Hell and Helping!!

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  • Sparkplug

    I work for a big company and have been sent to learn a new job assignment. This class will last another 4 weeks. (totalling 6)

    As I sit at work and hear the news of the disasterous storm, I realize that I am stuck listening to hours upon hours of babble. Cahrlie Browns mom is yapping at me and I am not getting it. I have to answer people and every lunch about what are we doing about it. How are we going to help. So I ran an idea up the flag pole and it came down. It was all good because I was thinking on too small a level. I needed to think in the millions. (dollars)

    Fortunately someone came in before I hurt myself (thinking) and the higher ups and USA wide charity program...not just our club.... are going to join hands and do a company match or something like it so that the money is in the millions. Then we are setting up a program for SBC employees who have families that are displaced, etc. It should be ready in a couple of days. This displacement will last quite a bit.

    I really have been hurting all week and need some down time. But seeing a lady died at the end of last week that I work with and she is my age, and today there are all these hurting people...well I guess I had to skip the sad movies, drinking alone and staying in my jammas pity party topped with chocolate.. There is too much to do.

    So as I set the chocolate aside, I answered yet another call from a man who works with me and he has all of his Louisiana relatives living in his 2 bdroom apartment. I also still have to raise money for the heart association walk coming up and In November chair the Diabetes Walk. I am afraid we are all reaching the point where we have no more funds available to my workmates to ask for.

    And all the while I am feeling selfish and want to go back to bed with a Chunky Monkey. (Ice cream) I guess I just wanted to rant and have some virtual attention , hugs and as it looks...a virtual drink!

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Sparkplug: It sounds like your plate is too full. Is there anyway you can delegate any part out? If not, breathe, Get a cool cloth for your forehead, and take 10 minutes for yourself. You know that things always have a way of working themselves out. I'm the type that I am very glad to help, if you ask, and tell me exactly what to do. I think many others are this way, and will be very happy to help. Wish I was 150 miles closer, and I would help. HL

  • Sparkplug

    yes, I do need down time ((Horribble life)))

    I really do and my normal outlet for fun is out of my rech. So down time with a quick here and there on the computer will have to suffice...


  • Billygoat


    I have a serious issue. I cannot say NO. LOL I have my plate so full sometimes that I can barely breathe, eat, spend time with my hubby. And it's not because I think I'm superwoman, it's not because I'm scared to turn people away. It really boils down to DOING it sounds great and I think it's a wonderful idea, and I WANT to help. I don't usually guage well how much time, energy, resources, etc. it's going to take to do something, thus I'm up to my eyeballs with SCHTUFF. LOL So I understand to a certain extent what you're going through. Hang in there hon. Take some time to yourself every day, even if it's just 10 minutes. Take care of YOU...if you don't, how capable will you be with all that stuff?

    Love ya,


  • damselfly

    mmmmmmmmmmm chunkymonkey is my favorite.

    Could you maybe just lock yourself in the bathroom and enjoy a nice bubblebath tonight?

    You sound like a giver which is great, but sometimes it's okay to be a taker!


  • bebu


    You've got an amazingly big heart! It seems that Texas is where you belong, it's the only state large enough to hold it. I thank you for caring so much, and that in your position, you are able to find ways to creatively make a difference to those in need. I hope all your adrenaline channels well; I hope you do not burn out, so pace yourself (give yourself planned breaks, even with such an overwhelming, time-sensitive workload).


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