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  • AuntieJane

    I would like to have a simple message written in Spanish that I can put in the car's windshields at my town's KH. I notice a large Hispanic attendance, esp on Sunday afternoons, I think they must have their own meeting then....?

    What I think would be good is something about Mexico/ Spanish. Can anyone give me a short paragraph/I can probably get it translated myself. But I need something short and to the point. Maybe something about the UN too.


    AuntieJane, of the never too old to try class.

  • Evanescence

    Their are a fair few people who can speak english and spanish on JWF


  • Soledad

    I have the Crisis of Conscience book in Spanish. I'll leaf through it (tomorrow night perhaps) and find something for you.

  • G Money
    G Money

    Or perhaps post a paragraph in English and we can translate it for you.

  • lola28

    I'm with G money on this, post the statement and we will help you translate it.


  • Evanescence

    Or you could try this site

    its a spanish jw forum, but there are a few english/spanish posters, the administrator there is the same administrator on jwf he's good with both languages. Faith and Lisa might be able to help you as well


  • alreadygone

    If you go to you can click on the translate section and select which language you would like to translate something into.

  • pr_capone

    Yeh but then you loose the dialect if you use an on-line translator.

    If you post a paragraph, myself or some other spanish speaking person will undoubtedly translate it for ya.

    Also, you may want to look into what the majority of your latinos are. As in, are they Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican and the such. Then you can write something that can hit a little closer to home.

    Kansas District Overbeer

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