Should Yoga pants be outlawed? Is TOMO rejoicing??

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    I just watched a story about Yoga pants! Would these be spanx!?!?! Don't lawmakers have anything better to do?!?

    Perhaps TOMO should team up with Montana State Rep. David Moore and E.W Jackson, author of ," Ten Commandments of an extraordinary life." 



  • WTWizard

    And what's the hang-up with nudity in the first place?  We are supposed to be ashamed of our own body and its functions.  Do we see dogs being dressed up when they see other dogs?  Or are puppies to be protected from the sight of nude dogs?  What about cats?  What other animal is so ashamed of its own body that it will not dare reveal parts of it to the public?

    As I see it, clothing does serve a purpose.  It serves to protect from extreme heat or cold, to protect the skin from excessive wear and tear where one is doing hard labor, and it enhances your attractiveness.  Streaking when it is -50 and snowing out is asking for disaster, as is streaking where abrasions and other similar problems are a constant threat.  (Or where you are in tick country or wish not to be bitten by mosquitoes).  But, why should it be the law that we wear "decent" clothing when no other animal species is so ashamed of its own body?  And, where does this stop?  First, yoga pants.  Then, shorts and T-shirts.  Before long, you might as well be in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem.

  • Virran

    That is so typical of "Little House on the Prairy" old fashion small minded perverted nut cases to come dragging with ideas like this. We live in a free country, don't let them take away our freedom. If someone wants to walk around with cameltoe and pointy nips, let them, who cares. I'd prefer that over burqas any day. If men wants to wear tight pants to show off his buns and package, let him. 

    What else would we get to gossip about otherwise? What would all these poor homosexuals that loves when men wears tight pants gawk over? 

    How boring wouldn't the red carpet become? Will Lady Gaga still be able to wear her meat dress or will that be forbidden too? 

  • Vidiot

    WTWizard - "what's the hang-up with nudity in the first place?"

    Stodgy, repressed old men in charge, that can't stand the fact that young hotties have better sex lives than them and/or the fact that they can't stop getting distracted by said hotties.

    Why else do you think Islamic countries cover women up head to toe?

  • Magwitch
    What do the wives of Rep David Moore and Anthony Morris III look like?  I have a feeling this may clear up quite a few of our questions about yoga pants ...........


    Should Yoga pants be outlawed?

                     OUTLAW and Yoga Pants should "Never" be Used in the Same Sentence..

                                                           IT`S IN THE BIBLE..

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  • stuckinarut2
    What vidiot said!

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