I appreciate the good friends I have made online

by Cygnus 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • Cygnus

    I've given away much about my personal life and troubles here and have received much support publicly and also by means of emails and PMs. I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you to all who send positive messages my way. Life is very troubling right now, not as bad as Bryan's, but with little use of my hands, no job, the possible impending loss of my house, living alone and barely being able to throw out the garbage let alone do much in the way of cleaning or preparing meals (oh, poor poor Cygnus, let's all have a pity-party for him), and having to fire my shrink because he laughed at me and dismissed my problems with a "that'll be $155.00 for nothing," I'm thinking at 6:30PM EST of laying low for a while and counting on friends and family. I dunno. I love reading posts here and just can't help but offer my 2 cents and whatever but lately it's done nothing but backfire... except for those of you who have some sympathy. To you I say thanks. I really have little interest in JWs anymore, I just like the people here.

    Cygnus, of the very conflicted class

  • Robdar

    Cygnus, I appreciate your friendship also. It's been a rough year, hasn't it?

  • prophecor

    ...Cyg. Though I know you not, I feel I should. It's tough getting thru sometimes for all of us. It's just good to know we can speak our hearts here, even if no one else but us pays any attention.

    Peace to you and yours, homes

  • Apostanator

    Cygnus, I am not familiar with your situation but I hope everything will go ok for you. There are many good people on this board and it's good to have a place to go where you feel comfortable to express yourself.

    Good Luck & Best Wishes

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