Ode to Witness cart

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  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

           OH WITNESS CART

    Oh  Witness cart, Oh Witness cart.                                                     

    What misery hast thou thrust into my tortured night.                       

    My sweated pillow is witness to the sleepless sight,              

    That, dark and moonless sky, brings no reprieve from gloom,

    Oh Witness cart, Oh Witness cart.

    Pray yonder door open wide and end my gloom

    Pray sun to rise and speed your rolling flight,                        

    Pray thine wheels roll straight to my street,                             

    Pray you make my life complete,

    Oh Witness cart, Oh Witness cart.

    What boundless ecstasy this beating heart knows,                         

    For joyous time, whence ends your track,                                 

    Once again I taste and drink from the                                       

    Blessed fruit of your shiny and tender rack.

    Oh Witness cart, Oh Witness cart.

    Why do I hover like bird of prey,                                           

    Cursing sun, speeding across yonder sky,                                 

    Why does bright sunlight give way to darkened clouds,      

    When your sacred wheels again to horizon roll,                      

    Such a loss again suffers my tormented soul,

    Oh Witness cart, Oh Witness cart.

    A dagger through mine heart,                                                  

    When again disappears your wheels and frame,                     

    And each night brings pain, the same,

    Oh Witness cart, Oh Witness cart.

  • Vidiot
    JWism a la cart...
  • steve2

    Apparently, JW literature satchels are reeling with righteous indignation that, even though they have solidly supported the organization's preaching work for 140 years, NO SONG WHATSOEVER HAS EVER BEEN WRITTEN ABOUT THEM. Yet these new fangled trolleys were rolled out only 2 years ago and have already been honored with a jaunty, Broadway-styled song to their praise.

    Something clearly is not right.

    I speak for the satchels that are too hurt and upset to speak for themselves :(


  • Vidiot

    steve2 - "I speak for the satchels that are too hurt and upset to speak for themselves "

    ...thank you...

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