Let me tell you about my self as of May 13 2019 I am 20 years old. My mum is a j.w while my dad I dont know. When I was 12 I was doing more discovering of my self. When I left j.w but by the way I was never baptized so I sill am in contact with my family. I decided to go into new age and wicca at around that age later on protestism non denomination but There was youtube self claimed christians who said they heard God voice but it turned out to be another sect. They were wither frauds mentally ill or demonic. Sooner I had more qyestions so I figured there could only be one church. I dont mean to offend anyone some think religion is a waste of time. I respect everyone. I ended up with the catholic church now I know (infant baptism child molesting ECT) I use to think these bad things and they were idol worshipers but Personaly I have done research finding out the century christians believed in eucharist ECT. Reading aprochapahal books not Gnostic like the letter of Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans 107AD I was taking evereverything out of context yes I know about the abuse but true catholics are not like that I like the qoute of st bernadette says she fears bad catholics. I am also on mother of God Christian Fourms As sponsa Christi Converting to Catholic On Catholic Anwser fourms.