Family Happiness

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  • joelbear

    As I stood at Brewster's for my weekly ice cream treat (Banana Chocolate Chip and Marshmallow Milkshake) I had a family of 4 behind me laughing and lightly teasing each other. They had just come from the son's football game where they had watched him play. They were teasing the dad about how excited he had gotten seeing his son on the field. Of course, they were clearly not Jehovah's Witnesses. They didn't seem to be followers of Satan either. They seemed like a wonderful happy family sharing high quality time together. I am happy for them.

    I didn't know any happy families when I was growing up as a witness. My family was very unhappy. We went on one vacation the entire time I was at home and that was when I was about 8. We had a lot of fun, but we never did it again. The only time I spent with my parents was in field service and at the meetings. The rest of the time I was out on my own in the neighborhood, and later out with friends from school or witness friends. I don't think my case was unique. I don't think any of my friends had close relationships with their parents either.

    I was tempted to tell the young boy how lucky he was and that he should appreciate every minute he got with his parents, but from his demeanor I think he already did appreciate it. And they are not unique either. All my heterosexual friends who are married with kids clearly value their children over everything else and work hard to make their family unit a happy one.

    Witnesses just missed the boat on how to accomplish this.

  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    I agree with you there joelbear. It was not until after leaving the borg that I realized how much time 'kingdumb activities' had stolen from my family . Now I work everyday to be the kind of parent I really want to be and to have a happy family life.

  • Cygnus

    If you take away the headship garbage and theocratic mumbo-jumbo, a lot of what JWs teach about family is decent stuff.

    Speaking of that headship crap, and I don't mean to hijack the thread, just interjecting a thought I had, my JW dad told me 14 years ago as I was preparing for my first marriage: "I always felt that your mother should do whatever she wanted to do; I never believed in making rules for her or telling her what to do." My dad is wise man.

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