Suggestions for donations to Hurricane relief efforts

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  • SadElder

    We sure that your hearts, like ours, are touched by the disaster of Katrina and the impact for time to come on those directly affected. Not only have these folks lost homes but many will have lost jobs as well. There will surely by pleas for monitary help from those intent only on lining their pockets.

    Any experience with those who should and shouldn't be sent donations? We'd like to do some more to help besides what we've already done but aren't particularly fond of the Red Cross.

    Thanks to all for your ideas.

  • Robdar

    I've donated through the Red Cross. I am sure that there will be donations set up at the grocery store. I will donate there also. I am also going to check the Humane Society's website to see if they are accepting donations to help out the animals that are suffering from the hurricane damage.

  • talesin

    Do you belong to a professional association at work? These groups often set up a way for members to make donations to such tragedies. Also, you could contact the local chapter of Doctors Without Borders, or the Nurses' or Paramedics' Union, who are usually involved in providing relief staff.


  • Robdar
  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Salvation Army has low operating expenses and a good reputation. I also donate to the Red Cross. Also Doctors Without Borders has a good rep.

  • LyinEyes

    I talked to a friend tonite and she and her Mother took four kids from the shelter, the Civic Center in Springhill, Louisiana to Walmart and bought them clothes. We are Northwest Louisiana and on the Hurricane Route . There are many people from down that way in the surrounding cities up this way.

    I think the City of Springhill and local churches got together to let their congregations , officials know that any help of any kind would be appreciated.

    My friend was crying because she feels she can't do enough for these kids,,,,,,,she is an angel. I am going to send things of my kids with her and a few new things that I can afford, even crayons, paper, toys would keep the little ones occupied. It may be awhile before they can go home.

  • Uzzah

    Red Cross, Salvation Army and the southern Baptist relief groups are the most active currectly in the response.

    I admit bias to the Red Cross since I am employed by them but we are sending down 100 people from the Canadian Red Cross in the next 2 days to assist and are one of the few charities where you can be guaranteed that the money will go to the clients and not to governments. Our admin cost is usually about 10%. (tsunami appeal admin was 3.4%) Once I have some people on the ground I can see about any other relief agencies involved and can forward that info to you for other donating options.

    Regardless of the agency you chose, first thank you for wanting to do something and second please do the research to ensure that the money does get to the people and that there is accountability to the donors for where the money is spent.

    In addition to this initial deployment, it looks like I will be going down in 2 weeks to Biloxi, Gulfport or New Orleans area to assist in a disaster management function.

    Once there I will see what I can do to keep people informed.


  • horrible life
    horrible life

    My experience with the Red Cross is if you send or call in to donate money, it goes into a big pot. They can use it for any disaster. If you want it to go toward a specific disaster, you need to state that. It will then be earmarked for that. But I think, with as bad as it is down south, I figure the Red Cross will be using everything they have got toward them. HL

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