2 new brothers added to governing body

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  • TweetieBird

    Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but I don't get to visit here much anymore. Someone forwarded me an email from a friend that said that 2 new brothers have been added to the GB. Their names are Geoffrey Jackson and Anthony Morris. Does anyone know anything about these 2 and why they were added? I used to have a DO by the name of Jackson (a black brother, good speaker but a little over the top with sappiness).

  • Dogpatch
  • defd

    I meet Gerrit Lösch once.

  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    Evil bastards.

  • lawrence


    Did Gerrit give you any tips on the ponies? Maybe the Daily Double? How about the time of day? All of these men are guilty of crimes against humanity - they and their deeds should be abhored, and not given divine status.

  • defd

    No he did lay his hands upon me and I recieved the spirit and the gift of speaking in tongues!

  • lawrence


    Tongues are good. Truth is better. If he laid hands on you, did you check for your wallet?

  • horrible life
    horrible life
    defdRe: Re: 2 new brothers added to governing body

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    No he did lay his hands upon me and I recieved the spirit and the gift of speaking in tongues!

    gotcha !!!!!!!!!!!!! We all figured as much, now we have proof.

  • BluesBrother

    Looking at the details given on the link, it is evident that the perception of a bunch of elderly has-beens is not necessarily true these days.

    There are seven of the 'old guard' but five others under seventy . Hell ! I am older than three of them. .....

    As "Freeminds " comments, Lett, Morris and Jackson were brought up in these times when everyone was taught that the earthly hope was the goal . They were odd indeeed to profess "anointed" status and then end up where they have

    It seems the WTS is laying down a corporate management for the long term, by appointing younger men who can carry on for some years yet.

  • sir82

    One of my sources of amusement is fantasizing about a "smoking gun" type of revelation that would cause the society enormous amounts of embarrassment...

    One such scenario would be if some young "rising star" would come out and admit that at some point a member of the GB, or at the very least some high-ranking Service Desk poobah, began dropping broad hints about "you know, if you were to begin partaking of the emblems now, in 10-15 years there may well be an opening on the GB..."

    My cynical side can't help but wonder if a similar conversation has been made once or twice or more over the past 10-20 years...

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