New Orleans - Hope everyone is OK - How are you going to ..

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  • Qcmbr

    get the water out? If that area is so far below sea level and its flooded with that much water how do you get rid of it?

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    New Orleans is six feet below sea level. It is surrounded by levees. These are big walls of dirt that supposedly will keep the ocean out. There are several pumps around the city that pump out the water that comes in from the ocean. THese keep the city from going underwater. However, if they are inundated with water, they won't very well serve their purpose. they have generators, but these are not fit to run very long, NOR keep big loads of water out. New Orleans is at the mercy of nature. New Orleans is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Don't ask me WHY they put a city there, but they did. It's a beautiful city, with lots of personality and fun. It will just be always be there. If it's totally wiped out, there's no doubt that the citizens will just rebuild it. It has magic, and there is no doubt in my heart that that magic will take hold of the citizens again and it will be rebuilt. It's already been wiped out twice by fire, and it still lived, even though its below sea level and it's a magnet for trouble with hurricanes! There's just something about that place.. and there's just something about those people..


  • IronGland

    I hate to see New Orleans gone but its a lake now. The city is going to be entirely evacuated. There's really no point in draining a lake to build a city there. Future visitors can view the ruins with scuba gear.

  • IronGland

    Now, according to ake). Lovely

  • Bryan

    They say those from Jefferson Parish (like me) can return on monday to get clothing and important papers. In and out, then we can return in a month or longer.


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