I'm disfellowhshipped, thankfully. The awards allotted to those who can transcend JW beliefs is immeasurable. Truly, one can't put a price on intellectual and personal freedom. I only wish I would have had the urge/ability to leave on my own, but my doubts about JW theology didn't burgeon for three or so years after I was dismissed. Meanwhile, I was disfellowshipped for secretly dating another guy. My family- third generation Witnesses- are so clueless. Their robotism will frustrate me to the end, but at least I saved myself. Reading other peoples' posts is encouraging. We don't have to be alone, although we're all psychologically inclined to feel that way if we have traveled "wayward". Shame on anyone who defers to the uneducated leaders of the Watchtower for their misguided direction. My mom is dead because of the blood transfusion thing. So what did YOU give up for a spot on the Book of Life?