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    Your e-mails:

    alt American Red Cross donations tel (in the US): 1 800 HELP NOW

    Still trying to locate a sister and her three children. Her name is Yolanda Ramirez. Children Yoli Marie, Lizzi Marie, James Nick.
    Divina Ellegood, Gulfport, Mississippi

    My sisters name is Barbra McIntyre she lives in Gulfport If anybody has seen her and reads this please please contact me.
    Leslie Mcintyre, Cedar Crest, New Mexico

    I am frantic, my best friend in Biloxi lived in a trailer home with her grandchildren and her mother lived next door to her and I tried calling her back the day before the storm hit, I have tried everything to see if she is ok. I am very worried, and I need to offer her a place to live if she needs me. Her name is Voncile Gaines, she lived in Vancleave just outside of Biloxi.
    Mary E Powell, Norcross GA

    I'm looking for Frank, Jacki and Kristina Kraemer from Ponchatoula, LA. I need to know that they are okay.
    Renata Maniaci, Sturgeon Bay, WI

    I am looking for my uncle (Willie Bates) from New Orleans. Where is he because he needs medical attention.
    Rose, Wesson USA

    Searching for cousins from New Orleans Tanya Ali, Lorena Pitre Sabrina Rauno, Tina Compton. Tina was heard from on Monday and was ok.
    Sharon Rhodes, Dodson, La.

    I'm looking for my brother and his wife.
    Jerry & Linda Edwards, St Joseph

    I am looking for my mother, AnnaBelle Fourroux from Metarie, La.
    Tim Fourroux, Hot Springs, AR

    I am looking for the Meehan Family (Michael, MaryAnne, Shawna, Katelyn and Jade) who live in Gautier, MS. I just want to know if you are ok.
    Heather M. Whitus, Fort Knox, KY (USA)

    Hi, Looking for Sister-in-Law Kim Jordan, nieces Jennifer, Victoria Kemp (8) and nephew Michael Kemp (6). They live in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.
    Shelia Landeros, Woodland Hills, California

    I'm looking for my brother and his family could you please run my ad. I'm begging they are from Bogalusa la. I have been calling but, no answer.
    Palmer Edwards, Southbend, IN

    Looking for friends from Biloxi, MS: Barbara and John Rhodes, Nettie Whittenberg, Paul and Maxine Higdon. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Rosilan Leahy, Pensacola, FL USA

    I am looking for family members Terrance Anthony, Larry Dent and Grace Dent, if anyone has heard or seen them please call me.
    Anitrice Anthony, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    We are looking for information on Allen and Verna Watson from Kenner, LA. We are very worried about them. Candice, Verna's sister, spoke to her on Monday, and that was the last we heard. My heart goes out to the victims of this horrific storm.
    Kimberly, Watchung, NJ USA

    I am trying to locate Adrienne Dupaty approximately 38 years old, and her daughter Kaity 8 years old. Both of New Orleans.
    Rob Tremblay, Massachusetts USA

    Hoping for any word about the Robert A. Luke family of Popularville, MS.
    Craig Bush, Louisville, KY

    I am looking for my daughter-in-law, her parents and my granddaughter. My daughter-in-laws name is Amanda Belew. She lives in the Long Beach, Mississippi area. Amanda's dad is and elected official in Gulfport. His name is Tal Flurry. My son, Amanda's husband, is overseas in the Navy.
    Jimmy Belew, Huntsville, Al

    Looking for the family of Alfred Evans in Slidell. I am posting this for his relative Jerome who is very concerned.
    Sharon Siettmann, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Please help my family and me locate my missing father, Linh Van Nguyen. He is 55 years old, a fisherman and from Biloxi, MS. 39540. His boat may have been recovered but no sign of our father. Thank you so much!
    Thi Loan Nguyen, Dallas, TX USA

    I am concerned about my family in Picayune Mississippi and Waveland Mississippi. I was born there and I now reside in Tulsa, but my aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, and grandparents are still in Picayune and Waveland. I want to know the affects of Picayune and Waveland in this storm Katrina
    Chenita Scott, Picayune

    We are looking for Sonia and Gil Murrey, from Biloxi. We have no news and know from news stories that their town has been affected
    Peter and Daniel Campbell, Rainham, Essex

    We are looking for my great Aunt, Dorothy Bedson who lives in Terrytown. She is in her 70s and may be with her son John.
    Clair Wilson, Manchester, UK

    I am looking for a friend Simone Gebre who lives in Gretna a town just south of New Orleans in the other side of Mississippi.
    Matteo Stagni, Bologna, Italy

    We are trying to find any information on Joy Miller who lives in New Orleans
    Ailsa Wood, Penrith, Cumbria, England

    We are looking for Tim Keen and his 2 children - Logan (10) and Bailey (6). Any information is appreciated. We believe they may be in a shelter in Slidell but have no idea where to begin.
    Patricia Diaz, Covina, CA

    I am looking for information on my grandparents who live in Bogalusa, LA. Their names are Diaz and Rosemary McElveen. We have not heard anything from them.
    Amy LeTard, Lake Charles, La

    My great aunt, Bettye Sheffield and her son, Terry Sheffield were last spoken to on Sunday night and they were boarding up the house and staying in Biloxi. We haven't heard anything since.
    Michelle Clarkson, Jackson, Tennessee

    I can't find out whether my boyfriend Jonathon Keys is still alive or not and it's really killing me inside. Can someone help me? He is from Mississippi.
    Michelle Ledet, New Iberia, LA

    We are looking for my cousin Margo Blackwell who lives in Metairie, LA and works in a hospital in New Orleans.
    Dan Custeau, Springfield, IL

    I am looking for my friend Shannon Wakeland. He lives in Gulfport Mississippi where he's active in the Navy. I have not heard from him since the storm hit. Get in touch if you can Shannon, the kids and I are worried about you. My heart goes out to all of the victims of this awful disaster.
    Jessi Caddell, Shell Knob, Missouri

    I have been trying to find out whether my grandaughter is alright. Her name is Amy Lynn Williamson and she lives in Wiggins, MS. Wiggins is in Stone County, just north of Gulfport. Her mother and I have been trying to get info about her well-being since late Monday night. Is there anyone who knows how to get info from small towns that are a few miles from the coast?
    Judy Griffin, Albany, GA, USA

    I am looking for Jim and Lynn Pitts from New Orleans.
    Janice Clifton Moore, Chelsea, AL

    Looking for Sr Jean Marie Craig. She lived at Xavier University, 3812 Pine St, New Orleans. We heard from her Monday evening but she said they had water around their home. That was before the levee broke. Any help would be appreciated.
    Sue Gabriel, Binghamton, NY,USA

    I am looking for my niece Cynthia Williams who is from New Orleans. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Cynthia please contact me. Thank you.
    Ollie M. Williams, Holly Springs, MS, USA

    I'm looking for Winston and Margaret Cavendish who lived in Slidell, Louisiana.
    Joyce Walker, Arkansas, USA

    I am looking for some family members. Their names are Donna Taylor and Joel Taylor and they were at the Rusty Horse Saloon in Gretna, LA.

    I am trying to find my sister, Amy Rodgers and her sons, Danny and Kenny Rodgers, of Picayune, Mississippi. We have had no news on their status.
    Sue Crise, Monroe, LA

    I am trying to find out the status of family members in Ocean Springs, Mississippi - Kathleen and Johnny Hancock.
    Sue Crise, Monroe, LA

    Looking for my good friends Karla and Kevin Roberson. They live in Biloxi with their small daughter. Any info that they are fine would be greatly welcome.
    Jenea, Clovis, CA

    One of our soldiers called from Iraq. He is seeking his mother, Charlotte Banks. I understand she is a nurse and works at a local hospital in New Orleans but don't know which one. If anybody knows anything about the whereabouts of Mrs Banks please let me know.
    CPT Steve Waldrop

    I am looking for Betty and Ted McCabe from Diamondhead, Ms.
    Diana Martin

    Me and my family are seeking information on my cousin Robert Donald (Donny) Delafosse. My uncle, Donnie's father, hasn't heard from him. New Orleans, Chalmette area.
    Charles B. Fontenot

    I am looking for news of good friends Patsy, Melissa and Charles Mahl living in Barataria Louisiana not knowing if this was one of the towns affected
    Sarah Linaker

    Does anyone know the status of Driftwood Nursing home in Gulfport?
    Dale Harris

    Looking for Frances Robinette who is a resident of Lafon Nursing Home. Need to know where she was evacuated to and her current status. Thanks.
    Zenaida Wright

    My uncle, Jorge Ramirez Reyes is missing. His home is in Metaeire, LA. Please contact me if you have any information. God Speed to all!
    Jennifer Gomez

    I am looking for my aunts Cynthia Owens, Patricia Gaspard and Barbara Baxter. They live in the 9th ward of New Orleans. We are worried and just want to know if they are ok.
    Kisha James

    I am looking for my brother George Ivey. He was in Ocean Springs Mississippi during Katrina. Thank you for your help.
    Sue Herrington

    Stephanie Colbert, please call us to say you are okay.
    Peter Bretl and Val Escher, Minneapolis, MN

    Looking for Stephen F. Hux in Harahan, LA area. Any information please.
    Ryan Watts, Monroe, LA

    Looking for Willis (Bill) Perrin of Gretna, Louisiana. Please e-mail.
    J & D Perrin, Garden Grove US

    Looking for Chris Medley (worked for Motiva Norco Refinery).
    Mary Gerding, Florence, KY

    I would appreciate news from or about Dr Cynthia Williams, who lives and practices in the New Orleans area.
    Saleema Karefa, New York

    Looking for my brother and his family, Bill, Lorraine, Nicole and Daniel Hubbard, Biloxi, MS.
    Orville Hubbard, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

    Densie Wade. Wayne in NYC is really worried about you, please let him know you and the rest of the family are safe.
    Fawn Thurman, New Orleans

    I am concerned about my aunt Janice Foy of New Orleans, La.
    Lionel Hodge, Atlanta, Ga

    Looking for my uncle Bruce Diamond and his family from Ocean Springs, MS. I would be thankful for any information
    Blair Fernandez, Alamosa, CO

    I am worried about Loretta Hamilton. She and her family lives in the suburbs of New Orleans. She is a Professor at Herzing College. None of her students have heard anything from her and we are all very worried. If anyone could help please do.
    Jackie Davenport, West Palm Beach, FL, USA

    I am trying to locate my Aunt in Poplarville Mississippi. Her husband recently passed away and she lives alone. She is also in her seventies and probably stranded if the storm hit Poplarville.
    William E. Cox, Currently living in Germany

    I am looking for my sister and her husband from Moss Point, MS. Their names are Kenneth and Doris Johnson.
    Leon and Leona James, Dallas

    I am trying to find Jeanine Brosseau. If anyone knows or can contact her please tell her that her brother is looking for her.
    Norman Brosseau, Macon, USA

    Does anyone know about the houses on Jade Ct. in Gulfport? My friends family lives there and are wondering about their house.
    Courtney Pesterfield

    Looking for James and Janelle Sieber and their children, Ben and Althea. They lived at 8 Northwood Drive, Long Beach, MS.
    Ed & Becky Sieber

    I am looking for Laurie Page. She lived in Biloxi. She is my birth mother. I just found out who she was last November on my birthday. We have only talked to each other, we have not actually met yet. Meeting her is very important to me, my husband and children. If anyone finds her, please tell her we are waiting to hear from her.
    LuAnn Young, New London, WI, USA

    Helping a good friend look for his mom and dad from Mandeville, Louisiana. Names are Arnold and Rosalee Albrecht ages 85 and 75 respectively. Hasn't been able to reach them since the storm hit. Anyone with any word, pls email or call.
    Jim Deyling, Columbia SC, USA

    Hoping my aunt Rubye "Mimi" Peterson and cousin Kathy Smith of Hattiesburg MS are ok. Also cousins Cynthia and Tommy Kennedy of Kennedy Engineering in Biloxi MS and cousin Melissa Walker of Biloxi MS. If anyone has any news about any of them, please contact me. I'm particularly worried about my aunt who is in her 80s. Thanks.
    Victoria Peterson Weitzel, McLean, VA, USA

    My sister was on holiday in New Orleans. I am deeply worried about her and I hope she is found.
    Harriet King, Petersfield, England

    I used to live at Biloxi beach, specifically Grande View and worked at Surf Style. I have been trying to contact my former boss, Alberto, by phone but have not succeeded. I desperately want to here from him and also know that Lashanda, Rachel, Dion and the rest of the guys are okay.
    Timothy Tuani, Accra, Ghana

    We received a call from our family (Aunt, Uncle and Cousins) who live in the Harahan and River Ridge area of New Orleans - both houses are gone and they have been evacuated but the phone line went dead before we could find out where they have gone - we feel helpless.
    Claire, Bristol, UK

    My mom, Elissa Telford, called Monday morning from a house one mile from the coast of Long Beach. Trees were flying by, but she thought the storm would pass. We lost contact, then the storm surge hit. Having heard nothing since that time, I am praying that she is at a shelter so I can go get her out of there. I love you, Mom.
    Leslie Oeser, Sewell, NJ, USA

    Looking for info about Picayune, Mississippi. I have family there that couldn't evacuate. I haven't heard anything, please email me if you have info. Thank you and God speed.
    Nancy Burge Malcom, Louisville, KY, USA

    Donald or Einar Dahl last known physical location: Bay St Louis, Mississippi. 100% disabled American Veteran WWII on full time oxygen was turned away from Hancock General Hospital and was supposed to go to either Gulfport Memorial or Biloxi Veterans Hospital but may have stayed. No one has heard from him. Our home in the Bay was used as a military command post following Hurricane Camille and he may have waited too late to leave. We have an artesian well and would like to allow any and all in our community to use our water but we cannot get any calls through to help our community. Please inform us as to our father's whereabouts and his condition. Should my father be located please be advised that he is onery under the best of circumstances. thank you
    Erin McCausey, Westminster, Co, USA

    Looking for the whereabouts or any information on missing son Ryan Kittle, British national residing in Kiln just outside Gulfport.
    Eddie Kittle, Plymouth, Devon

    We live in Bogalusa, Washington parish, where power is out, trees are down and communication is completely gone. People are about to run out of food and are starving in Bogalusa and we've come to Baton Rouge to get internet access to try to get some help there. Our mother, Beth Ard was in Slidell at the time Katrina hit and we have heard nothing from her since. She was supposed to be at a friend, Sandy Howerter's house. We do not know where she lives and have no way to contact her. Beth Ard is a heart patient and could be at serious risk. Can you please help us find her? Thank you and God Bless You.
    Matt and Brian, Bogalusa, LA, USA

    I volunteered today at the Centroplex the convention center in Baton Rouge. Two people who had been rescued were taking shelter and were in search of their families. James Perry was looking for his daughter who lives in Oak Ridge apartments. Jane Taneen was looking for her son and husband Raymond Terminie.
    Amanda, Baton Rouge, LA

    We are looking to locate Bill and Julie Hamers and son, they are residents of Mandeville on the west side of Route 190.
    RXSales, Philadelphia Pa

    I am looking for my aunt and uncle and their son. They were in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and we have not heard from them. We are all very worried, their names are Tommy and Lisa Calhoun and their sons name is Tommy Calhoun also. Please if anyone knows anything please contact me as soon as possible we want to be sure that our family is OK. And god bless everyone who was hurt by this tragic storm
    Kerri Shelton, Benton, Arkansas

    I am concerned about my brother and nephew. Alton Holloway and Trevon Wallace. I am not sure what their address was because they just moved there. His girlfriend's name is Deshawna Wood. Please call me or email me if you know anything. Thanks so much.
    Audrey Cook, Oakland, CA, USA

    Hoping for any word about the DuBuisson family of Slidell, LA.
    Mark, Cincinnati, OH, USA

    Looking for my father and step mother. I haven't been able to locate them - Roy Randle and Jenny Randle. Roy Randle is in his 70s and Jenny in her 50s they live in Mosspoint, MS.
    McClayton Randle, Richfield, MN

    Marco Pataray is a nurse working in one of the hospitals in New Orleans. He was working the night shift when the hurricane hit. Please let me know if you are ok.
    Vanessa Mercado, New York

    Looking for Terry, Jenny and Amanda Ward.
    Nancy, Cincinnati, OH

    We are trying to locate my nephew, Chad Legon and his mother, Pam Legon. Also, looking for my wife's aunt and uncle - Helen and Steve Weaver all of New Orleans. God watch over us all.
    Bradley Guilbeau, Carencro, LA

    Looking for my mom, four sisters, two brothers - live on Howard Ave in Biloxi. Phelps fmaily (Debbie, Perry, Kasey Carew, Jeremy, Daniel, Amber, Heather and Holly).
    Kristen Bellisario, Indianapolis, IN

    I'm looking for friends David and Elisa Hopkins of Covington LA, as I have not heard from them since the storm hit.
    Matthew Feier, Salida, Colorado

    We are looking for Jamesetta Tate she lives in New Orleans east off of Bullard, does anyone know of the conditions there we haven't heard from her since Sunday morning.
    Chantel, Las Vegas

    My mom lives in Diamondhead, Ms. Luckily she is here in Wisconsin visiting. We are trying to locate my mom's priest. His name is Father John Ford from Delisle. If you know of him or his church, St Stephens, please contact us. Thank you.
    Peggy Pfrang, Plymouth, Wi

    We are trying to reach Diane and Robert Romero from Mandeville, LA. Rob works at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans. We're old college friends and are worried about them. Any information would be a blessing to us!
    Andrea and Chris Owan, Tucson, Arizona USA

    Has anyone seen or heard of any of these people? Terri Maull, Shane Carcher Stephanie Schafer, Shawne Mcgary,
    Slidel, La Comb, la, USA

    Looking for George and Linda Hayden. They live in the MS Gulf Coast. Tell them to call the Lucketts
    Janice Brahm, Hyattsville, MD, USA

    Looking for friends Steve and Roxy Hill of Slidell, LA. Steve works at Tulane University in New Orleans, Roxy is a teacher in Slidell.
    Lorri Wilson, Spring, TX

    Have been in contact with relatives in Covington, La. Thought I should share that most are ok. Just got some wind damage, not serious. Electricity, phones mostly out, but damage not serious.
    Connie, Ohio, USA

    I am looking for information on my uncle, a retired priest in New Orleans. He is Father Royce Mitchell and his last known location was St. Leo's church on Paris Avenue. He is 81, and we are all concerned. Any information about him or the people who rode out the storm in St. Leo's would be greatly appreciated.
    Tyra Mitchell, Acworth, GA, USA

    Looking for David Baker from Gautier, MS. He is a member of MS National Guard. Please have him call his mom.
    Joan Heilbrun, Winter Haven, FL

    Help!! We are trying to find my mother, sister, and niece! They did not evacuate Gulfport for the storm and we have not been able to find them, and we have not heard from them. Their names are Linda and Constance Overby, and my niece's name is Lizzie. Thank you if you can help me and my family.
    Janie Hoyt, Huntsville, Alabama

    My girlfriend and her family was in Slidell when the storm hit. Her name's Nana Xu. Any information about the condition on the Slidell residence would be greatly appreciated.
    Fan, Westampton, NJ

    I am anxiously waiting for any information about my father and stepmother who live in Diamondhead, Mississippi. I last spoke with them on Saturday and they had planned to ride out the storm. I miss them and pray for their safety as well as all the victims of this horrible event. Anyone with any knowledge of the situation in the Diamondhead area please contact me.
    Stacey Breland, Ringgold,Ga USA

    I'm looking for my cousin Bethany Mendosa from New Orleans and my friend Allen C.Tracy Jr. in Pearl River County, Mississippi Any info please e-mal me
    Shannon Duncan, Dallas, Texas

    I'm trying to find the Damers Family (Agustin,Sandra etc) from Biloxi,MS. Last spoke with them on Sunday.
    Manny Fernandez, Tobyhanna,PA

    Looking for any information on my aunt (Carolyn Denning) and her daughter my cousin, Ellen. Lived in trailer park in Gulfport - Carolyn and dog evacuated to a hotel (Quality?) and Ellen works at Beau Rivage. Anyone with information, please contact me. May the Lord help ease this burden and give you hope during this time of need.
    Valerie, Corsicana, Texas - USA

    I am looking for Marla Stotland and her 3 year old daughter Ashley Reddoch. They lived on the west bank in New Orleans. We have not heard anything from them and we pray that they are safe. Please if you know anything about them please let me know.
    Jessica Tipton, Dbioll, Tx USA

    Looking for my grandmother Mildred Simmons, aunt, Sandra Smith, and uncle Arden Smith. They stayed in their home in Bay St. Louis. Does anyone know if St Charles Street is still there? My grandmother is diabetic.
    emily , denver, co

    I'm looking for my Great Aunt, Willie Mae Breck. She lives in Orleans Parish, Louisiana. She stayed behind despite evacuations and we haven't heard from her sense.
    Melissa Stephens, Los Angeles, CA USA

    My cousin goes to Xavier University in LA and my family hasn't heard anything about him and his whereabouts. Any information would be wonderful, and my family and I would greatly thank you.
    Kelsi, Santa Clarita CA

    Looking for Jason Sperry of Uptown in New Orleans. He's still unaccounted for and we're pretty desperate to find him. The reports I'm getting are that New Orleans East is the hardest hit and that there's nothing left of Slidell. It's like the end of the world.
    Heather, Baton Rouge, LA USA

    Looking for my brother, Carlos de la Cruz. He resided in Slidell, LA. We have not heard from him.
    Darlene de la Cruz, Bordentown, New Jersey

    We are waiting to hear news about our daughter and grandchildren and her husband from Henley Place in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Please help if you can and remember us in your prayers.
    Jean & Dale Stickles, Fredericton, NB. Canada

    I'm Looking for my Niece, nephew brother-in-law and two great nieces. They live in Ocean Springs. Niece works at Harrison County Jail. Have not heard anything from them.
    Suzy Koelzer, Satanta, Ks

    Looking for information about the Georgia Kathleen Davis family of Slidell, La.
    Peggy Little, Las Vegas, Nevada

    We have close family friends who live in New Orleans, LA. Their names are Adela and Marshall Peterson. We are very worried, phones are not up so we cannot get in contact. Any information concerning them would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Caceres Family, Springfield, Virginia

    My dad and his girlfriend live in Longbeach and they decided to stay through the hurricane. When they realised it was no longer safe in their home they went to the University of Southern Mississippi College for shelter. My dad is a security guard there so he had keys to the whole building. I haven't been able to reach them because the phone lines are down. I would really like to know if the college is still in survival condition so I can know that they are safe.
    Angelia Cabibi, Hattiesburg, MS

    Looking for cousins that live in Bay St. Louis: Jerome and Lynn Charles.
    Desmond Smith, Odenton, Maryland, USA

    We are looking for information on my cousin, Frank Lanier, of Gulfport, MS.
    Fran Davies, Oak Ridge, TN, USA

    I'm hoping to find information about Dusty and Janice Batiste and their sons.
    Lara, Oakland, CA

    I am looking for my sisters Christy and Ann Graves. If anyone knows anything about them, please let me know.
    Joyce Kennedy, Huntsville, USA

    Looking for Athasha Crawford and child, Melvina Crawford and children, Lawrence Scott, Derry Crawford and Shanel Crawford.
    Derry McCoy, Harrisonburg, VA

    Any information on Bob or Jeannie Williams of Williams Paving Biloxi Mississippi
    Shelia, Lavale, USA

    Looking for Frank and Sue Lash from Hickroy Hills subdivision in Gautier, Mississippi.
    Suvonne Sanford, Clarkston, Michigan

    I am looking for my Mom's cousin Kris Downing. He lives and works in New Orleans and we have not been able to contact him.
    Mimi Robichaux, Lake Charles, Louisiana

    Seeking Jerry Taranto who lives in Biloxi, MS.
    Don Neuhauser, Redwood City, CA

    Looking for Bob, Dedee, Brooke and Elinor Conover of Gulfport, MS. Any information would be very much appreciated.
    Nancy Conover, Oakland, CA

    Trying to find out about Marilyn Hymel and family from Bridge City. Last we heard they were considering travelling to Marilyn's sister's at the weekend, but none of us have been able to contact her since Saturday. Many worried friends here in the UK, Australia and the US.
    Erica, Worcester, UK

    I am looking for information about Barbara Himes in Gulfport, MS. If anyone has information, please contact her niece, Kathy.
    Kathy, Lake Charles, LA

    I'm looking for my boyfriend. He lives in New Orleans and attends Xavier College. I just need to know if he is still alive. If someone knows him, his name is Eric Riley. Please let me know.
    Dominique Dubose, Inglewood, CA

    I am looking for my uncles and family, Last name Free. They live in Moss Point, MS. and Pasagula, Ms. We are extremely worried about them. Any information on them will be a great help. My mother is worried sick about her brothers.
    Makeesha Harper, San Jose, Ca USA

    We are looking for Lena Nell Melton, Jason (Fannie and infant daughter) Melton, Jennifer Melton, and Jeffery Melton from Ocean Springs, MS. The last information we received was that "water is coming into the house and we can't get out" We would be grateful for any information.
    Clarence & Pearl Hollis, Atlanta, USA

    Please send any information about Allen and Kelli Bernard of Metairie Heights, Metairie, LA and/or Jeanie and Charles Jones of Pearl River, LA. Rob and Linda. Are you OK?
    Peggy L. Snowden, Plattsburgh, NY, USA

    I am looking for my brother Ronald Prout. He lived in Gulfport, Mississippi. If any one knows him or has any information please notify us. Thank you.
    Debbie Prout, Port Charlotte, FL

    Need news on my family - parents Robert & Patricia Spear, sister Joanne McTaggart, brother-in-law Barry McTaggart - last known to have been in the Ocean Springs Hospital.
    Rick Spear, Ocean Springs, Mississippi

    Looking for Bob Culbertson or Wade Crawford in Slidell, Louisiana.
    Mary Ann Crocker, Harmony, Florida

    Looking for Mary Jane McReynolds. Known Sunday to have been going to help at the Star Baptist Church, Miss. hurricane shelter.
    Kathy G. Gillikin, Beaufort, NC

    A friend of mine is looking for one of his best friends in Gulfport, Mississippi. His name is Charles Otis Lee and he's an attorney in Gulfport. Please contact with any information.
    Christopher Howe, Greenville, SC

    Looking for my daughter, Tenisha Caldwell and her family, Sampson and Bobbi Caldwell. They live in Gulfport, MS. There may also be other relatives with them with the last name of Caldwell. They lived on Halsell Road. We are very concerned about their welfare.
    Jeff Shelby, Lexington, KY

    Searching for Marge Ward. Last known to have been riding out the storm in her home near Tulane University. Family is very worried as no one has heard from her. Marge is a well-known sculptress in the New Orleans area.
    Lindsey Kaplan, Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

    Looking for Keith Coomer. Lived near Perkinston, MS. Any information would be wonderful.
    Jon Coomer, Lewis Center, OH

    I am looking for Susanna Lazarre, my stepmother, who is a patient at the nursing home, Heritage Manor of Mandeville, in Louisiana. She is confined to a wheelchair. I am desperate to find out if she is okay or if she needs help.
    Katia Lazarre, Houston, Texas, USA

    Trying to locate Darcy and Rambod. He's a Medical Doctor in Laurel Mississippi. Last we heard they were at the hospital taking shelter in basement.
    Dusty Guuild Hanson, Canby Oregon USA

    Looking for my father, Frank John White and my brother and his wife, Victor and Margaret White. They are from Picayune Mississippi
    Walter and Ruth Anne Fisher, Indianapolis Indiana USA

    My husband Kenneth Bruce and uncle Peter Williams was left behind in New Orleans. The last time I spoke to my husband was Monday at 8:00 am. I was told he was last seen going to the superdome for help. If anyone see my people, please have them call me.
    Jacqueline Bruce, Bessemer, Ala

    Looking for sister, Renee, last known to be in Hammond. She had no family close by. Worked at Walmart in Hammond. Please contact me with any info that you may have.
    Simone, Orange County California

    Looking for Sally Bordenave, she lived in Lakeshore MS and worked at Pass Christian Nursing home, please if you have information please call.
    Sandra Wagy, Cantrall, IL

    Sean and Leanne Riley from Slidell, Louisiana. We have not been able to contact them and would appreciate any information you might have or discover.
    Anthony Costabile, Clinton, MA USA

    I need how the area is in Washington Parish. My entire family lives in Washington Parish. Hartzogs, Thomas, Brumfields, Lees and Mizells Any info was be greatly appreciated on the these areas
    Jana, Washington Parish / Bogalusa

    Missing - diabetic, insulin dependent mother and 85 yr old grandmother, last known to be in diamondhead, Mississippi, Names: Betty Pike and Dottie Hirsch.
    Simone, Orange County California

    Looking for my father and his wife. David and Nancy (maiden name Fancher) Hengstler. They were in New Orleans for a veterans reunion.
    Mark Hengstler, London, UK

    Looking for Aunt and Uncle and cousins. Teresa Perricone of Metiarie and son and wife Sal and Mary Perricone, New Orleans. Also Denis Thornton and family of Harahan Louisianna
    Kath & Denis Zyntek, Coventry, England

    I looking for news of Mrs Hilda Everette of Eight Mile Alabama
    Dede Summerscales, Perth, Western Australia

    Looking for news on my close friend Steven Michael Penn and his family. He lived in Metairie, New Orleans. Last time I received a text was on Monday but nothing since then. If anyone has any info please let me know. Thank you.
    Noah Snowdon, Havant, UK

    News of Charles Brown would be appreciated. Originally from Saltash, Cornwall. He is a friend last heard of living in New Orleans, teaching languages.
    Teresa Lynch, Boston, England

    I am looking for my entire family, Betty Brousse, Christine Ramirez, Megan Ramirez, Jennifer Ramirez, James Ramirez, Chris Ramirez, Timothy Ramirez, Gavin Ramirez, and Scott Puckett. Last known location was Picayune, MS.
    Robert Ramirez, Tomball, Texas

    I am living in texas now, but am from the MS coast. All my family is there. Ocean Springs was wiped out as well as Diamondhead, The Bay, The Pass and Moss Point and Pascagoula. I have found out my friend rode out the storm with his family in his attic in Ocean Springs. I hope that everyone finds their loved ones and that all is well!
    Paige, Houston, TX

    Looking for my sister Elaine Smith in Ocean Springs, Ms. Please let us know you're ok.
    Margaret Wiley, Jonesville, La

    Looking for Jay Poggie. Jay lived in French Quarter and was trying to save about 13 dogs from the hurricane. Thank you for any information.
    William Martin, Englewood, NJ

    I am looking for the Kimberly family from Covington. Please contact me. We are praying for you.
    Jacquie Helgeson, Sheboygan, WI

    I am looking for Guenalia Dye who lived in Galliano, La. Any help would be appreciated.
    Judy Showers, Carlisle, PA

    Trying to help find relatives, Charles and Gracie Bosage in Laurel, Mississippi. Please let me know if you know of their whereabouts.
    Patti, Seattle, Wa

    My brother's name is Barnaby White. He's a 31 year old Black Male that was with his girlfriend and 3 month old daughter. they were supposed to be at 424 Saint John Street in bay Saint Louis, MS. If anyone knows him or anyone at the Carole Earnest address, to please contact the family to let us know that they are alright.
    Joe Booker, Carbondale, KS

    What happened to the students at Tulane University? I had a friend Megan Morey who attends there.
    Sara Brown, Port Orchard, WA USA

    I am looking for Robert (Bob) Kasser. He lives in Bogalusa and no one has heard from him since the hurricane. If anyone knows how to find him, please let me know, I am very worried about him, he is in his 70s and lives alone.
    Traci Best, Jacksonville, FL

    Looking for Xuan Bui (or Xuan Tran) in East New Orleans near Bullard Blvd. On Pentland St.
    Tram Ngo, Orleans Parish

    Please help me find my mother and grandad Jeanne Mescaro, Charles Brenol they lived on Oxford St. in Slidell LA.
    Roy Fair, Bozeman, Montana

    Shirley and Melvin Dickens, my parents, Steven and Sean Hemphill, my brother and nephew and all the rest of my family I have not been able to contact New Orleans.
    Teresa Bowens, Waterbury, CT.-United States

    Looking for James Turner in the Moss Point MS area. Any information would be welcomed.
    Alvin West, SC

    I am searching for Edward Butler and Clark Butler. My father Edward had to be hospitalized while preparing to evacuate Slidell. He was apparently taken to Slidell Memorial Hospital. We were told that after the hurricane hit conditions there declined and he was evacuated to LaCombe Heart Hospital. My brother Clark who apparently accompanied him to SMH has not been heard from since the storm. Any information about the persons or institutions referenced is greatly appreciated.
    Matt Butler, Portland, OR USA

    I am anxious to find news about Lauren Donnison (age 20). We last heard from her on Aug 27th when she was preparing to go to the Dome. Any news or details of how to contact people in the Dome desperately needed. Thanks.
    Sheila Maclean-Eltham, Carlisle, UK

    We are looking for any information about Lake Carmel Subdivision out in the East. My brother-in-law stayed in his house during the hurricane. We have not heard from him since Monday morning. His name is Willie Jefferson, Sr. Can you help us?
    Marilyn Alexander, Baton Rouge

    I am from Bermuda and now in the United States searching desperately for my two sons missing in New Orleans. Jamel Pierre Thomas age 19 and Jashun Perron Thomas age 17.Living in New Orleans with their father James Thomas also missing. Please if you know their whereabouts can you please, please contact me.
    Jean Lamontagne, Pottstown,P.A.

    I am trying to find my father. He is David L. McNeill, M.D. and was at Meadowcrest hospital on Belle Chase Hwy when the hurricane hit. I last heard from him on Monday evening. I can find no information on the status of the hospital. Are there any resources that you can recommend that I can use to try to locate him?
    Ron McNeill, San Diego, CA USA

    Trying to find the whereabouts of Chris and Mary Swearingen and their new baby daughter, born in August. All live in New Orleans. Chris is an ER doctor and likely remained behind to help care for Katrina's many victims. We have contacted friends and his brother but no one has heard anything yet.
    Amy Luther, San Diego, CA (USA)

    I am trying to find out if Bennetts Ski Lake in Baton Rouge has escaped unscathed. Can someone post on here if they know anything? Thanks.
    Lisa, Stansted

    I am anxious to hear from my sister Ailing De Riggs or her family who all live in New Orleans
    Elvina, Kent, UK

    Looking for David Lee Getzinger, lives in New Orleans. I haven't heard from him. If anybody in the area can give any news it would be appreciated.
    Fadime Sigirtmac, London, UK

    My father lives in the New Orleans East area. He is about 5 ft. 7in. He has a fair complexion with grey hair, has facial hair and is 58 or 59 yrs. old. My father has colon cancer and goes to the VA in New Orleans for chemo treatments. He wears glasses, a hat most of the time. I am currently staying in Baton Rouge. If he is transferred to Houston (or anywhere else), I will come to get him ASAP! Thank you and God Bless!
    Heather Frederick, New Orleans

    Info required on my daughter, Samantha Jayne Campbell of Ocean Springs Mississippi.
    Colin Campbell, Ballasalla, Isle of Man

    I'm trying to discover the whereabouts of my girlfriend, Twanda Trader from Gulfport (near to the speedway arena). I last heard from her on Sunday 31st and have not heard anything since. She was planning to leave with her mother and son. She worked at the Beau Rivage.
    David Leak, London, England

    I am missing my aunt Anne Reynolds (65), her husband Ernie (65) and cousin Louise Reynolds (34). They fled from Slidell to Hattiesburg. Not heard from since Saturday.
    Theresa Kissane, Southport, England

    Any news on Floyd McLamb and Stuart Anthony, Lions Inn B&B and Elizabeths Restaurant New Orleans, just let us know you're safe.
    Richard Butler, Dublin Ireland

    Looking for news regarding Stuart Anthony and Flloyd McLamb, they ran the Lions Inn Bed and Breakfast in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Flloyd and Stuart If you are reading this - PLEASE GET IN TOUCH - we are all very worried about you both! If you have any news - please e-mail!
    Kat Pollock, London

    I'm trying to contact my brother and his family John and Lisa McCusker resident at Gautier. John is an employee at Beau Rivage, Biloxi. Can anybody forward me information concerning this family however little it maybe. Thank you
    Anne McCusker, Sabadell, Spain

    Trying to find my brother and his wife, Howard and Terri Langson. Uncle Sid Langson and his family. Also cousin Mary Doran and Husband Lewis. All in and around the Biloxi area. If anyone knows them please let them know all the family in England are praying for them.
    Judith Adams, Castle Cary, England

    I've not been able to reach my aunt, Betty McElwee since the hurricane hit. She lives in Gretna, Louisiana. Any news would be gratefully received.
    Reina Simpson, Liverpool, England

    I am looking for my grandmother Doris Morris and my great-aunt Audrey Hamilton. Both are from Crystal Springs, MS. Also, great-aunt Mary Edna Becknell of Terry, MS. Last phone contact was Sunday night 8/28. If anyone has word, please let us know.
    Patricia Kelley, North Aurora, IL, USA

    I am waiting to here from brother and family who live in Slidell, La. They are Rob and Linda Roberts. Can you please get them to contact us to let us know they are safe. Thanks.
    Louise Jobbins, Kent, England

    Peggy and Ed Hoover of Hammond, LA. We are seeking news please.
    Martin Hershel-Jones, Warlingham, Surrey, UK

    My Aunt Lydia Johns lived at 995 Lane Street Lake View.
    John Merrin, UK

    Looking for my friend Gwendolyn Siniard, artist.
    Biennier, Glasgow, Scotland

    My family that is missing is Shelly Lawton and Anita Lawton and we just want to know if they are ok they are from Gulfport, thank you
    Davdi, Spiro

    We are waiting to hear from Dolly and Vernon Schaffer who live in Biloxi, Mississippi.
    Jane Clarke, Reading, Berkshire, UK

    Posted an appeal last night for information about my sister Frances Holland of Biloxi Mississippi delighted to say I now she is safe and well.
    Marlene Lowe, Strichen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Desperate for any information about my sister Frances Holland who decided to stay in her home in Biloxi.
    Marlene Lowe, Strichen, Aberdeenshire

    I am looking for Frankie McManus, Gulfport, Ruth Noto and Benny Noto, in Ocean Springs, or Gautier, Clare Byars, Pascagoula. I just want to know that they are all safe.
    Eileen Maurizi, Cozumel, Mexico

    I have been unable to contact a close friend of mine Doreen Kekeler since Saturday afternoon as the home and mobile numbers are unavailable. She lives near Fort Lauderdale but was due to go to Turtle Bay last weekend. Any information would be welcome.
    Craig Totten, Surrey, UK

    Looking for Joan Baker of Biloxi and Linda and Jeff Heath of Ocean Springs. Please contact family in England.
    Cath Henshaw, Liverpool, UK

    I am looking for my brother Mark Kirk and his girlfriend Heather MacFarlane. They live in New Orleans and I am very worried for them. They normally this time of year go to the Burning Man festival. Has anybody seen or heard from them?
    Donna Dixon, Swindon, England

    Looking for news of my niece Sabine Bellew, husband and baby of New Orleans.
    Hilary Burgess, Dorchester, England

    Looking for Ashley (Aonie) Evins of Bay, St Louis, Mississippi, who evacuated Sunday and went inland, possibly to Jackson, Mississippi. She's got a lot of friends who are concerned about her.
    Patrick McKinnion, Doha, Qatar

    We are wanting to know about my ex-husband and his wife from La Combe, LA. His mother is very worried because no one has heard from them. His name is Keith Schoolcraft and his wife is Tania. If you have any information on their condition and whereabouts, please let us know.
    Faith Hurd, Oklahoma City, OK

    Looking for Dorothy Reed, Barbara Reed, Robert Reed, Sandy Williams, Felicia Charles, Gary Charles and Delores Williams. Any information concerning their whereabouts is greatly appreciated.
    Rinalda Butts, Omaha, NE

    We are looking for one of my best friends and her family, my friends name is Dorie Ensor and lives about 1 miles from the gulf in Biloxi, her daughter and son-in-law are Jackie and Ty Westover also in that area. They both were employed by the Isle of Capri casino. Any info would be so appreciated. We are praying for everyone's safety. Our prayers are for everyone.
    Lillian Munsey, Orange Park, Fl

    Very worried about our close friends Don and Sandy Williams who live in La Place to the North of New Orleans, cant find out how badly this area was hit, and had no contact with our friends since the night before the Hurricane hit.
    Jim Wright, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland

    We are trying to find Brandon Gregory and his family, we talked to him an hour before the eye hit them. He promised to call to let us know that he and his family were OK. Anyone with info please help!
    Jennifer Jones, Laurel, Ms

    Looking for David Keith Brown of Dunbar Ave in Bay, St Louis, MS. Also, Washington Parish, Bogalusa and Franklinton residents. I have heard from my father, Dr Casama who is coroner of Washington Parish. Food and water is very limited, power and phone lines are out. Communication through satellite and hand radios appear to be working. Hope this helps.
    Cindy Casama Gerber, San Francisco, CA, USA

    I am anxious to find out if my ex-wife Deborah (now re-married and most likely last-named Ragas) and her two daughters, Lauren Reeks and Kristen Hurst and their families are alright and how I could get in touch with them to find out how they can best be helped.
    Armin Hartinger, Crawley, UK

    I am looking for my aunt, Sue Pinter and cousin, Amy Pinter from Ocean Springs, MS.
    Jamie Pinter, Indianapolis, IN, USA

    Please let me know if Lonnie and Wilma Wilson of Baton Rouge Pearl River are alive
    Mary, Hanover Park, Illinois

    Looking for Brock Tisdale and his mother Billie - are you both ok and do you need help?
    Barbara Johnstone, Pender Island, BC, Canada

    My sister Wendy Watkins and her family live in D'iberville, just outside Biloxi. I have not heard if she and her family are OK. I am extremely worried as she is diabetic. I would be grateful for any news of them. Her husband is TC, son is William and daughter is Rebecca. Wendy also works in Biloxi, in a hospital which is near the beach.
    Roberta Davies, Pencoed, South Wales

    I am trying to find my brother and his wife. They were living in Ocean Springs, MS. His name is Thomas M White goes by Mickey, wife is Ruth. Please help me locate him are call me if you know anything about his whereabouts. He is my only brother, we lost our parents when we were young and he is all I have left in my family.
    Lisa Hanchey, Elba, Alabama, USA

    I need to know if my family is OK. I am looking for Chae Cody Lewis, Shannon Williams, and Robby Williams Jr. They were in the line of the hurricane and I haven't heard from them since the disaster.
    Tori Kendrick, Houston, Texas

    Dee is a friend who works at Pensacola, Florida. I am not sure how badly it is hit. Would be grateful if someone could let me know if she is OK. Dee if you see this message: My prayers are with you and your family.
    Deepali Patil, Pune, India

    Looking for Tim and Carolyn Torrance from Roseville Louisiana. Brother David needs you.
    Terri Bennett, Plymouth MI, USA

    So worried about a friend who lives in Mandeville, La. Need to know how the town faired. My friend Ricky Bernos and his bride Terry and their children live in Mandeville. Are they all OK?
    Sherand (Sheri) Bennett, Van Nuys, Ca, USA

    Looking for news of friends Frank, Janice and Pam Polk. We in Columbia, SC are praying for everyone in LA and MS. God bless you all!
    Mary Revels, Columbia, SC

    We have a son and his wife living in Volpe Drive in Chalmette and have not heard from them since Sunday they are Colin and Cindy Fenton and Cindy's sister Sharron, if anybody in the area can give any news it would be appreciated.
    Frank Archer, Wakefield, England

    I am worried sick about my son who left New Orleans on Saturday, told me that he went to Bogalusa. I have not heard from him. I call his cell phone every five minutes. No reply. Please let me know how I can find out about my son's whereabouts. His name is Brekk Botne. He is 25-years-old, 6 feet and 3inches.
    Musa Botne, Albuquerque, NM

    Looking for Hayden Jacob Taylor in the Denham Springs La Area. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Rise, San Diego Ca

    I need to find out if my grandparents are ok there at Northshore hospital there names are Isabell Lee and Jessie Lee.
    Amanda, Slidell

    We are looking for any information on the Khax V. Do family. If you have any way to call out, please let me know. We are praying for your safety!
    Vien Minh Do, Bucyrus, Ohio

    My husbands ex-wife and children live in Biloxi, Missippi. Her name is Sandra Moore and she has 6 children we have not heard anything from them we are very worried about them.
    Lorice Minter, Chantilly VA USA

    Looking for Shannon Kelly-Harpin and family. Live really close to Biloxi Beach and I haven't heard from them. I am really worried.
    Sarah Mitchell, SAC, CA

    Seeking info on Stan Kottemann, New Orleans Attorney and Metarie resident who remained at home during Katrina. Are you OK, Stan? Where are you? Call or email us.
    Doug and Barb Edelman, St Peters, MO USA

    I am looking for my aunt who is named Ruth Hope and is a lifelong resident of Biloxi Mississippi.
    Charles Polk, St. Louis, MO (USA)

    I am helping my mother look for her husband's son and wife, James Ernie & Sally Lee..
    Kim LeCroy, Toccoa, GA

    My mother Marilea Kemsly lives in Kenner and her family is looking for any information on her whereabouts.
    Debbie Ferroni, Hamilton, Ontario

    My friends, Lynnie and Stever Staffier were not evacuating. Their daughter, Alicia Murphy and her husband Matt were at the Ritz Carelton in NO, where he is the head chief. Does anyone know where they are? The Staffiers' youngest daughter, Season, lives in Picayune, Mississippi with her new husband and children. I do not know their last name. Does anyone know anything about how Picayune faired or know anyone in that area named Season.
    Joan Cianci, Niantic, CT. USA

    My whole family is down in New Orleans and I have not heard anything from them. The Pierson/Lucas/Clark/Harrison family.
    Carolyn Bass, Jonesboro

    I am looking for members of my family. Bobby and Jo Boyet of Baton Rouge, LA; Tom and Dixie Boyet of Ponchatoula, LA; Wayne and Nan Hoover of Covington, LA. I've heard no word at all and I know that Dixie was in a long-term care hospital in Hammond, LA before the storm hit. If anyone has any information please let me know. God bless the great and beautiful State of Louisiana
    Leslie Farrell, Denver, CO USA

    Trying to locate Jenai Morris, my cousin. A freshman at Xavier University. It is understood that some students were not evacuated. Last contact was probably Monday, 8/29. Call home ASAP. Need to know location.
    Terence Jackson, Atlanta, GA

    For those of you trying to reach loved ones, many people have come to Houston and Austin, Texas to escape the hurricane. Most hotels in both cities are booked solid. Also, the Superdome refugees will be re-routed to the Astrodome in Houston... about 20,000 people. I hope this information helps.
    Jenna, Austin, Texas, USA

    Desperately seeking: Darryl Hill, Jennifer Pulley, Natashia George, Allison Liwanag, Dominique Devezin, Shatoyna Sterling, Joann Esmail, Danielle Mariche, Sabrina Willis, Daranika Williams, Natasha Zeno, Charlotte Hatcher, Courtney Slafter; Katherine Jeffrey.
    Amy Duos, Baton Rouge, La

    I need to find out if my uncle, his wife and their 2 kids are ok. Their names are; Terry Crosswhite, Katherine Crosswhite, Daniel and David Crosswhite.
    Jamie Jensen, Lafayette, Colorado, USA

    My grandmother is missing. Name - Ruby Parker in Gulfport, MS
    Enikimberly Avery, Houston, Texas

    My sister-in-law and nephew live in Ocean Springs and are missing. Is there any way to find out if they are in a shelter somewhere?
    Lanita Banaka, Ocean Springs, MS

    My family Anna Gabrielse, Daughter Brandi and mother called me by cell phone early before the storm hit. They are from Houma Louisiana They were located in a shelter.
    Betty Higins, Morganton, NC

    My dad lives in Mandeville LA (across from New Orleans) and I really don't know if he is okay. I really wish I could just see him or hear his voice. I love my dad and I just want to be with him, I can't imagine how other people feel about this hurricane. I saw the pictures but I could barely look at them. I'm just 13 and this is horrible.
    Erin Fisher, Lincoln City, Oregon

    My brother and his wife life in Belle Chase, across the river (& 16 feet higher) from New Orleans. I have been trying to get through to his cell phone since this morning but no communication as yet. I hope they have gotten out.
    AB Richards, Dallas, Texas, USA

    My brother lives in Gulfport about a 1/4 mile from the beach. I'm trying to get hold of him. He evacuated and doesn't have a cell phone.
    Cliff Hosler, Vacaville, CA

    We are looking for any information about Robin St in Slidell LA. My uncle stayed in his home there and we have not heard from him. His name is Dennis De Corte. Please help.
    Karen De Corte, Slidell, LA

    My 80 year-old aunt decided to stay. We last spoke at 7am when the water started to leak under the door. Have not been able to reach her since.
    J, Tucson, AZ

    In 1998/99 I was a foreign exchange student in Hattiesburg, MS. When I talked to my former host mom on the phone yesterday, she said they were alright but the worst "is yet to come". Suddenly, she said she had to go because a tree might just have hit her house. I haven't heard from her since.
    Alexander Drescher, Berlin, Germany

    I have close friends and a boyfriend over there. I need to know they are ok!
    Steph Rigby, Carlisle, England

    I'm trying to find my uncle, Mario Petrucci who resides in Vancleave.
    Luca Di Credico, London, England

    My older sister lives right near where the hurricane hit in gulf port. Her name is Sandra Crosswhite. I cannot contact her as the phone lines are dead.
    Jennifer Smith, England

    My home is in Biloxi Miss. I am staying in the UK with my sister at present. I am frantically trying to contact my husband and family in the Porteaux Bay area of Biloxi St. Vincent Drive.
    Margaret Shockley, Rushden Northants

    Where are Xavier University Students? My cousin Rupert C. Dennis, Jr is freshman attending Xavier University, LA. An airline ticket was purchased for him to fly from Baton Rouge, LA on Sunday to Raleigh, NC to avoid Katrina. I reside in Raleigh, NC and his sister is enrolled at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC. We had cancel the flight because he was unable to get to the airport. My family feels very helpless right now like others because all efforts to get him out of New Orleans failed. He and about 50 others (students & personnel) are still in college dorms unable to get out. We have not been able to reach him since Monday afternoon.
    Tina M. Akrie, Raleigh, NC (USA)

    My best friend lives in Alabama and I've tried to contact her but cannot reach her. I am worried sick for her safety and pray to God that she is okay.
    Amanda, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

    I am v v worried about my friend, Nancy, in Alabama. I think she was evacuated safely but I'm not 100% sure and what damage her home sustained.
    Carole Young, Glasgow, Scotland

    Trying hard to find info on tourists in New Orleans. My daughter Cheri is staying in Baronne Plaza Hotel and we don't know how bad that area is. Trying all means of contact and her mother is worried sick.
    Matthew Smith, Paisley, Scotland

    For those who are looking for loved ones the best thing to do is to contact the Red Cross. Give them as much information as you can about your loved one. It may take a while for them to get information back to you but they will find out where your loved one is. My son lives in Biloxi, Mississippi. Thankfully he's alive and well.
    Eileen, US

    My brother-in-law and his family live in Mandeville, LA very close to Lake Pontchartrain. They evacuated with their two small children on Sun. morning. They drove 300 miles north to find a hotel that would take pets. They attempted to return to their home yesterday. Cell phones are not working in the area, so no one has heard from them since. I hope we hear something soon.
    , Columbia, MD

    My daughter and her family live in Metairie near New Orleans. She is a nurse and when the hurricane was on its way they all went to the hospital and stayed there. At that time they thought their house could well be destroyed. We have not heard any more and are anxiously trying to find out how Metairie has been affected.
    Gerry Boxall, Holbeach, Lincolnshire, UK

    I am from Bogalusa LA. I have not heard from my family since Sunday am. I need to know if they are ok and if Bogalusa was badly damaged?
    Myrna Jones, Goldsboro NC

    My husband and I just moved to the Mississippi coast at the end of July. We found a beachfront apartment, with five windows facing the Biloxi Bay. We loved it. The water, the breeze, the kindness of our neighbours. We evacuated on Saturday morning. On Tuesday someone with a working cell phone called to let us know that our apartment complex is now "beach." I'm worried about our neighbours, who told us that they never left for hurricanes. I hope that they changed their minds when they saw how severe the forecasts were.
    Jessica, Ocean Springs, USA

    Anyone know of the whereabouts of Louie and Elly Maistros of Decatur St Nola? Their friends in the UK are thinking of them and all those affected.
    Tim, Farnham, UK

    My sister lives in Oceans Springs. Her name is Charlotte Huff. If any one knows where she is or any news about her I would be very grateful?
    Margaret Handley, Nottingham England

    We have family in MS and we are stationed here in Naples, we are from the Pascagoula/Moss Point area. I was able to speak with a sister-in-law that chose to leave, they were heading back from Greenville, MS. I have had no news since that conversation. My husbands mother, father and younger brother stayed through the storm. We have not heard from them. My family, my friends and my church are all there.
    gale smith, Naples Italy

    My little sister was travelling after a stint at summer camp and was unable to leave New Orleans during the evacuation. She has been in the Superdome since Sunday morning. We last heard form her on Monday afternoon when she said the worst had passed though they had no power. We lost signal and also think her mobile battery is dead and have been unable to contact since. We are getting increasingly worried as we hear reports that the stadium is letting in water. We just hope they get evacuated soon though with up to 20,000 people in there it may be a difficult task.
    Helen Wheeldon, Glasgow, Scotland

    I've been trying to reach half of my family who are still evacuated from Tangipahoa Parish. The New Orleans relatives - we hope are safe. But all lines are cut off and feel very helpless at this point. All we can do is pray. Although we were warned, no one was prepared for the magnitude of this or its aftermath.
    Mimee, USA

    My sister and family are in Hotel Bourbon New Orleans her name is Sheila Flitcroft and Daughter husband and granddaughter are O'Sullivan. Is there anyway we can find out if she and family are OK, they live in England and are on holiday. My sister lives in Stockport and her daughter and family live in Huddersfield.
    Pauline Holt-Breskovic, Dubrovnik, Croatia

    My son Peter, last heard of in the Superbowl in New Orleans 48 hours ago. Just so frustrated unable to get any news not sure what to do for the best.
    Wayne Henry, England

    Joann - please send a message by any means possible.
    Kelly Lifer, Gulfport, MS

    My sister, her husband and two daughters live in Westoak Lawn, Biloxi. Mississippi. Do you know of a help line phone number to trace family? they phoned us on Saturday and said they were told they could stay put as it won't be a bad one.
    Alison Smith, Charlbury Oxford

    I am trying to help a friend to contact her parents, Joe and Joceyln Oalmann of New Orleans, Louisiana.
    Wendy Stead Camozzi, Calgary, Alberta

    I am looking for my cousin Kevin Keith, his mother Mary, my brother Maurice Gendron, his wife Margaret and my nephew Buster. They are all from Daphne, I believe. I also have another cousin, Gary Keith also from Daphne but I could be mistaken.
    Nellie Bracho Stewart, Austin, TX

    My brother is in the affected area together with his wife and we can not reach him.
    Elena Voicu, Bucharest, Romania, Europe

    I am concerned about my friends I want to make sure they're ok. Their names are Carl and Billie Hillier. Carl is active in the Navy there.
    Heather Johnston, Biloxi or Gulfport

    Please if anyone reads this message my family in New Orleans, Covington LA, and Abita Springs. The Santiago family - we are so worried about your well-being.
    Melinda Santiago, Hammond, Indiana USA

    Two of my cousins have lost their homes. My aunt and uncle will likely loose their home if the water continues to rise. Three close family friends have lost their homes. My fathers Corp. Office is gone and had been setup in Houston. and my grandfather is unaccounted for. He refused to leave.
    Will Fehlis, Houston, Texas

    My sisters name is Barbra McIntyre she lives in Gulfport If anybody has seen her and reads this please, please contact me.
    Leslie Mcintyre, Cedar Crest, New Mexico

    What happened to Slidell, LA? Does the city no longer exist? My mother, Mrs. Olga H. Johnson, and my youngest brother, Earle Johnson, and his girlfriend, Crystal were in his house in Slidell when the hurricane hit. There is no phone service to my brother, Robert, in Mississippi, south of Jackson, either.
    Susan LaBarge, House Springs, MO, USA

    I used to live in Slidell Louisiana. I now live in Green Bay but my entire family still lives in that area. My mom lives in Pearl River Louisiana and I have not heard from her and anything about her area. I am so scared and very sad. I just want her to know I am constantly every minute thinking of her and if she is safe.
    Missy Knight, Green Bay, Wisconsin

    I'm looking for a 92-year-old woman that lived in St Anthony Nursing home in Metiere, Louisiana. Here name is Katie o. Compton. We love u mama' love Tea', Leeila, and Warren Finley.
    Tea Finley

    Is there a list somewhere we can check on for survivors in Gulfport? We have 4 sisters there and one who needs dialysis.
    Nancykaye Brown, Oakland, TN

    I'm trying to find an online forum to find my sister in Gulfport Miss. I'm affected in that I don't know what to do nor can I go down there I cant afford it. I haven't seen my sister since she was 6 years old and she is now 40 and I'm 50. She just visited me for the first time 2 1/2 wks ago. I liked her I liked her a lot and I really don't have any other family. Now she might be gone. I just don't know. Can somebody help me?
    Leslie , Cedar Crest NM

    I have not heard from my parents or sister since the storm hit. They are only 25 miles inland near the Mississippi/Louisiana state line. I am worried sick and would like to know if my family is ok. This is devastating.
    Cathy Baxter More├Čn, Saltillo, Mexico

    I am in Arkansa and my family is in Louisiana. They are in Pearl River. My parents are Dale and Christie LeBlanc. I have more family but please let me know if you hear about them.
    Ashley Leblanc, Slidell

    My Boyfriend stays in Gautier, MS with his family and last I heard was there was a hurricane coming and he didn't know if they were leaving or not because it might have been to late. I'm very scared and worried right now because I can't get hold of him.
    Sammi, Cleveland, US

    My uncle lives on the coast in Bay St Louis (Ex-Brit). Just a few miles from the mouth of the Mississippi River, he has not yet contacted any of the family here in Britain and we are all trying to track him down. He bought the property at the beginning of the year and before he had the chance to move in he was hit by the February hurricane but I believe he sat that one out. I am worried he may have tried this approach again. He used to work on the casino river boats on the Mississippi and we are trying to get any leads we can to trace him. Finding it a huge struggle at the moment. Any tips on tracing missing relatives?
    Amanda Ward, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

    My mother and sisters live in Franklinton, Louisiana, 80 miles north of New Orleans. I have not been able to reach them because of the phone lines being down. I pray they all are okay. Not being able to hear from them makes times very hard for all involved in this tragedy. Their home is surrounded by lots of trees, which always makes these situations more dangerous. Please pray for everyone hit in this terrible storm.
    Peggy Saucier, Harlingen, Texas

    My brother and sister-in-law live in Slidell LA they where going to ride out the storm. We heard from them Sunday night but nothing since. There is not much info for Slidell mostly New Orleans. Slidell is only nine feet above sea level and one report said that Slidell received a lot of damage. We are all thinking and praying for everyone!
    Debra, Curwensville PA

    I am trying to find some sort of contact in the Diamondhead, MS area. I am trying to reach my sister and her family. Her name is Debra Hutton.
    Deena, Manassas, VA

    I have an aunt and uncle in Biloxi and I am worried about them. They have a boat access in their back yard. They are probably fine, but it is difficult to get a hold of anyone because of all ttthe destruction.
    Mandy, Arcata, California

    I'm trying to get back to New Orleans to locate my daughter, who was in her 3rd floor apartment in Metairie, LA (Jefferson Parish). I also need to get to Slidell, LA and Pearl River, LA to try to find my home and what happened, since Katrina's eye went directly through there.
    Cynthia Van Der Kooi, Alexandria, VA

    My family is originally from New Orleans, but my mother now lives in Gulfport, MS and stayed with her home and her cats. I've not heard anything from her since noon on Monday when the ceiling was coming down in part of her home. I ask everyone for good thoughts for all those in the southern United States devastated by this natural disaster.
    Renee, Springfield, MO, USA

    I'm desperately trying to contact my mom and dad as well as other family to get any word on their safety! My parents were staying behind and had boarded up the house, so for now they are my main concern. With all the horrifying news of LA, there doesn't seem to be any news of other low lying areas of MS, except Biloxi. My parents as well as parents of others lived in Diamondhead MS, in Hancock county.
    Cymon Hight, Walnut Creek, CA USA

    I am in Minneapolis. Talked with my daughter, 19 years old, in Slidell at 9 a.m. Monday when we lost connection. Trees and power poles were down before the eye was even onshore. There is no word at all from Slidell to anyone, including media, since the storm. I hear the damage is catastrophic in Slidell. My whole family is there, except my son who went to Pensacola. No one can get there and no contact.
    Elizabeth, Slidell, LA, USA

    My grandparents live in New Orleans and my family live in southern Mississippi. I'm in the Air Force stationed in Turkey. I'm worried for my family, but I can't reach them because the phone lines are down. I'm sure my parents are fine because they live on a large hill, but my grandparents all live in New Orleans and I've seen no good news from there yet. All I can do is pray they repair the phone lines soon so I can call home.
    Thomas, Mississippian in Turkey

    All of my family live in New Orleans. I have a house on world famous canal street that my daughter lives in with her two baby girls and husband. Exactly one and a half miles from the river. She fled to Tampa ahead of time. My son he fled to Baton Rouge with 2 mates. I spoke with him yesterday afternooon and he is fine. Two of my three sisters also fled and I spoke to one of them this morning she is also fine. My biggest worry are my parents age 81 and 82 who could not leave and stayed with other family members in a two story house but late yesterday the levees gave way and now the entire neighbourhood is said to be under 8 feet of water if not more. I am so heartbroken and worried sick about them. It seems they may have lost everything they own. My parents are too old to start life over. I feel very sick. It will be sit and wait to hear from them. I hope they are safe. Once New Orleans airport opens I will be en route to locate them and help them clean up. It's all very sad. New Orleans is such a beautiful and friendly city.
    Cynthia McAllister, Ilchester, Yeovil (Somerset)

    A good friend of mine and her husband are living in Harrison county, Mississippi. She and her husband didn't have money to go elsewhere so I'm assuming they stayed at home, which is a house with a wooden frame. Now I've seen the destruction that Katrina caused, on TV. I've been trying to get in touch with my friend, but official agencies all tell me to go to other agencies for info, effectively making me run around in circles. Wish I knew how to find out if they're alive still.
    Johan, Haarlem, the Netherlands

    Looking for a Rosalyn Randall from New Orleans East. Does anyone have any info?
    Katiie, Las Cruces, NM

    We have a close friend called Carmen Miranda (Ward) and her son Daylen and her husband Charlie were in Louisiana.
    Cass and Mick Collins, Australia

    Do you know if there is an emergency contact number? My brother is in America, he's only 25 and I haven't been able to contact him.
    Kathryn May

    I'm trying to find a friend of mine, I'm sure that she has gone to her mother's house in Baton Rouge. I need to know how to find out if she has made it. I have been on this computer for days trying to get her. I can't get her on the phone. Please someone help me, her name is Donna Dozar, she has a little girl that she is fostering her name is Katie, she is 9 years old. Please some one help I just need to know that they are okay.
    Helen Mastic, New York, US

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  • LyinEyes

    Hey Purps, isnt this just horrible? I am just sick over it.

    I heard that the cell phones are not working good, but some people are able to send and receive text everyone try that, it might go thru.

  • purplesofa

    Hey Dede,

    Yeah, it is beyond comprehension...............I have some friends close to Slidell that I am sure are ok..........but have not heard from them yet.

    I really feel for these people. I know they will get alot of help...........just hope it is soon enough for the sick and weak.


  • cruzanheart

    Text messages are supposed to be working better than calls.


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