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  • sammielee24

    ...I have been df'd for over a year now and will never again be part of this cult...that being said, I was born and raised only in the 'truth' with no contact with 'wordly' people. All of my family remain zealous members including my children who refuse any communication with me whatsoever...I have been learning how to live within the world over the past year instead of separate from it and things are going well in that regard. I have just heard that one of my kids will be married in a couple of weeks to a member of the congregation in Greely...I was not invited of course and only heard of it through the grapevine...needless to say I am extremely saddened by the seething hatred that I've been shown and total lack of respect and consideration. (..of course my df'ing is my own fault and as my children and other family pointed out to me, I deserve nothing from anyone least of all respect ..sigh...) I thought that I was a good father while serving as a JW...instilling all those same virtues in my kids that I fanatically followed but I realize now that I was an idiot. The father beaming with pride when his little daughter 'witnessed' to other little kids, the puffed up dad listening to his sons first blind I was, how utterly betrayed. Giving up my life for something that never was true. I recognize that I am now reaping what I have sown. I still love my kids and I do miss them. I try to reconcile this to the fact that I will never be part of their lives again, never see them married, never hear their voices or see my grandchildren and in doing this, I still have to admit that I would rather be 'out' than living inside an organization that is only filled full of lies and deceit, fraud, prejudice and destruction. What a price to pay.

    I just finished reading some long ago posts from people who had attended the Greely, Loveland, Longmont, Boulder congregations. This of course stirred up memories of those times and people who I knew then leaving me curious as to who remains and who has left...Huggins, Heyne,Vancil, Gertsch's, Bosanka.....

  • Mulan

    This is so sad. The same thing happened to one of our nieces. Her son and then her daughter married at the KH, and wrote her un-inivation letters. You shouldn't be excluded from your children's weddings. I would go anyway. Let them sweat.

  • sammielee24

    I had heard back in the spring that my son was 'involved' with a 'nice, JW' girl and we all know that translates into a few months of dating and then marriage which is exactly what is happening. When I tried to congraluate him, I was told in no uncertain terms that I was nothing to him, had no right to any part of his life and that I would be wise to never put myself in a situation where he would be forced to have any contact with him. He also informed me that I am less than the dirt that lay on the road. I was not sent an invitation. A JW relative very (callously) told me that he is getting married in a few weeks and too bad I am disfellowshipped or I could be there - but everyone knows I'm not invited anyway.

    It constantly amazes me that people think because someone is df'd they have absolutely no feelings....I just gotta say..'ain't love grand?'..

  • Es

    That is terrible...i am actually stumped for words. Even tho my folks are still JW i couldnt ever possible imagine telling them they are nothing to me. Im so sorry that you wernt invited to your own sons wedding, maybe do what Mulan says and just turn up for the ceremony at least


  • evita

    It sounds like you did the best parenting you could do while trapped in the org. Hopefully your children will recognize that you are still their one and only daddy. My mom shunned me for many years but we always missed and loved each other on some very primal level. I know how painful it can be but don't give up hope.

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