Dreaming can be lots of fun

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  • Cygnus

    I usually have very lucid dreams, and can remember them well after I wake up. Yesterday I slept for a good 16 hours and had funfilled dreams. My hands worked, I felt good, I could do superhuman stuff. I had a boxing match in someone's basement bedroom that turned into an orgy with a 1982-Chris Evert taking an extreme liking to me! I usually know when I'm dreaming and can manipulate stuff, and my emotions feel very real. A little while ago I dreamed about reuniting with a girl I had blown off and broke her heart some 15 years ago and she had saved the mean note I wrote to her, and the look of pain in her face was amazing, and we hugged and cried, and then I woke up right in the middle of all the emotion. I dream I'm an actor a lot these days and get mad at the director for cutting out a lot of my scenes. How powerful our brains are! I feel lucky, cause I can experience New York City, or Brazil, or China, and meet all sorts of people, dead and alive in reality, and feel all sorts of emotions, and never have to leave my bed. Just thought I'd share.

  • under74

    Thanks for sharing...chris evert, eh? Well, I dreamt of Anderson Cooper the other night--shhhhhhh, yes, I know he's probably gay and he's a 2nd rate journalist.....but let me just have a damn dream dammit.

  • AlmostAtheist

    That's cool. I love lucid dreams, but for me they are ridiculously rare. When they do happen though, woohoo!


  • Undecided

    Sometimes I have memories that I can't differentiate from real experiences. Was it a dream or did it really happen? Many of my dreams are really weird, I may be single again or married to someone else. Dreams are strange mental happenings.

    Ken P.

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