Obama's Proposed Discretionary Spending Budget - I where what his priorities are?

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    Notice that Military & Veterans Benefits (former military) when combined are 60% of the total.  Trust me, most Americans feel over-taxed and realize that the military is an insatiable beast that is never satisfied regardless of how much money you feed it. Of course that defines ALL government. 

    However, of the total budget ($4.1 Trillion), military sopending is less than 16%. I'm sure it could be downsized if American was not serving as the World's Policeman.  Of course, much of the World resents that, until they pick up their "hot line" and call the US for some kind of assistance. Over $40 Billion was spent on just 4 foreign nations last year (Israel, Iraq, Eqypt, Afganistan -- perhaps it would be cheaper to just let the Middle East crash and burn). Perhaps the World would be safer/better with Putin as the Police Chief, or that little peckerhead goofball in Iran when he gets nukes?

    My end-of-year bonus was taxed at over 38%, plus I pay for my own heath insurance ($7500pp annually). In theory, I'm all for reducing the military budget if I get some of my tax money back.  That is, until they're flying planes into buildings in the USA again.

    US citizens/taxpayers really don't have any say in the spending or even in the nation's policy.  We have the best government and politicians that money can buy, and the banks, insurance companies, and military contractors/suppliers have bought them all at a very high price that results in them earning very high profits.

    It's just one more reason why we need the "New World".


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