Faithful doormats(My Mother-in-law)

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  • gringojj

    Nothing new here just another case of the dubs taking advantage of my mother in law. About 3 months ago we had gotten a kitten, and then we decided to move a month later, but we were still looking for a place. It was possible that the new place wouldnt allow cats, so we asked MIL if she would take our cat if we couldnt have her. She said yes no problem, she would love the company of a cat.(unconditional love must be a nice experience for a dub) So the time came and when we called MIL, she said she had already taken in a cat. She told my wife that one of the dubs had asked her if she wanted it, and that it was more important to have "the love of the disciples". So a couple weeks have passed and we went to visit the other day. Well she slipped and said that having this cat is only short term, but she might end up with one of the kittens! Her wonderful dub friends dumped a pregnant cat on her! I cant believe it but oh well. She said as soon as the kittens are 6 weeks the friends will take them to the big y supermarket and hand them out. I can just see now that shes gonna end up taking care of this cat and trying to find homes for all the kittens. Its just sad because she works full time and can barely pay her bills, now shes stuck with this mess. My wife knows the family that gave her the cat and she said they have 8 kids and just scrape by, so I doubt they will have anything to do with the cat anymore. I guess the end is very soon.

  • misspeaches

    I feel sorry for these dubs the most. They are people who have kind hearts and are easily manipulated and taken advantage of by other cult members....

    That was a sad story.

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