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  • gladdy

    Huff,puff..... feels like a treadmill, but we are making progress. Arwen and I visited Legolas yesterday. Arwen did not want to take her own car in case anyone (JW) would see it in the driveway. And she almost ran in the door BUT.......... she wouldn't have done that a couple of weeks ago...... she would not have been there at all, fear of being seen by jws. Legolas has been out for awhile now and doesn't feel intimidated by the group. Arwen is making normal progress, I think. She is not as stressed but is reliving alot of crap that went on when her children were abducted by her ex jw) and housed by jws in other provinces. what a mess, I wish we could find a really good counsilor for her who knows about this cult or to speak to someone in person would be healing. Another babystep I am looking forward to is the writing of THE LETTER, she is working on it but it is has taken alot out of her. We need to take a cruise!!! Get away from it all. Legolas makes great pickles, thanks for them, girl, and it was great to meet ya!

  • kwintestal

    Thanks for being there for Arwen when she needs you! You are really a friend. If you go on a cruise, let me know! I'll let you take me with you.


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Welcome to JWD forum, Gladdy & Arwen!!!

    Here's a post that might help Arwen with some of her issues.....the hyperlink to "3 parts: psych issues when leaving a restrictive religious group"


  • Legolas

    Your welcome for the pickles!

    when you guys go on your next cruise .....please buy a big enough suitcase that I can fit into!

    Pleeeeeease with sugar on top!

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