New Orleans Update

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  • Bryan

    Okay, I'm seeing now that some houses in my community are completely under water. There is different geography there, but near the river is the highest elevation. We live next to the lake. The Parish is closed (No-one in, no-one out), so I don't know when I can get back.

    I feel certain the second floor was not flooded, but I'm not sure about the roof and windows. I suppose we'll see.

    Take care,


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • jgnat

    When I heard twenty feet, my eyes popped. I tried to explain twenty feet to my hubby. Twenty feet would bring water in to our second-story windows.

    While we ate lunch at a local Donair place today, I asked him to imagine an aquarium that holds, say, twenty gallons of water, and how thick the glass has to be to hold THAT in. "Now," I asked him, "Imagine that much water outside this store-front. It would break the glass for sure, and most of the structure."

    I think he started to get an idea of the scope.


    Bryan, I am so glad you are where you are.

  • Sassy

    One of my close friends that I work with owns a home in New Orleans.. Houses are too expensive in Cali, so she rents an apartment here but bought a house her and her brother shares in New Orleans and they spend as much time as possible there...

    she's on pins and needles wondering if she has a house too..

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