Beards are evil, but do you know why?

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  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Great topic! Like many of you I never understood the reasoning that we couldnt grow a beard as Jehovah had created us to and that we were using man's fashion of shaving??!!

    I got the same reasoning of the hippie explaination, and that why put my wishes above stumbling others etc...well I grew my beard on and off so many times over the years because I simply disagreed with the attitude I was getting. I remember one Watchtower study and it had a picture of a husband and wife and was about doing things so that the unbeliever would see a good example. Well the man in the picture had a goaty which was well groomed and he was neatly dressed, and so one elder answers that its obviously the man who is the unbeliever as he has the beard! Unreal!

    One MS did grow a goaty and got a part on the assembly program, but was asked to do one thing before being included - you guessed it, remove the offending beard!


  • prophecor
    You know how those beards can chafe the inner thigh girls? Lol, can't have the elderettes drawing attention to themselves by walking 'oddly'......''Either you shave that beard or we give up the 69s my Dear'' ...

    Dear God, were the mini elders just that liberal? I could never imagine, however, were I so lucky, I would have went strait to a Gillette for the little elderette.

  • InquiryMan

    This is not a "rule" that has been enforced universally. It seems that some countries have been exempted, due to cultural reasons. E.g. Denmark, the Netherlands and I’ve also heard Ireland being mentioned. Denmark and the Netherlands are known to be very liberal countries. Once, I attended an assemply in Denmark, and one elder giving a talk at that DC wore a full beard.

  • katiekitten
    one elder giving a talk at that DC wore a full beard

    I hope he wore it over his privates. Im assuming he was naked - I know what those liberal countries are like!

  • InquiryMan

    sorry if I used poor grammar. He had a full beard. In fact, Denmark is so liberal, that sometimes the JWs preach in the nude :-)

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Prophecor - I think the 'no beard' rule was introduced IN ORDER to protect the identity of those engaging in certain 'practices'.....think about it......

  • katiekitten
    sometimes the JWs preach in the nude :-)

    (KK hunting out passport, booking next flight to Denmark) do I need to bring my own drugs or do they still give out a complementary spliff with each donation for the Watchtower?

  • hideme

    I am sorry, but although the Netherlands seems to be a liberal country, the beard is a big issue here.

    Beard= no privileges.

  • katiekitten
    Beard= no privileges

    And for men also? (snicker snicker)

  • diamondblue1974

    Some good advice to all those Brothers still inside the organisation!!!!

    If you want to get out of doing Car Park Duty in the dark and cold or microphone duty, or indeed saying a bloody longwinded prayer at the end of the service meeting....the answer is simply wear a beard...

    Even better I suppose is dont bother going to the meetings in the first place!


  • james_woods

    As I recall, in the 1960-1980 time frame, the explanation was the "hippie" reference. No word at all about the Judge vs Charles Taze, of course. An interesting sidelight was that black brothers were allowed to have a moustache (but I think not a full beard) because of "cultural" reasons. This really meant that nobody wanted to start anything with racial overtones.

    There was also the critical issue of the width of the tie. It was grossly anti-theocratic to have a tie less than about 1-1/4" or greater than about 2" in width. But, black brothers again were exempted and allowed to wear those white shirts with really tiny collars and really skinny ties about 3/4" in width. (Think Malcolm X to get the picture) Us guys in the white congregations were of course insanely jealous on both counts, even if we were too young to grow any kind of facial hair at the time.

    Full beard for me now, but neatly trimmed -


  • Spectrum

    Maybe next they'll reason, that homosexuals are clean shaven all over so JWs should start looking like gorillas.

  • james_woods

    Someone asked about Rutherford & Beards - and I remembered this old thread from way back when I first joined JWN...

    Interesting story about how Rutherford cowed the German branch guy into shaving off his beard so that he could have a printing press.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I never realized the original reason. Great thread

  • designs

    The GB wanted us guys to look like Mormons.

  • 00DAD

    Q: Beards are evil, but do you know why?

    A: Control

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Q: Beards are evil, but do you know why?

    A: Control

    Yup. At least in the military, members with a skin condition (pseudofolliculitis barbae) can get a medical waiver so not shaving doesn't harm their military career: their chain of command knows why they don't shave, and since they write the performance reports, there's no adverse effect.

    Not so with JWs, since you can't exactly wear a sign over your beard that says, "I can't shave because I have a legitimate, diagnosed medical condition". You'd have to do that to avoid discrimination from other R&F members who may not know you, and you'd still no doubt be denied "privileges", since it wouldn't look good to visiting Worldlies to see a brother wearing a beard (or wearing a sign over his beard, LOL!).

    So JWs enjoy military-style control over their personal grooming, without any of the common-sense protections (like med waivers) afforded in the military.

    Not so shocking really: if JWs feel they can tell you not to insert blood in your own body to save your life, then demanding you cut off a little facial hair doesn't seem so controlling, right?

  • Splash


    I posted this in another 'beard' thread, so for good measure ...

    Seen elsewhere: !)


  • sseveninches

    An elder at my congregation just used this explanation: "it's not for us". Not a scripture to support it. If I ever get approached for my facial hair, I'll demand one.

  • Bugbear

    This with a beard and or a moustache…

    I remember an elderly meeting after an assembly where the Co, s and the area overseers where participating. I think we were over 50 elders, and the report from the income and comments of the success from the assembly were discussed when the area oversees suddenly took up a BIG problem. One of the elders, a person I did know personally, over 70 years of age, grey haired and very gentlemanly dressed, had grown a moustache?!! A little grey very sober, even sometimes very difficult to observe moustache that looked very nicely upon him. The Co,s and the area overseer, raged upon him, and the atmosphere in the meeting was totally a disaster. Nobody dared to take the old man’s part. But after the meeting several of us other elderly contacted him and some of us even gave him a hug, encourage him to even grow the moustache greater. This was in the midst of the 80,ths. I still feel ashamed, that I didn´t stood up and defended the man that I in fact admired a lot, and oftened, invited to my own congs.s to held speeches.


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