New Governing Body members reveal WT weakness

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  • Smiles
  • Smiles

    Did the WT sabotage and delete my first post?

    Here it is again:

    Of all the annointed candidates, why did the WT appoint these younger, less experienced annointed ones?

    The older, more experienced, long time annointed men who qualified must feel overlooked or slighted. Or do they?

    The appointment of these younger, middle aged annointed so "late in this time of the end" suggests that the WT hierarchy knows that the Armageddon they have prophesied is not as "near" as they have warned.

    The WT strategically appointed younger annointed men to carry the organization over the next 50 years. With smoke and mirror, the WT is preparing themselves for a long haul, with no "end" in sight.

    When the WT annointed remnant finally dies off, including these younger annointed, the WT will simply twist and change their doctrine again to support their adherence to their "urgent preaching work" and their "Armageddon is near" teachings. And millions will continue to follow and believe.

    Meanwhile, the WT executives will continue their construction work, expanding their property holding, under the protection of their legal staff, breaking printing & publishing records, stroking their egos, living an easy, comfortable, all expenses paid life, traveling/vacationing the world, being wined and dined by the loyal JWs kissing their feet and believing their sly rhetoric.

    That is what the inner workings of the WT has always been about and that is what it will continue to be about. And the WT and JWs will damn your soul if you speak out.


  • MidwichCuckoo

    Ah - when I first looked at this posting and saw a blank page I thought ''hmmmm, the GB have no weaknesses''.

    Surely the GB should be made up from Members of the FDS who have 'gifts' which would benefit the GB, and the whole of JW, in these End Times (TM).

    Just curious, but are the new appointments announced at the Kingdom Halls?

  • scotsman
    Just curious, but are the new appointments announced at the Kingdom Halls?

    I doubt it. More likely to be announced in the WT with their CV.

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