I Finally Got Up The Courage To Tell Her

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  • Honesty

    A dear old active JW friend called last night to tell me that another dear JW friend died late Wednesday night. I really feel bad about it because I have known my deceased friend and her family for almost 30 years. Her brother and I were best friends and business associates until I DA'd last year. When the JW friend that called me asked how I was doing, it all came out. I never wanted to tell her some of the reasons I am so happy now but it just came out before I could stop. She took it pretty well for awhile. I shared with her how all my health problems were a thing of the past due to prayer and my faith in the healing power of Jesus. She is a retired nurse and knew I had some serious health problems. She didn't believe it was from Jesus at first until I told her that the doctors were perplexed why and how my blood tests and biopsies all turned up negative after I accepted Christ and DA'd from the WTBTS. Before I DA'd my blood tests always showed near lethal potassium levels, extremely elevated liver enzyme levels and abnormalities in iron. My diet has stayed the same. All my prior biopsies showed 'unspecific' abnormalities that my doctors were monitoring on a monthly basis.My blood pressure went from an average of 160/105+ before I DA'd down to an average of 122/78- after I left the WTBTS. When I told her that I had also been baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit after I DA'd she said, "but you already had been baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit when you got baptised in 1990 at the circuit assembly." I told her to take a look at the WT articles on baptism since 1985. She was speechless when she found out the baptism had changed. Then I told her that I never would be back at the Kingdom Hall under any circumstances because of the things I had found out about the WTBTS. She asked some questions and I told her about the flip flops on the blood doctrine. Then I asked her to compare other bible translations with the NWT and the Kingdom Interlinear and research the Greek manuscripts which can be found at most large libraries and also on-line. I told her about the 'WTBTS donation arrangement for disaster relief efforts. She said, "But the brothers from our hall are going down to rebuild the Kingdom Halls." I said, "Exactly, they are rebuilding KH's first and then, if they have time for it, they will help some JW's on their homes. How come they aren't getting the JW's homes back in order first and then rebuild the KH's. The JW's can have the meetings in private homes until all the homes are repaired/rebuilt and then the KH's can be rebuilt. When monetary donations are sent to the WTBTS donors are not supposed to mark them for disaster relief according to the Bethel Service Department. The reason for this is the WTBTS does not have to publicly disclose how much they spent on disaster relief and how much they received for such efforts." She didn't have too much to say other than she needed to check on her outside pets. I then told her that the WTBTS reminds me of what Jesus spoke about when He said, "A thief comes only to steal and to kill and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it in abundance." (John 10:10) and that the WTBTS keeps people far away from Jesus with their doctrines of two 'classes' of WT servants. I also said that if she looks around the KH she will see a room full of unhappy and dejected people because as long as they are in slavery to the WTS they can not have the abundant life Jesus promised His followers. All they hear about is negative things from the WTBTS about everything except how good the FDS is to all the JW's. Then I asked her to think about all the 'goodness' the FDS provides as compared to what Jesus promised. She admitted to seeing some disturbing things going on at the KH during the past few months or so. She then told me that she doesn't care if I return to the organisation or not that she will still call, will still talk to me and still thinks of me like one of her children. I told her the elders would bring her up in front of a JC if they knew how she felt. She said, "Let them do what they want to. I don't answer to them." I felt bad about telling her negative things about the WTBTS but feel really good that she is beginning to listen to reason and see disturbing things in the KH after more than 70 years in the borg. I just hope she can have the courage to keep reasoning and seeing before she departs this life.

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Hi Honesty,
    Sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend.
    I'm happy for you that you were able to speak up and share what you shared with your jw friend. It must have felt good to be honest and put it out there. I admire your courage.
    tall penguin

  • OldSoul

    So sorry for your loss, (((Honesty))).

    But I am always glad to hear that there are individuals among Jehovah's Witnesses who understand what friendship is all about. It is such a shame that Christian love is not evident in the actions and attitudes of the majority of Witnesses.


  • GetBusyLiving

    You have courage Honesty. And you are a good friend to this woman.


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