Well, we supernaturalists are not all fundys!

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  • Shining One
  • rem

    No one ever said you have to be a fundy to be irrational.


  • OldSoul
    As a lawyer for Dover's schools said in his opening statement, gravity was also once thought to be a supernatural force until it was understood by physics.

    Aw, I love this! Priceless!

    $10,000,000 to the person who can show me gravity. "Gravity" is a descriptor we have assigned to an observed phenomenon, it does not mean we know what it is beyond the description we have assigned to it.

    That this force seems to follow a reliable and constant order is a convenient discovery of ours, but that doesn't mean we know what it "is," anymore than a caveman's ability to use fire was proof that he knew what it was. You can show me the effects of what we call gravity, but gravity doesn't "exist," in Scientific terms, as anything more than an arbitrary name assigned to a metaphorical construct used to describe an invisible phenomenon.

    Is it real? Yes. Unquestionably. Does it "exist?" Not according to the Scientific Method. Its effects are demonstrable, observable, falsifiable, etc., but gravity itself is not.


  • Narkissos

    Generally speaking, I find the scholastic dichotomy "nature vs. supernature" an exceedingy misleading one. And referring to the article more specifically: How is the orthodox Christian God which the Pope promotes supernatural? How is the Buddhist illumination which the Dalai-Lama refers to supernatural? Can both really fit into one "supernaturalist" box?

    Moreover, I feel labeling evolution as "naturalism" is a pretty disingenuous move in that it sneakingly transfers the issue at hand from the scientific to the philosophical and/or theological realm. Biological evolution per se is neither a philosophy nor an a-theology. What I would readily agree on, is that philosophy, and especially theology, have not sufficiently integrated the evolutionary paradigm yet -- the result being the ongoing superficial conflict in which apologists like Shining One are still wasting their breath.

  • funkyderek

    Shining One:

    Hmmmm, this will have the naturalists spinning like tops....LOL

    Yes, I'm so dizzy now I could throw up! You mean the Pope and the Dalai Lama both believe in the supernatural? What a shock - and what a blow for Satanic -ahem, atheistic - science.

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