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  • NoMoreMeetings

    Last week I had the opportunity to address 75 pastors about my experience
    as a third generation JW. I had been an elder until walking away 3 years ago. In 1994, my 16 year
    old son died of leukemia after refusing blood, including fractions that were later allowed
    in the June 15, 2000 Watchtower, which caused an examination of my JW beliefs.

    I am now a pastor in a community church and have found this to be a great blessing.
    Much interest was generated with the pastors in arranging groups of churches around the country to hear me share
    my experiences in their area.

    I'll keep you posted.

    Pastor Ron

  • jgnat

    Excellent. Do you find that regular evangelicals have a hard time understanding what will "reach" a JW? I know I grossly underestimated the grip that the WT has on it's followers, and how well-rehearsed they are to cover old battle-grounds (trinity, hellfire).

  • talesin

    Ron, this could help many! Good work, and keep us posted.


  • carla

    Thank you for doing that. I have found, when my husband first started all of this, that ministers in general are very unprepared and simply don't know much about jw, cults or mind control, etc... I have talked with pastors all around this area as well as many long distance calls. They just are not taught how to handle these situations. My thanks, carla

  • misspeaches

    That is excellent that you are doing that. A lot of pastors and minister have no idea how to deal with ex JW's. Especially when it comes to explaining their doctrines on trinity hell etc... By helping these pastors to understand you are helping them to help others... Well done!

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    NoMore: I have read several of your old posts. I feel you could help alot of exjws here. Please post more often. HL

  • M.J.

    So sorry to hear about your tragedy. There are a few others on this board that have gone through similar trials due to the WTS's blood policy. I am so fortunate that my wife survived her "bloodless" ordeal, but your story gives me hope that their flip-flopping on this will one day wake her up to discover these guys are nothing more than a bunch of very fallible humans.

  • out of the box
    out of the box


    Thank you for posting here! I was encouraged by your post! I am so sorry for your loss. I have a friend who lost her nephew from that dreaded killer. It has been 10 years for her. I had a son who was diagnosed with similar symptoms and we had to go through all the tests, we were lucky (if that is the right word) that it turned out to be nothing serious. My friend who's nephew died and I were changed forever when Chris died. We held on to our boys with a vengence to keep them living! I feel for you and your loss!

    How wonderful that you are meeting with others so they can learn what the JW brainwashing is all about! What wonderful work you are in! I am moved by that! WOW, that is soooooo wonderful!

    Any SUGGESTIONS? Like what is the best way to HELP those in mental anguish here? I know all cases are different and no blanket statement can cover all. I think the general idea here is to LISTEN and be compassionate.

    out of the box

  • NoMoreMeetings

    Thanks for the positive response.

    Many pastors and their wives turned JW's away when they called in the door to door work.
    I told them that they were missing an opportunity to plant a seed of truth in them.
    It is important to break down the wall of the "faithful slave" between the JW and Christ.

    Next time a JW calls on them, they will share the Gospel.

    Pastor Ron

  • Pensive

    Praise God!

    A lot more needs to be done by true followers of Christ to reach out to those lost in cults such as the Jehovah's Witnesses. The ignorance of most Christians about JWs is astounding.

    I'd like to encourage you as well as congratulate you.


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