Folks in Louisiana - are you okay?

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  • Billygoat

    I know that Wild Turkey and Lyin' Eyes are in Louisiana, but I don't think they're in New Orleans. Baton Rouge area? Bryan, where are you? Is there anyone else from the board down in that area? For some reason I remember others being down there. Does anyone else remember Bigboi? Is he even on this board anymore?

    My thoughts are with everyone down there, but of course, I'm immediately thinking of those I know.


  • Bryan

    The only ex in the New Orleans is Bubbamar (Marla). She drove Alexandria with her girlfriend. My family is in Houston.

    If you haven't seen the other threads or the news...

    The Levee has failed in New Orleans. The drainage pumps also are slowly failing.

    Doesn't look good.


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