Local priest thought to be murderer...kills self

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  • poppers

    Several years ago (Feb 2002) two people were shot and killed at a funeral homein Hudson Wisconsin, its funeral director and a young man studying to be one. A priest in the community was one of over 800 people interviewed in connection with the crime. He also helped conduct the the funeral of one of the victims. Shortly after the murder he was 'tranferred' to another parish in Wisconsin, and shortly after that to another parish. It seems he had a history of sexual abuse which when discovered, it is thought, triggered the murder. Shortly after he was reinterviewed by police last December he hung himself at his church.

    I happened to met this man in 2003 at a local grocery store. It's a little creepy knowing that he was most likely a murderer at that time.

  • poppers

    Ooops - meant to include these links:

    The young man was from the next town east of me.

  • Mary

    Oh my god, that's awful!! Sick bastard! I hope he's burning in hell.

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