Oh this is sooo good, I had to share it with everybody...

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  • zagor

    Reading below article it finally dawned on me why WTBS is so successful regardless of how much crap they can spill out. The secret is no matter what they say they say it with AUTHORITY. So anyone not knowledgable in the subject simply assumes "well if they speak with such a conviction they have to be right, right?"

    Well judge for yourself, here is the article from quotes website:


  • Sparkplug

    Ok, I looke d at the pictures and I about got sick. I know that is not what you were directing us to, but I really feel ill. It was only about 5 seconds worth, but it just made me feel so violated. So creepy. How did I spend all of my youth seeing such stupid ass licking pictures and not find them strange? I actually handed that crap to people. Gag...

  • OldSoul

    That was the "wood atoms" article!!! HAH! That cracks me up every time!

    But they DO have God's authority, right Witnesses? Click here to prove it: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/12/98798/1708287/post.ashx#1708287


  • zagor

    Just finished talking to my brother-in-law about it. He reckons that such an article whouldn't have sounded too strange to the people of that time simply because information didn't travel as fast as today so most even so called educated people were basically illiterate according to our standards....


    ....I don't know maybe he's right... perhaps there is a grain of truth in it .... Though I find it hard to accept questioning Newtons Laws that existed for, how long? last 300 year or so...

  • Es

    I know what you mean sparkplug just checked out the pics myself and felt the same


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