Predictions from aliens ?

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  • oldflame

    hey everyone, I was talking to my sister last night and told me about a person who has predicted many things that have come true so far. The person in reference to is Billy Meiers. Some of you especially from Europe may already know of him. I have added a link here that you might find very interesting. Actual photos of UFO's that have been tested and deemed non fake. he talks about Iraq and how the now American government is goingto bring us into a 3rd world war. Anyway very interesting stuff here and I strongly suggest checking this out. here is the

  • googlemagoogle

    omg, i gotta go make me some aluminium-foil head cover. so they can't read my thoughts.

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  • VM44

    Billy Meiers is the guy who has taken pictures of flying saucers that have flown into trees!

    Watch out for that TREE!

    See "The Amazing Randy and Billy Meier"


  • Leolaia

    Say with Professor Lupin..... Riddikulus !!

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