dallas, TX 75211 (Clarence Lucas)

    Bethel Church of God
    PO Box 25345
    Eugene, OR. 97402
    (Bryce Clark)

    Bible Education Services
    10595 N. Lena Palestine Rd.
    Conover, OH. 45317-9758
    (Don Hudgel)

    Bible Insight
    17 Hervey St, Hervey Bay, Queensland 4655
    (Colin Heath)


    (The) Bible Sabbath Association
    (The Sabbath Sentinel Magazine)
    3316 Alberta Drive
    Gillette, WY. 82718

    Bible Study Association
    28877 Summerville
    Eugene, OR 97405
    (Davis Northnagel)

    Biblical Church of God - Danville
    PO Box 483
    Catlin, IL. 61817
    (Richard Meese)

    British-Israel Church of God
    PO Box 172
    21 Main Street North
    Markham, Ontario, L3P 3J7
    (Peter Salemi)

    Building Bridges (Phoenix, Arizona) (website link was not working and thus removed, no other contact info)

    Byron's World Home Page
    (Byron K. Sanders)
    (website link was not working and thus removed, no other contact info)

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    Calendar Information Forum

    Canadian Church of God
    PO Box 476
    Don Mills Station
    Toronto, Ontario M3C 2T4
    (Veronica Martin/Sydney Merchant)
    (website link was not working and thus removed)

    Celina Independent Bible Study
    9056 Hiway 289 North
    Celina, TX. 75009
    (Marvin/Renetta Wilson)

    Central Highlands Christian Publications
    289 Stag Rd.
    Kingston, Vic. 3364
    (Bruce Armstrong)

    Central Texas Church of God
    PO Box 3822
    Temple, Texas 76505
    (Ben Mauldin)

    Century One Foundation
    (Michael D. McKinney)

    Christ Fellowship Ministries
    PO Box 370
    Watertown, CT 06795
    (F. Paul Haney)

    Christian Biblical Church of God
    PO Box 1442
    Hollister, CA 95024-1442
    (Fred Coulter)

    Christian Church of God
    PO Box 7254
    Amarillo, TX 79114
    (Jeff Booth)

    (The) Christian Church of God
    PO Box 3827
    Lantana, FL. 33465
    (Neville Gilbert)
    (website link was not working and thus removed)

    Christian Church of God
    100 Shore Ct., Bldg. "A" 204
    No. Palm Beach, FL. 33408
    (Tom Mauk)

    Christian Churches of God
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    Christian Educational Ministries
    PO Box 560
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    Christian Family Church of God
    PO Box 37008
    Barton Postal Outlet
    Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 5R5
    (Scott Cox)

    Christian Fellowship Church of God
    PO Box 2461
    Palm Harbor, FL. 34682-2461
    (Bill Evans)

    Christian Fellowship Ministries
    P.O. Box 370
    Watertown, CT. 06795
    (Paul Haney)

    Christian Leadership Academy
    PO Box 20096
    Hot Springs, AR. 71903
    (Alfred Harrell)

    Christian Renewal Ministries International
    PO Box 111
    Auburn, WA 98071-0111

    The Christian Sabbath Bible Study
    P.O. Box 203
    Scurry, TX. 75158
    (Gene Smith)

    Christian Sabbath Keepers
    (David Hill)

    Church Counsel Inc.
    130 West Main Street
    P.O. Box 1
    Little Chute, WI 54140

    Church of God
    125 Fifth St.
    Edison, NJ. 08837

    Church of God
    PO Box 53
    Farnborough Hants, GU14 OYZ
    United Kingdom
    (Alen Cain)

    (The) Church of God
    PO Box 2137
    Front Royal, Viginia 22630
    (Daniel Dawson)

    Church of God, 7th Day
    79 Water St.
    Salem, WV 26426

    Church of God (7th Day) (General Council of the Churches of God (7th Day))
    1827 West Third Street
    Meridian, ID 83642-1653

    (The) Church of God (la Iglesia de Dios)
    PO Box 406
    Hustisford, WI 53098
    (Don Roth/Gary Liebold)

    Church of God, Atlanta Bible Fellowship
    PO Box 476
    Jonesboro, GA 30237
    (Timothy A. Parker)

    Church of God, Arizona
    PO Box 2117
    Sun City, Arizona 85372-2117

    Church of God, Berean Fellowship
    PO Box 215
    Dousman, WI. 53118

    Church of God – Bible Study
    P.O. Box 1700
    Valparaiso, Indiana 46384

    Church of God Big Sandy
    PO Box 690
    Big Sandy, Texas 75755
    (Dave Havir/C. Wayne Cole)

    The Church of God, The Body of Jesus Christ

    (The) Church of God, Central Arkansas
    PO Box 45293
    Little Rock, AR 72214

    Church of God Christ the Head
    41 Rose Boulevard
    Uniontown, PA. 15401
    (Frank Hassinger)

    Church of God, a Christian Fellowship
    dissolved late Summer 2001

    The Church of God (Christianos)
    Postal Box 23078
    Belleville, Ontario,
    Canada K8P 5J3

    Church of God / Churchlight Publishing Association
    PO Box 9901
    Colorado Springs, CO 80932
    (Jack Hines)

    Church of God, Sabbath Day
    PO Box 1308
    Clinton, NC. 28239

    hurch Of God, Colorado
    PO Box 746449
    Arvada CO, 80006
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    Church of God Dallas/Ft. Worth
    7415 Hillstar Circle
    Dallas, TX. 75217
    (Tom Whitson)

    Church of God Denton Congregation
    PO Box 1893
    Denton, TX 76202

    Church of God, Downers Grove
    PO Box 672
    Downers Grove, IL. 60515
    (Ken Svehla)

    (The) Church of God at Endeavour Hills
    PO Box 179
    Endeavour Hills, Victoria 3802

    Church of God (Established in Modesto)
    PO Box 3332
    Modesto, CA 95353
    (Steve LeBlanc)

    Church of God, The Eternal
    PO Box 775
    Eugene, OR 97440-0775
    (Raymond Cole)

    Church of God Evangelistic Association
    908 Sycamore St.
    Waxahachie, TX 75165
    (David L. Smith)

    Church of God - Everett
    7024 19th Drive, NE
    Marysville, WA. 98271
    (Dan Stevens)

    Church of God Faithful Flock
    P.O. Box 8819
    Modesto, CA. 95357
    (Alton Billingsley)

    Church of God Fellowship
    5503 N. Wall St. Suite B
    Spokane, WA 99205
    (Harold Smith)

    Church of God Fellowship
    4345 Courtland Drive
    Nashville, TN. 37204
    (Doug Kincaid)

    Church of God, Fellowship
    PO Box 21
    Antioch, TN 37011
    (Paul Bell)

    Church of God the First Fruits (or Christ the Head)
    41 Rose Blvd.
    Uniontown, PA 15401
    (Frank Hassinger)

    Church of God Flint Fellowship
    4217 Keene Dr.
    Grand Blanc, MI. 48439
    (Jerry Hubbard)

    Church of God His Beloved
    P.O. Box 15115
    Salem, OR. 97309
    (Michael Regan)

    Church of God Home School AssociationP.O. Box 3318 Summerville, SC 29484

    Church of God Huntington Beach
    P.O. Box 1256
    Pinedale AZ 85934
    (Paul Corathers)

    Church of God Independent
    Greensburg, PA.

    (The) Church of God, International
    PO Box 2525
    Tyler, TX 75710
    (Charley Groce/Bronson James)

    Church of God, An International Community
    PO Box 91150
    Pasadena, CA. 91109-1150
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    UK site:

    (The) Church of God - Internationally Affiliated Associates
    PO Box 3077, MCPO
    1207 Makati City, Philippines

    Church of God of Jessamine
    PO Box 1216
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    (website link was not working and thus removed)

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    (website link was not working and thus removed, no other contact info)

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    (website link was not working and thus removed)

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    260 Clinton Ave.
    Kingston, NY 12401
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    Church of God Lafayette, LA.
    PO Box 80324
    Lafayette, LA. 70598
    (Timothy Youngblood)

    Church of the Living God
    5284 North River Road
    Gold Hill, OR. 97525
    (Pat Brady)

    Church of God, Messengers
    PO Box 1111
    Lexington, TN 38351
    (Gordon Neisler)

    Church of God in Miami
    PO Box 831566
    Miami, FL 33283-1566
    (Tony Fontao)

    Church of God in Michiana
    PO Box 1522
    Mishawaka, IN 46546
    (Mike Bratcher)

    Church of God – New Jersey
    PO Box 424
    Iselin, NJ. 08830
    (Don Esposito)

    Church of God – New Mexico
    PO Box 35365
    Albuquerque, NM. 87176
    (John Shavers)

    Church of God at Northeast Ohio
    (Bill Ambrose)

    (The) Church of God (Oklahoma)
    900 W. Alabama
    Anadarko, OK. 73005
    (John Trescott)

    Church of God the Ozarks
    PO Box 41330 GSS
    Springfield, MO. 65808

    Church of God, Philadelphia Era
    PO Box 371
    Pasadena, CA 91102
    (David Fraser)

    (The) Church of God – PKG
    P.O. Box 713
    Toledo, Ohio 43697
    (Ron Weinland)

    Church of God Proclaimed
    PO Box 1343
    Pagosa Springs, CO 81147

    Church of God - Providence
    8 Holmes Street
    N. Providence, RI. 02908
    (Joyce Malone)

    (The) Church of God Restored
    PO Box 1682
    Simi Valley, CA. 93062

    Church of God Sabbatarian
    PO Box 37349
    Oak Park, MI. 48237
    (Lyonel Bradley)

    Church of God Mobile, Sabbath Day
    PO Box 850002
    Mobile, AL 36685-0002
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    Church of God Sabbath Day
    PO Box 85
    Elkhorn, IA. 51531
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    Church of God, Sabbath Day
    12059 Route 114
    Penobsquis, New Brunswick E4G 2Y2
    (Harry Herbert)

    (The) Church of God Sabbath Day
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    Hope, AR. 71802

    Church of God San Antonio
    PO Box 681714
    San Antonio, TX. 78268
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    Church of God (Seventh Day)
    (General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh Day))
    PO Box 33677
    Denver, CO 80233-0677
    (Whaid Rose)

    Church of God, Sonoma, CA
    4343 Wallace Rd.
    Santa Rosa, CA 95404
    (Paul Royer)

    (The) Church of God in South Africa
    PO Box 3421
    Cape Town 8000
    Republic of South Africa
    (Stanley Daniels)

    (The) Church of God Southern Africa
    PO Box 786500
    Sandton 2146
    South Africa
    (Gordon Terblanche)

    Church of God, Southern California
    PO Box 50773
    Pasadena, CA. 91115-0773
    (Dave Antion)

    Church of God - Southern W. Virginia
    PO Box 4472
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    (George Hampton)

    Church of God Talents Ministries
    PO Box 1405
    Morro Bay, CA 93443-1405
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    Church of God, In Truth
    PO Box 2109
    Corona, CA 91718-2109
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    Church of God United
    12023 S. 70th Ave.
    Palos Heights, IL. 60463
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    Church of God West Houston
    1519 Miller Avenue
    Katy, TX. 77493
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    Church of God in the Wilderness
    PO Box 743
    Cibolo, TX 78108
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    Church of God in Williamston, Melbourne
    Williamstown, Melbourne

    Church of God’s Patience (or New Jerusalem) Franklin, Indiana (Glen Alspaugh)

    Churches of God, a Cooperative Fellowship
    327 Summit St.
    Hartford, WI. 53027
    (Don Wales)

    Churches of God Cyber Auxiliary
    PO Box 10044
    Spokane, WA 99209-0044
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    (The) Churches of God Outreach Ministries
    Rt. 2, Box 114
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    (Ian Hufton)

    Churches of God, UK
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    Church of the Great God
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    5284 North River Road
    Rogue River (Gold Hill), OR. 97525
    (Patrick Brady)

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    Anthem, Arizona 85086

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    San Jose, CA. 95161
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    Panama City, Florida 32401
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    P O Box 261
    Downers Grove, Illinois 60515
    (Glenn Williams)

    Cornerstone Publications
    3802 Olive Street
    Texarkana, TX 75503
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    Dallas Congregation of the Almighty
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    Dove's Farm
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    East Texas Church of God
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    (website link was not working and thus removed)

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    AFSS Corporation
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    Indianapolis, IN 46222
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    Birmingham, AL 35259
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    3333 Gorin Drive
    Everett, WA. 98208
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    Ezekiel Watchman Fellowship of God
    Aptdo Correos 75
    03530 La Nucia/Prov. Alicante
    Spain (SPANJE)
    (Jurjen Kuipers Postema)

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    1201 Farmstead
    Fairview, TX. 75069
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    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    R3C 4A6, CANADA
    Telephone (204) 231-1926
    (Alex Kennedy)

    Family Church of God
    15421 East 200 South
    Columbus, IN. 47203
    (Bill Young)

    Fellowship Church of God
    PO Box 1381
    Hewitt, TX. 76643
    (Ron McKown)

    (The) Fellowship Church of God
    10316 NE 17th St.
    Oklahoma City, OK. 73141
    (Les Pope)

    Final Prophecy for the Church of God
    5145 Salem Ave., Box 111
    Dayton, OH. 45426-2041
    (Kenneth Dale Plummer)

    First Century Church of God
    P.O. Box 338
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    Freedom Biblical Information Center
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    (website link was not working and thus removed)

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    PO Box 6116
    Longmont, CO. 80501
    (Leo Bredehoft)

    Gig Harbor Sabbath Fellowship
    11003 - 68th Ave. NW
    Gig Harbor, WA. 98332
    (Dan Joe/Wayne James)

    Giving & Sharing
    PO Box 100
    Neck City, MO 64849
    (Richard Nickels)

    God's Church Worldwide
    PO Box 1123
    Clarcona, FL. 32710-1123
    (Rob Elliott)

    God's Family Fellowship
    112 Buttercup Lane
    Mena, AR. 71953
    (Pete LaFrance, Jr.)

    God's Sacred Word
    (Edward Porter)

    God’s Temple Congregation
    Box 333
    Keller, TX. 76244
    (Ron King)

    Greater Phoenix Church of God
    (website link was not working and thus removed, no other contact info)

    Green Pastures Gazette
    PO Box 6993
    Fort Worth, TX. 76115
    (Phil Keener)

    Guard the Truth
    1312 N. 358 Ave.
    Tonopah, AZ 85354

    Guardian Ministries
    PO Box 50734
    Pasadena, CA. 91115-0734
    (David Antion)

    Heartland Fellowship
    PO Box 1334
    West Chester, OH. 45071
    (Len Neubert)

    Hebrew to Christian Contact
    1103 Sand Creek Drive
    Melbourne, FL. 32934
    (Nicholas Tibbetts)

    Hebrew Roots
    PO Box 400
    Lakewood, WI. 54138
    (Dean Wheelock)

    Herbert W. Armstrong Online (National Eagle)
    1115 S. Casino Center #132
    Las Vegas, NV 89104
    (Lee Clark)

    Herbert W. Armstong Memorial
    (Craig Marley)
    (website link was not working and thus removed, no other contact info)

    History Research Projects/Origin of Nations
    GPO Box 864
    Sydney, NSW 2001
    (Craig White)

    Hope of Israel Ministries (Church of God)
    PO Box 6772
    Thousand Oaks, CA. 91359-6772
    (John D. Keyser)

    House of Aaron - Renewed Levitical Priesthood
    (The Association for Biblical Christianity)
    2442 NW Market St - PMB40
    Seattle, WA 98107-4177
    (Dallas James)

    (The) House of God, Daytona Beach
    138 Madison Ave
    Daytona Beach, FL. 32114
    (Manuel Rojas)

    House of Yahweh
    PO Box 2498
    Abilene, TX. 79604
    (Yisrayl Hawkins)

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    In the City of Our God
    Ceased operations in 1999-2000

    (The) Independent Church of God of Atlanta
    Atlanta, GA
    (Marshall Bryan –

    Independent Church of God Sabbath Fellowship Group
    PO Box 22
    Portsmouth, Ohio 45662-0022
    (Bill Bratt)

    Independent Church of God Winnipeg
    488 Banting Drive
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3K 1C7
    (George Buchkowski)

    Interactive Sabbath Fellowship
    PO Box 147
    Sedro Woolley, WA. 98284
    (Dale Carmean)

    Interdependent-Interactive, Church of God, Sabbath Services, Bible Studies and Open FellowshipDarwin & Laura Lee
    PO Box 2333, Bismarck, ND 58502

    (The) Inter-Dependent Church of God Sabbath Day
    18482 Quicktown Rd.
    Laurel Hill, NC. 28351
    (Charles/Jenny Miller)

    International Bible Learning Center
    1340 N. Dousman Rd.
    Oconomowoc, WI. 50366
    (Lindy Hardy White)

    Intercontinental Church of God/Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association
    PO Box 747
    Flint, TX. 75762
    (Garner Ted Armstrong)

    (The) Internet Church of God
    1899 Innisbrook Lane
    Sarasota, FL 34234
    (Dennis Florio)

    Israel of God
    (Richard and Bonnie Fix)

    Jackson Church of God
    PO Box 340
    Pickens, MS. 39146
    (Jack Gill)

    (The) Journal: News of the Churches of God
    PO Box 1020
    Big Sandy, TX. 75755
    (Dixon Cartwright)

    Keith Hunt Biblical Studies

    Legacy Institute
    PO Box 130632
    Dallas, Texas 75313
    (Leon Sexton)

    Lehigh Valley Sabbath Fellowship
    PO Box 90153
    Allentown, PA. 18109
    (Louis Kirschenbaum)

    Liberty Foundation
    (20th Century Church of God)
    PO Box 2900
    Vista, CA 92085-2900
    (Al Carozzo)

    (The) Little Children of Jesus Christ
    89 Homeplace Trail
    Pocahontas, AR. 72455
    (Chris Barr)

    Little Rock, Arkansas Church of God
    15 Perdue Circle
    Little Rock, AR. 72204
    (James Ussery)

    Living Church of God
    PO Box 501304
    San Diego, CA 92150-1304
    (Rod Meredith)

    Living Room Church of God
    314 Pleasant Corner Ct.
    Red Lion, PA. 17356
    (Michael Archer)

    "Living Room church of God"
    P O Box 494608
    Redding, CA 96049
    (Manny/Sue Macias)

    Long Island Church of God Fellowship
    P.O. Box 396
    N. Massapequa, N.Y. 11758-0396
    (Nick Viola/John Marmero, Jr.)

    Lyons Congregation
    7410 East Sutton Rd., Lot #406
    Scottsdale, AZ. 85260
    (Chuck Lyons)

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    Marie Casale’s Library

    MarkTab Ministries
    Mark Tabladillo

    Maryland Sabbath Fellowship
    3708 Brethren Church Rd.
    Myersville, MD. 21773
    (Todd Drawbaugh)

    Mid-Missouri Church of God
    PO Box 92
    Eldon, MO. 65026
    (W. L. Schneider)

    Midnight Ministries
    PO Box 29
    Aylesbury, Bucks HP17 8TL
    United Kingdom
    (Malcolm Heap)

    Mid-South Sabbatarians

    Ministry Publications
    PO Box 715
    Cottonwood, AZ. 86326

    Music for the Church of God
    (Jim Ross)

    Mystery of the Kingdom Ministry
    5202 N. Highway 52
    Wausau, WI 54403
    (Martin Muzynoski)

    (The) Narrow Path
    815 Tyler
    Ypsilanti, MI. 48198-6102
    (Ken Miller)
    (website link was not working and thus removed)

    New Covenant Church of God P.O. Box 246
    Winterset, IA 50273

    Northeast Church of God
    PO Box 14
    Weatogue, CT. 06089
    (Rodger Sandsmark)

    North Texas Church of God
    2209 S. Fielder
    Arlington, TX. 76013
    (Ralph Collins)

    (The) Oasis - A place of rest for the rest of us.
    (George/Pam Dewey)

    Olive Branches
    PO Box 1293
    Fairview, TN 37062
    (Mike/Cathy Styer)

    Omega Praise Worship of Southern Oregon
    PO Box 1742
    Rogue River, OR. 97537-1742

    Open Door Bible Study
    PO Box 11243
    Ft. Worth, TX. 76110
    (Alan Gilchrist/Phil Keener)

    Orange County Fellowship of God
    4790 Irvine Blvd. #105-102
    Irvine, CA. 92620
    (Dale Stogner/Scott Scharpen)

    (The) Original Bible Project
    408 S. Pasadena Ave., Suite 1
    Pasadena, CA 91105
    (James Tabor/Robert Kuhn)

    Pabco's Home Page

    PO Box 70806
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    (Malcolm Crawford)

    Patriots of the Kingdom
    PO Box 72119
    Pine Valley Postal Outlet
    Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 8N8
    (Myron Martin)

    Philadelphia Church of God
    1019 Waterwood Parkway, Suite F
    Edmond, OK. 73034
    (Gerald Flurry)

    Pine Belt Biblical Foundation
    PO Box 865
    Petal, MS. 39465-0865
    (Greg Taylor)

    Piney Woods Church of God
    Route 1, Box 77 AA
    Poll, TX. 75969
    (Leo Holley)

    (The) Plainer Truth
    1281 New Hope Church Road
    Apex, NC 27502
    (Bill Hillebrenner)

    Points of Truth Christian Ministry
    PO Box 102
    Russellville, AR. 72811
    (Larry Lassiter)

    (The) Pure Truth
    (The A.P.T Manual)
    Lock Box 126
    Hamilton, TX 76531
    (Richard Scott)

    (The) Remnant Church of God
    PO Box 44
    Jackson Center, PA 16133
    (Rolland Wile)

    Restoration Church of God
    Aptdo. 504-2120
    Costa Rica, Central America
    (M. John Allen)

    Restoration Fellowship
    185 Summerville Dr.
    Bros, GA. 30205
    (Anthony Buzzard)

    Restored Church of God
    PO Box 23295
    Wadsworth, OH 44282
    (Dave Pack)

    Return to the Father
    (Theresa L. McCord??)

    Revelation's "Little Book"
    RR3 Westville
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    BOK 2AO
    (Murray Hyson)

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    Sabbatarian Christian Fellowship
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    (The) Sabbatarian Network
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    (Daniel Love)

    PO Box 56, 8316ZH Marknesse
    The Netherlands (Bonne Rook)

    Sabbath Assembly of God
    PO Box 748
    Dellslow, WV. 26531
    (Kevin McMillen)

    Sabbath Bible Study Fellowship
    PO Box 60224
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    (Jim Snyder/Frank Pierruci)

    Sabbath Central
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    Sabbath-Keeping Church of God
    22 Liberty Street
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    Sabbath Keeping Singles Registry

    Sabbath Singles Connection
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    Sabbatarian Singles Fellowship Forum
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    (The) Sabbath Study Center
    1537 E. 76 St.
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    (Gary Van De Kamp)

    Safe Haven Church of God
    PO Box 40782
    Baton Rouge, LA. 70835-0782
    (Paul Herrmann/Huey Martin)

    Saskatoon Sabbatarian Fellowship

    (The) Scattered Brethren
    PO Box 860471
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    (Lawrence Maayeh)

    Seek and Find! Ministries of the Church of El-Shaddai
    Postnet Suite 235
    Private Bag X504
    Northway, 4065
    South Africa
    (Ray Stapleton)

    Servants’ News
    PO Box 107
    Perry, MI 48872-0107
    (Norman Edwards)

    Seventh Day Christian Assembly of the Church of God
    PO Box 22351
    Knoxville, TN. 37933-0351
    (Ken Swiger)

    Seventh Day Church of God
    PO Box 804
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    Seven Times Newsletter
    828 Greenhills Dr. SE
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    South Avenue F - Church of God
    1721 So. Avenue F
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    (Glen Kirkpatrick)

    Southern Florida Christian Fellowship
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    Southern New Mexico Church of God
    3137 Dyer St
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    Southern New Mexico Sabbath Fellowship
    2704 Winston Avenue
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    (Calvin Lashway)

    South Texas Church of God
    151 Sweetbriar
    San Antonio, TX. 78228
    (Peter Huizar/Terry Post)

    Speak the Truth
    3431 W. Thunderbird, Ste. 13-160
    Phoenix, AZ. 85053
    (website link was not working and thus removed)

    Stedfast Church of God
    P.O. Box 1545
    McMinnville, OR 97128
    (Arlen Berkey)

    Steve Bruns calendar page

    (The) Thomaston Church
    1915 Star Point Rd.
    Carrollton, GA. 30117
    (Charles Bros)

    To the Elect Church of God
    PO Box 130
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    (Lanny Roach)

    Tomorrow, Inc.
    PO Box 142015
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    (Rod Hall)

    (The) Total Truth
    PO Box 1034
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    (Lee Grose)

    Trans-World Publishing
    130 W. Huntington Dr., Suite 122
    Arcadia, CA 91007
    (Bernard Kelly)

    TriCity Fellowship of God
    Prescott, AZ.
    (Dave Locke)

    Triumph Prophetic Ministries
    PO Box 292
    Altadena, CA 91003
    (William Dankenbring)

    (The) Truth-Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ
    PO Box 42
    Hillsdale, Wy. 82060
    (Nancy Cooley)

    (The) Truths of God
    (website link was not working and thus removed, no other contact info)

    TruthSearch Ministries
    PO Box 1082
    Andrews, NC. 28901
    (Juan Rains)

    Truth on the Web Ministries
    (Kenneth/Brian Hoeck)

    (The) Tulsa Church of God
    PO Box 54621
    Tulsa, OK. 74155-0621
    (Lawrence Gregory)

    Twentieth Century Church of God
    PO Box 25
    Nineveh, PA. 15344
    (C. Kenneth Rockwell/David Barth Jr.)

    Twin Cities Church of God
    (Bryn Hendrickson/Bob Petty)

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    UCG Singles
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    (The) Ultimate Church of God Links Page
    (Nyal Bartch)

    United Biblical Church of God (The Jerusalem Sentinel)
    PO Box 547
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    (Chris Patton/Charles Kimbrough)
    (website link was not working and thus removed)

    United Christian Ministries
    PO Box 361725
    Hoover, AL 35236-1725
    (Ray Wooten)

    United Church of God - Birmingham
    5511 Bankhead Hwy
    Irondale, AL 35210

    United Church of God, An International Association
    PO Box 541027
    Cincinnati, OH. 45254-1027
    (Clyde Kilough, Roy Holladay)
    UK site:

    United Church of God, Missouri
    PO Box 1085
    St. Joseph, MO. 64502
    (Richard Prince)

    United Church Of God (Terre Haute)
    1403 Poplar Street
    Terre Haute, Indiana 47807
    (Jeff Osborn)

    Universal Church of God
    PO Box 88401
    Seattle, WA 98188
    (Harold Hemenway)

    Via del Rey
    (Jules Dervaes)

    Victor Kubik's Web site (a minister of the United Church of God)

    Virginia Sabbath Fellowship
    11571 Embers Court
    Reston, VA. 22901
    (Rod Koozmin)

    (The) Way Publications (Sabbath Bible Study Fellowship)
    PO Box 1976
    Placerviller, CA. 95667
    (Jack Lane/Bill Creamer)

    Western Maryland Sabbath Fellowship
    23406 Metz Mines Rd. SW
    Barton, MD. 21521
    (Sam Metz)

    Western Nebraska Congregation of God
    100491 Hunt Dairy Rd.
    Mitchell, NE. 69357
    (Jerry Laws)

    Where are we now in Prophecy?
    PO Box 22256
    Fish Hoek 7975
    South Africa
    (Geoff Neilson)
    (website link was not working and thus removed)

    Wichita Church of God - 7th Day
    PO Box 2285
    Wichita, KS. 67201-2285
    (Bill Fowler)

    Willamette Sabbath Fellowship
    PO Box 760
    Oakridge, OR. 97463
    (David Martel)

    Windsor-Detroit Church of God
    384 McEwan
    Windsor, Ontario, N9B 2E6
    (Bev Coates)

    Winnipeg Church of God
    Box 7, Grp 26, RR1
    East Selkirk, Manitoba, R0E 0M0
    (Randy Rondeau)

    Worldwide House of Yahuweh
    PO Box 2
    Delta, OH. 43515
    (Gerald Langenderfer)

    (The) Worldwide Web Church of God
    PO Box 1065,
    Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies

    Your Choice Magazine
    PO Box 156
    Warren, MI. 48090
    (Mike Summers)

    Zion Ministries
    PO Box 2551
    Malaga Australia 6944
    (Neville V. Stevens)

  • badboy


    i may have have that wrong,however!

  • undercover

    The JWs and the United Church of God are distant cousins...

    I'm going by memory so I may be a little off...but The Church of God was started by Glengarry Rupert and Herbert A. Armstrong. Glengarry Rupert had ties to William Miller previous to the Church of God back when the Millerites were expecting the end of the world in 1844.

    The Church of God became the Worldwide Church of God, led by Herbert A. Armstrong. The church has undergone changes over the years including some big ones in the last few years and there are lots of splinter groups as already pointed out.

    How does that make JWs and Church of God(and it's reincarnations) cousins? Both Armstrong and Russell were influenced by people associated with the Millerites. George Storrs of the Millerite movement influenced C. T. Russell. Jonas Wendel of the Millerites influenced Nelson Barbour of the 2nd Adventists who influenced C. T. Russell and Glegarry Rupert influenced Armstrong. All in all, the Church of God(and splinters), 2nd Day Adventists, Seventh Day adventists, Christadelphians, Bible Students and JWs are all related with common ancestry to the Millerite movement of the early-mid 1800s.

  • RR

    And I suspect that one day the same faye will befall Jehovah's Witnesses. With little splinter groups of Jehovah's Witnesses. independent of the WTS. It is already happening, particularly in Europe.



    United Church of God, IA is an offshoot of World Wide Church of God started by Herbert W. Armstrong around WWII. Mr. Armstrong was strongly influenced by 7th Day Adventists before founding World Wide. He denied any ties to 7th Day in a number of articles, despite sources siting his membership and contributions. He left 7th Day over a number of issues such as the sabbath. 7th Day and Witnesses share a common thread in the late 1800s so that could account for the similarities. Starting in the 1970's, World Wide began adopting more liberal outlooks on scripture. By the 1990s the church fell apart into several splinter groups. The United Church of God, IA is the largest of these groups, holding to many of Mr. Armstrong's original teachings. Key differences of United and Witnesses: Observance of Old Testament Holy Days, Saturday Sabbath, & Tithing. Also, Early 20th century (1914) holds no key significance for United members. Hope this was helpful, look up Herbert W. Armstrong on Wikipedia for more in-depth information. Denise Jeff Wrote: Titled simply "The Good News"? I suscribed [free] to see what they teach. Although less insistent in having the 'truth', and showing much greater interest in people and reality, the thinking is so similar to the doctrines of the Watchtower it is a little scary. Wifey opened the one I got yesterday and thought it was AWAKE. It looks like it a bit, but slicker and better laid out. Lots of stuff about current affairs in Israel etc, as they think much of Bible prophecy is tied to literal Israel. Anyone know if this is an offshoot of former witnesses? ANyone ever read this? I have to be gone for a while, but will be interested in seeing anyone who knows. Their website is ; More Later. Jeff

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